Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Over...After 6years.

*dusts cobwebs off and sneezes*

Indeed, it's been a while my dear blog fam...and although I can't remember anyone of you asking after me, I'll deceive myself that some of you did. Merry Christmas in arrears, and a Happy New Year in advance.

So it's the month of December and finally after how many years, I can joyfully say I am done with Undergrad. Thank you Lord, for without you it won't have been possible. After my last final, I walked out the hall and couldn't believe it. This is it. I am done. *sigh* There were times when I thought the day would never come...it seemed like I was spending forever in college. After high school I got into Univ of Benin and did my freshman year, then I moved to NY and had to wait a year to get my transcript since I was transferring; two years gone. But, all of that's behind me and I'm on to a new chapter.

This is the chapter where the job hunt begins, and I slowly begin to enter full independence and self reliance. I am trusting the Lord to do what He has always done, and give me the job He has designed for me. I am also battling with the decision of whether to move out and leave my Mom, or move to a bigger apartment with her where I can have my own space...trust me this decision is tougher than I had imagined. 

For now, I'm in Naija on vacation. It's been one week down, and a few more to go. Had a great time so far even though I have been naughty, very very naughty and right now I have no regrets. I'm just doing me as selfish as it might be. Was at the All Black Everything party, the Underground Exclusive event...and it was nice to see a lot of old faces from high school. Also got to meet a few of my twitter fam. Goodtimes. 

I usually do a yearly review at this time of the year in my journal, but so far I haven't had the chance to. But I've been going over the year in my head, and the only thing I can really say is that "His grace is sufficient for me." This year I lost/quit my part-time paid job, and then I interned for pay and then for school credit the rest of the year. Initially, I panicked. How would I survive without a steady source of pocket money/income. I was scared that the small savings would run out...but somehow He supplied all my needs. First He provided a summer paid internship, then when that ended out of nowhere He gave me PR gig that paid just enough to cover my monthly bus pass and lunch. *sigh* Thank you Lord...because even with my limited budget, I had a lot of fun this year...and I did not starve or lack.

Lately, I've been thinking and a lot of things that I've been suppressing and trying not to focus on have popped back into my head...and all I have to say is this "Love is NOT enough."

I'm on a mission and probably my New Year's goal (not resolution) is to gain 7 - 10 pounds, and yes that might sound so easy to you, but not for me. Wish me luck, and send in all your tips and suggestions. :)

There's a whole bunch of personal stuff I wanna tell you or rather share, but currently I'm not in the mind-frame to talk about...need to construct/make it cohesive before putting it on here.

Just incase I don't get to put up a post before the New Year, I hope you all know that I love and appreciate you greatly. I wish you good healthy and the gift of life to usher you into the New Year, and God's continued blessing and guidance to see you through the upcoming year...may your dreams become reality. Amen!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ra Ra Randoms...

Hi Me Darlings,

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and is looking forward to a blessed week!
Thanks for the comments, and good wishes...much appreciated. Also welcome to the new followers, hope you enjoy sharing/reading  my journey.

Last week was CRAZY for me. I have this workshop class where we are working with am actual client and are currently in the early stages of trying to figure out what our "product" is, and it's driving me crazy. The client is a health advocacy group and so we are having trouble defining what the product is. This is why I'd rather work with clients that have tangible products like apparel, drinks, food...sha things that I can actually brand/position in the market...excuse my ad speak abeg...the thing just tire me.

In addition to the workshop class I had a couple of deadlines that I to meet...and my eleventh hour attitude almost had me having a panic attack! I no do again o! I have to start trying to get things done early...being just IN time is not good enough. So I gotta work on my time-management skills.

On a totally different note am I the only one who gets chills when during Praise & Worship in the middle of a song the keyboardist stops playing, and its just the drums (or sometimes no drums) and the choir or whoever is leading the session singing. Its like the song hits you deep within, and just unlocks the gate n' breaks dwn the walls u've put around ur trouble, ur worries, ur I'm so strong I won't break down persona...and you just want to literally fall down like a child at God's feet and weep ur burdens away. *sigh* 

Fall is here...:( I dnt like. But what can I do. #shrug

I have a new hobby/guilty pleasure...there's this furniture store opposite my church. After serviceI like walking in and looking at furniture sets. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, sleep sofas...etc. I jst like looking and picturing in my head what I wld do if I had my own place *sigh* :)

Arik Air is really going hard with their advertising/PR. They've been giving away two round-trip tickets at almost every Nigerian event this period. NEA events, Independence parties, you name it they are there. I looked at pics of their air-crafts and they look really neat and nice. I hope they stay around long enough because no other airline flies direct from New York to Lagos, and with such reasonable rates.

Tryna decide between getting Remy Saga or hair that's weighed/sold by the ounces. I usually dnt reuse Saga but the weighed one I think I can reuse even though I've never used it before. Awon hair-experts oya give ur 2cents biko.

So we turned 50 few days ago, and every I looked ppl just kept complaining about how Nigeria is this, Nigeria that... which is true. And then talking about how there's nothing to celebrate about being 50. I beg to differ. America didn't become what it is today at 50, it took longer than that. I know that our country has more potential and growth opportunities than our leaders allow us to have. I know we have no light, no water supply, no infrastructure, no security, and I could go on and on. I don't support the elaborate spending, but we don't stop living just because we haven't achieved much success. And for those of us who want change we have to start from ourselves... how about being on time for things, not two - three hours late and smiling at our lack of reliability and saying it's "Naija time". The little things count, maybe then the world begin taking us seriously too.

Anyways that's all folks...hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead...may we all be blessed and highly favored this week. 

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!     

Sunday, September 26, 2010

...Double Anniversary...!!!

Hi Me Darlings,

It's been a minute! It's been a really crazy week and it's about to continue with this week again, but I am grateful...I nor complain o.

So I'm not going to give a review of the NEAs becos I think I'm kinda late (:( sorry guys), and everybody else has already given y'all whatever gist there is. Nothing extra ordinary happened jare... But I got to meet a lot of people, bloggers, twitter family, old high-school friends, made new contacts...and got to take pics with awon celebs them, and party with them. I got to meet Neefemi, OriginalMgbeks, and Ray (I dnt know his blog link :(, but he is a regular on Verastic radioshow and my twitter paddy). I really wish I could put pics, but I'm not ready to loose my anonymity (of which I think my cover has been blown lol but make we dey look sha). Aside from the time delay, poor organization/production, and girl drama in the hall...I had a great night! Got home at about 5.15am.

In other news this September is a double anniversary month for me o. I started blogging Sept. 1st 2008! And three weeks after that day I reunited (via FB) with an old "friend" whom I had lost contact with since 2005. One thing led to another and today he is My Luv. *wink wink* Two years and counting...if anybody had told me things would have turned out the way they did, I would have sworn...impossible! Talk about drama, decisions and hurt...but we still dey o. For those who want to catch up on ur journey...feel free to indulge here:

There have been ups and downs but at the end of the day, the past two years have been good...really, really good. Neither one of us is perfect, but there's nothing like having someone who makes your happiness a priority...supports you...and takes steps towards improving himself and you. And even when we have our misunderstandings and I'm forming upset and all, my heart is secretly going pitter patter at the sound of his voice...his voice...*blushes* my Mother is convinced that that's what got me attracted to him before I started noticing his personality n' all...and I dnt doubt her...lol. Even my closest friend can testify to the...sexiness of his voice.

But all kidding aside, the one thing I've come to appreciate from this relationship is the manner in which we resolve issues, communicate and get through rough days. I used to think I communicated well in relationships, but ermmm no, I ddn't. But I'm learning to do so now, and even when I'm being a hard-nut his patience and genuine show of concern helps a lot. LDRs are NOT easy and sometimes they take a toll...but even with the rough days...I am grateful.

So today, I am thankful and appreciative of what I have, what we have... and I pray that the good Lord continues to order our steps and bless us. 

Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead me darlings!!! And for those of us praying and waiting for breakthroughs...He hasn't forgotten us. 

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!!           


Friday, September 17, 2010

...Do You Promise to "Wash Pata"?

Hi Me Darlings,
TGIF!!! This is the one day of the week that I have free to take care of my side gig, school work, and all what not. My schedule is tight...Mon/Wed - I have my internship. Tues/Thurs - I have school Fri/Sat - My PR side gig. It's busy but I like it becos it gives me little or no time to overly think, analyze or dwell on unhappy thots.

I'm currently laughing my behind off, thanks to the hot-topic on twitter right now. The question asked by our dear Juiceegal was "Would you wash your hubby's boxers/briefs?" The answers are just hilaxx...a lot of people say yeah, they'll put it in the wash but they won't hand-wash. Some say they won't, it is every man for himself so he shd put it in the wash himself. I am of the opinion that I don't mind hand-washing them or throwing them in the wash. I personally don't mind, but it's not like I'll do it religiously o...becos that's hw they become lazy and dnt do anything. 

But note that washing his boxers and being the picture-perfect wifey will not keep him from straying if he wants to oo. One thing I know for sure tho is that the help will NOT be helping with any form of boxers/brief washing #thatisall.

So my last post had me talking about sabotaging something iLove. *sigh* It's been a really rough couple of weeks for My Luv and I. I've been in withdrawal/disconnect mode. And it's been confusing for the man. All my adult life, LDR is all I've known. And I gotta tell you it sucks! I knew what I was getting myself into, but these past couple of weeks I've just been tired. Tired of chatting online, of talking on the phone, of sending messages... I want to be able to talk to him while he's in front of me, I miss the hugs, the jokes, the gentle back rubs, quick side glances... I was just tired of the situation, and so I went into withdrawal. I kinda, sorta disconnected emotionally to not feel the hurt. Anyways, I'm slowly checking back in, and trying to "hang in there". But it is for such moments that I tell people LDR is NOT for everyone. *sigh* I'll survive, thanks for your kind words on my last post.

The NEAs are being held here in NY tomorrow! This is my first time attending, and I'm excited just be out all nicely dressed. And I get to meet a bunch of really nice people! I'm gonna see Neefemi! Anybody else who is going should pls shoot me an email: MsUndercover7@yahoo.com . I think I'll go for the after-party too...my couch potato behind needs to move to some good naija jams jare! And yeah I gotta network and make connections.

It is Fall and my favorite shows are all returning: Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Dancing With the Stars.... still waiting on Brothers & Sisters.

Pls how do people wear high-heels to work, and then walk long distances in them? Heels weren't made for walking abeg. So everyone in my team at work taller than me (the whole world is taller than me lol) so I've been wearing heels to work and my feet are killing me! If I have an event or I'm going clubbing, I'm fine becos the distance is frm the house to the car, from car to venue of event and back to car again. But to wear heels to waka to bus-stop, train station and then home again...odikwa painful ooo. So for those that wear heels all week oya come and share ur tips.

Alrighty guys, off to the salon to get my hair washed n' blow dried so that I dnt look like 'ayamatanga' tomorrow. Have a faboosh weekend!!! 

Hugs n' Kisses,
Miss Enigma!!!   

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Have you ever felt like you were sabotaging something so good, something you've been building and working on... Something that matters to you, that you cherish.

Somehow your actions and sudden lack of action seem to be slowly causing harm, and eating away at the foundation.

I can't even explain but right now I just feel like I am slowly ruining something I really cherish...*sigh*

Hope everyone is having a wonderful peaceful weekend!!!

PS: So this past week has been sorta kinda rough, and sorta kinda weird.
I've cried more in this one week, than I have since this year began. Been trying to figure it all out...why I'm in a mood? What or Who am I angry at? What am I worried about/scared of? What is it that I'm bottling inside that keeps resurfacing? What is it I want?

I'm sitting here watching reruns of Parenthood and am I'm bawling, and the tears just won't stop. I keep saying "I don't know, I don't know" but that's not good enough an answer *sigh* 
Maybe my hormones are just messing with me or maybe, just maybe I'm tired and drained. I need strength and reassurance to keep going. Help me Lord because I need you.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

100th Post??? Really???

It's Labor Day weekend/ the final weekend of Summer and my ass is at home. Smh @ myself. At this rate I'm gonna age before my time *sigh* People are doing fun, interesting stuff and I'm sitting on my couch just... I've said it before I need to make new friends in this city and a fun mix. Its like there's a fun, bubbly human being tied down inside. *sigh* When I get in this mood, I hate being in an LDR more than anything. I want to travel, take road-trips, visit historical sites, try out new cuisine, take walks, go wine-tasting, see shows, take dancing lessons, go to the movies, go out for ice-cream, go out to dinner all dressed up... I want to create memories because at the end of the day that's all there is. And true I can do all these fun stuff with friends (and sometimes I do), but me and the girls are in diff. states so I dnt see them as often :( 

Ok enuff of the Debbie Downer moment. So to shake off this annoying mood, I am going to the movies tomorrow, and yes I am going by myself #don'tjudgeme!!! It's movies, shopping, and ice-cream! I have a date with me! And then I'll come home and paint my nails for the week. 

I want a drink right about now! My favorite cocktail is amaretto sour; love it cos its sweet and I dnt taste the alcohol as much. During send-off dinner for my friend few weeks ago, she introduced me to Moscato and I immediately fell in love. I like when a drink is sweet, the only thing is if u dnt intend on getting wasted then u gotta watch it if not it creeps up on u.

So in one of my classes we have to work in groups, and then pick group leaders. My class-mates nominated me to be leader, but I declined; what humbled me tho' was to hear them describe me as a natural leader. I was shocked, and humbled. It means a lot to me when ppl I work with or go to sch with speak of me like that. Probably the high-light of my week :)

So I was talking with another Nigerian at school, and we were talking about moving back home and all. And trying to convert the pay...so for an entry-level person let's say u make anywhere between 45-55k a year here in the Amerix, that's about 5.5 - 6.7 mill. naira a year in Nigeria (converting at 123 to a dollar). Wat are the chances of finding that kind of job when you move to Naija? I dnt know but I think it's hard o. Wat say you all? Wat's the salary range in Naija like pls who has info?

Lord! Soap operas are soo addictive and annoying. They stretch the story-line and milk it for all its got and just keep you in unnecessary suspense. But I'm kinda sorta addicted for now.

I haven't eaten a pizza in months! iWonder why? Should rectify that soon with a juicy slice of Hawaiian pizza.

I still haven't found the perfect or right fitted boots! 

I need a new MP3 player, a Zune to be exact...been going everywhere without my music, and I miss it. 

So is it okay for your cousins to date? Let me explain U have two cousins, one's your cousin from your father's side and the other from your mother's side...they are cousins as a result of ur parents marriage and not by blood. Is it too weird for them to be in like or start something?

Justin Bieber always has the same back-up dancers, so I'm guessing that means they travel with him...that's cool. You get to dance and perform in different cities and stay in really nice hotels.

Speaking of hotels. iLove hotel beds, pls note I said hotel not motel o! I like the soft bed-sheets and soft but heavy duvets that are so nice its like you're tucked into a cloud...and the soft fluffy pillows! Then all the towels nicely folded in the bathroom... I want a job where I'll get to travel and stay at hotels lol.

I cry at the littlest things sha...just watching tv, once someone starts tearing up, I'm a mess too...lol.

I have a Prof whose grading system is hilarious. He says for registering for the class, we all start off at a C grade, C = Colored, and then you do some of your work you move up to B, B= Blacks...and then if you do really well you move up to an A, A= Africans. It's a Black Studies class he says the human race race originated from Africa so regardless of whatever race we all might claim, we should know that our origin is Africa. Lol dude is hilarious!

Alrighty, I think I've done enough randoms for one night. I'm gonna go find something to eat 'cos I'm hungry. Enjoy the rest of the holiday, and take care guys! Like Banky W will say, Peace, Love and Chicken grease!

PS: Just realized that this is my 100th post!!! Two years blogging and I'm just getting to my 100th post...lol. Wow. Neways, just wanna say thank you to every follower, non-follower, commenter, and the lovely friends I've made on here. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, advice and share in this journey; it means a lot to me...it really does. I'm hungry and sleepy so I'll do a real 100th post later. Muahz!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's In Your Garden?

For the garden of your daily living to blossom and yield fruit, it is important for you to do the following. 
First come to the garden early when the dew is still fresh and then...  

Plant THREE rows of PEAS-
- Peace of Mind
- Peace of Heart
- Peace of Soul
Plant FOUR rows of SQUASH
- Squash gossip
- Squash indifference
- Squash grumbling
- Squash selfishness

Plant FIVE rows of LETTUCE (Let us)
- Lettuce be faithful
- Lettuce be kind
- Lettuce be patient
- Lettuce be thankful
- Lettuce really love one another

No garden is without TURNIPS
- Turnip (Turn up) for meetings
- Turnip for service
- Turnip to help one another

To conclude our garden we must have Thyme (Time):
- Thyme for God
- Thyme for family
- Thyme for each other
- Thyme for friends

Water your garden frequently with Patience and cultivate with Love. There will be much fruit in your garden because your land is very fertile; but remember that you reap what you sow. 

I got this little piece from church today...and decided to share with you all. Hopefully, it strikes a chord with someone and comes in helpful or handy. 

Its another week down, and another week is about to begin. School started last week...and I'm just excited to finally be busy again. I'm happy I dnt have any early morning class...my first class starts @ 11am, and that's just perfect for me.

I'm beginning to have a new found respect for our Nigerian artists (not like I didn't before), because I'm realizing how hard it is to break into the industry and then be respected by your colleagues and fans alike. Getting your work out to the "who is who", and "important decision makers" is hard! Getting DJs to play your songs, getting bookings for events/appearances...when u're not so popular is difficult. Everybody wants to know what can you do for them...mean while as a new artist you don't have any money.

Summer is slowly saying its good-byes. Time to put away the rompers, dresses, shorts, sandals, skirts, bathing suits and all things summer. Will try and make the best of whatever sunlight is left.  

Ok I'm soo hungry that my brain isn't functioning properly at the moment so I gotta go find food. But have a wonderful week ahead me luvlies. Go kick some ass in whatever you do.
And Happy Birthday to @Juiceegal...!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Men + Relationships

Hello there darlings...

How's everyone doing? Hope your week got off to a great start! And y'all are kicking ass at whatever you're doing. Shout out to Sting...like I said, just surround urself with God and positive energy, you'll be fine.

So the other day funmsdrebirth's post was asking if taking "breaks" in relationships are usually successful or do they lead to the death of the relationship. IMO I think it leads more to the death of the relationship (but there have been exceptions!)... But again, I was thinking what do you then do when a relationship seems to have hit that stage where the excitement level is running on low. And I'm not talking 3weeks into a rship...let's say 2,3,4,5, yrs into it. Do you take a break to try and "figure it out" or you stay together and try to find the spark again? 

Is it possible to just wake up one morning after a couple of years and not be as crazy in love with your significant other as u were before? I mean you still care deeply about them but just not crazy in love. Where does the love go? Does the crazy in love feeling return? Where are my married, quarter to marry, in a serious relationship bloggers pls come and answer.

In other news, pls what kind of men is the world breeding nowadays? And what kind of crap/BS are girls condoning nowadays in the name of having a man. Since I'm not in the dating scene, I'm always excited to hear gist from my single friends...it's interesting to hear what's going on; what the new pick-up lines are, and the general lay of the land. But this summer ehn! the kind of nonsense behavior that awon guys were exhibiting was jst shocking. What happened to the days of basic courtesy and respect? As my friend will say if u can't handle basic human interaction how can you handle a relationship? Little things like calling when u can't make a date. Manning up and apologizing when you screw up, not trying to brush it off and ignore the issue. Trying to get a babe to lower her expectations and standards to suit their irresponsible behavior so that they do not have to be held accountable. Tsk tsk tsk...smdh! All these awon Wall Street, New York boys that feel like they are the ish, kmt!!!

In other news, my last semester in undergrad begins tomorrow. Thank you Lord! 
So ermm...yeah its 4.30am and I haven't slept so this post  is coming to an abrupt incoherent end...lol...bear with me biko. I know y'all understand.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Was 800ft in the air...

Hi Me Luvlies,
TGIF again!!! By this time last week, I was in Baltimore, Maryland having a fabulous weekend with the girls. We kicked off with partying @Lux Lounge on Friday, where Bobby Valentino just happened to be in the building. We couldn't get close enough to take pictures with him, but I'll tell you this...he looks just as good in person and his lips...hmmm...*fans self to calm down* We somehow bumped into Tony Rock (Chris Rock's brother) on the dance floor, and he was nice enough to let us take a picture with him. On Saturday we went to Six Flags, and seeing as I don't have the liver for roller-coasters, I jejely went to the WaterPark section and enjoyed the water rides...and even those can be scary o! And finally, on Sunday we went to the beach to chill...and to para-sail.  
You should have seen the look of fear on my friend's face when we got on the boat...she looked like she wanted her Mommy...lol. We went 800feet high...and the view from up there is just humbling! We had a bonding/emotional moment up in the air...and spent a few mins in silence just savoring the moment. *sigh*

Back to reality, school begins next week and I am looking forward to it. Something to keep me busy, and on my toes again, because it seems I became lazy over the summer and I need to shake that off before its too late. :)

So you guys know my major is Advertising & Public Relations...and I've never mentioned this before but I've been kinda considering going into PR in the Nigerian industry; and I think I might just have gotten the opportunity to test the waters through an up and coming Nigerian artiste. It is all about networking, because its one thing to have a great product or brand, but you need people to make things happen. So I need to extensively expand my network of people, and begin building relationships in the industry. I'm not even gonna lie, I'll be needing as much help as I can get so if/when I come knocking on your doors for help please help a sister out! 

Have you ever felt "checked out" before...you know when you are physically there but not mentally, and emotionally present in something anymore and you just can't explain why? I had that feeling for a couple of days...like everything was just bleh. Even my tone of voice was hollow. No excitement, no emotions...nothing. Ok am sure this isn't making sense...neways I'm trying to check myself back in o cos I dnt like being "checked out". Whatever that means...

I need a good pair of boots for the fall/winter. Good leather or really good faux leather boots. My problem with boots is the calves; my poor skinny legs can't fill the huge boots, even when I wear them with skinny jeans...there's still space *sigh* I want boots!!!!

Am I the only person who gets excited when they take their weave out? I'm always so happy to see my hair. And rather than straighten the hair immediately, I just let it air dry after washing/retouching and wear it as 'shuku' for a while (about a week or two). *runs hand thru hair wiv a smile* #dontjudgeme I missed my hair jorr...lol

So yeah the other day at the club, I'm sitting down sipping on my amaretto sour and whining on the stool, having a good time with my friends, and this guy who had asked me to dance earlier, but I declined, was dancing with another girl next to me. Wats the problem u ask? Well as this dude was dancing (more like just standing and collecting grind) he was using his other hand to try and hold me, and still get my attention! Meanwhile the girl he was dancing with was working hard, putting her back into it not knowing that the yeye boy was not focused on her hardwork...tsk tsk. Men ehn! smdh! I had pursue him away before the girl go talk say na me wan thief her man...I no fit for akata girls and their wahala... because when those girls vex ehn, dem dey madt!!!!

In other news, Gidilounge now has a radio station! I was listening to it while I was @ work the other day, and I was just hearing new new jamz that had me partying in my cubicle. If u haven't been on there...u definitely should check it out!

Am I the only one who has noticed that this year is going by FAST! Yes yes I know some days drag on...but guys...it's Aug 21st already like play, like joke! 

My blog anniversary is September 1st! My blog will be TWO years old! Can't believe for two years now, I've been sharing and rambling with you all *sniff sniff* My 100th post is about 3 or 4 posts away too... How should I celebrate ooo? 

Aight it's 3.18am and I haven't slept! Meanwhile I have to be at my cousins birthday party later today. They are twins and they turn TWO today...very lovely girls! 

Have a great weekend ahead my luvlies! Thanks for stopping by!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!!     

Monday, August 9, 2010

Checking In

Hi Luvlies,

Hope everyone had a peaceful and fun weekend, and nobody got into any unnecessary trouble. My weekend was pretty laid back, and chilled. The past week was horrible thanks a strep throat/throat infection that returned and made my life miserable. Couldn't swallow, couldn't open my mouth to brush well, lymph nodes were swollen and the swelling began to affect my ear so that hurt too...like mad! It got so bad I cried; and I ddn't go to work. So I was indoors from Sunday up until Saturday when there was significant relief. *sigh*
Anyways since I was still in recovery my friend and I didn't do much...we went shopping and then went to see a comedy show and had a few drinks. All in all it was a peaceful weekend.

Looking forward to wrapping up the summer break with a trip to Ocean City (Maryland) later this month. I want go para-sailing and jet-skiing...and enjoy the beach before school begins.

Just painted my nails powder blue...iLove it. Dnt u hate it when u can't find stuff u need becos someone moved it from it's usual spot? Yeah me too...can't find my polish remover and I know it was on my dresser *sigh*

Jennifer Hudson is looking hot in her new look o! Kudos to her!

Can't wait for the new season of Grey's Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters, all these other shows are boring me more than I need to be.

I wonder what H&M is waiting for...why don't they have an online store? I need recommendations for online stores with good deals too. It sucks to be on a strict strict budget, but I'm ready to allow my inner fashion lover out, and try out new interesting pieces and colors too. My wardrobe is very safe and predictable...but not anymre. So pls drop recommendations for me...thanks!

My recent guilty pleasure...looking at apartments for rent. Day dreaming of having my own space. Temporary escape...lol.

My BB has been acting up...freezing for a few seconds, and having delayed response. 

Drama. Everyone claims not to like drama, but I think some people secretly do, they live for it. U have issues with someone and u come to me and make a huge stink about it only for u to be kissing the person's ass later... Man up or Shut up!

It's 3am and I can't sleep...who sent me to sleep all through the evening? 

Some people need to be smacked silly. Wearing leggings or tights with colored underwear is a no- no. Even though the leggings or tights might be black in color when u wear it, it stretches and becomes see thru. Ladies pls pls take note, wear a top that covers ur behind; and last time I checked, camel toes are not trendy so pls dnt torture ppls eyes abeg.

I just realized that my 100th post is around the corner! Woot woot! I'm just glad for all of you that stop by to read, and the friends I've made...and that's what I'll be celebrating; but if anyone has any idea as to how to celebrate my 100th post pls leave a comment.

Now off to find some zzzzzz... 
Have a fabulous week ahead my luvlies... Wear a smile and live in the moment because life has no rewind button, only memories to reminiscence on.

Love you all bunches...

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!! 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Thoughts In My Head

Hi My Luvlies...

TGIF again...the year is definitely going by fast! Like joke, like joke summer is almost over.
I've been lying in bed all day and random thoughts have been running through my head, now that I picked up my lappy, they've all disappeared. Anyways, hop in and let's take a ride through random lane in my head.

- I'm glad u guys liked my short story and attempt at reviving my writing abilities. I'll do my best to continue the story, and I am very open to suggestions, and ideas as to what directions you think the stories should take. Thank you.

- Remember I mentioned in my last post that I had some stuff on my mind...so the other day I was being weighed down and just feeling low, and someone reached out to me :) I had been trying to be strong and all, I'm one to not lyk to bother ppl but she said "I want to be there for u" and I jst broke down and balled (I ddn't tell her I was crying o, nw she knws lol) and she didn't say much, jst a few reassuring words and the fact that someone reached out...was enough for me. Thanks Ms.O!!!

- I've been having mood swings like what I don't know! Not sure if its the effect of Aunty Flo being around or just my usual mood swings coupled with the fact that I have ish on my mind that I jst can't shake off right now.

- I am reading Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" for the second time. I need certain things to register in my head again. 

- They say find something u love doing, and find a way to get paid for it...ermm I don't know what I enjoy doing that I can be paid for. I enjoy things that are Advertising/Public Relations related, iLike to write, iLove to shop, iLike to decorate (part of the reason I cnt wait to have my own place), iLike organizing ...so u see I dnt knw :(

- I like my personal space...and sometimes I just want to be quiet, be by myself with my laptop, phone, tv remote and not be disturbed. Sme ppl think this is weird and can't understand it...and I cnt explain it either. #kanyeshrug

- Never be afraid or hesitant to ask questions. You have a right to know, and to keep asking until u get a satisfactory answer or answers. Dnt brush things off, or second guess urself. Something happened that jolted me back to my senses for a minute...and I realized I was holding back on asking questions. Big Mistake!!! I will be asking questions from here on...no holding back.

- Everyone seems to asking if I'm going to move back after graduation...and the answer is nope. If I'm going to move back there has to be a good enough reason for me to move. Good job, security and stability and a plan. I'm not moving to go and sit down at home and be looking at Uche's face...lol.(that line cracks me up). 

-  Why is it easier for girls to be just friends with guys than for guys to be just friends with girls??? (I'll dedicate a whole post to this) Why can't we just be friends, without complicating things?

- Chances of me going to Naija for Christmas or New Year are about 80 - 20; 80 being me not going. It is what it is.

- Why are guys such jerks?!! You meet a guy and in the space of two weeks u go on a couple of casual dates, and after a lil'tiff u just never call back. Like really? Mscheww
- What's with all these Mothers committing murder and suicide??? If u're so tired and frustrated with life and u want to kill yourself, that's your own cup of tea but why kill your innocent children??? How do you slit your child's throat and set the house on fire??? What do you say when you appear before God? I just can't wrap my head around it.
- This cold/flu is so annoying. Congestion. Headache. Tiredness. Arggghhh!

- It sucks when you care and worry about other people so much, and you have their best interests at heart, only to discover that they are not as concerned about themselves as you are for them. I dnt blame those who have fully adopted the "I'm gonna just do me" attitude...I think I'm moving in that direction.

- Dating is fun, but it is also work. Going on dates, thinking of things to talk about, trying to make sure the guy doesn't cross the line (whatever that means), trying not to get attached too early, juggling the different guys...*sigh* WORK!
- You can never please everyone. Trying to please everyone you end up hurting yourself. You either love me or leave me alone. 

- Settling. How do you know when you're settling??? Why do we settle??? 
Ok I this is getting too long, but oh well. Gotta go shower and get ready to have a good time. It's friday and rather than stay home and sulk at all the things might not be going oh so great, I choose to go out have a good time. It was Zena's birthday yesterday and we're going out downtown to celebrate. Have a wonderful weekend ahead me luvlies.
Thanks for reading this space...it means a lot to me!!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!!



Monday, July 26, 2010

iWrite: Passionate Hunger

8.10PM that was what the clock in the hallway said as Ava walked in. She had left the office at 6.40PM and thanks to the usual end of day traffic and a bumper to bumper accident on the high-way, she spent over an hour on what should have been a fifteen minute drive home. Oh well, she was home now, and couldn't wait for her back to hit the bed. Just thinking about getting out of her clothes and laying down brought a little smile to her face. "Hey..." she wasn't expecting him home; they had had an argument yesterday and had both gone to bed mad. By morning she was out the house before he got out of the shower. She thought he was going to hangout longer with the guys to avoid having to talk.

"Hi..." Vinny replied, as his eyes stared her down from head to toe wondering if she had had a presentation or client meeting at work today or was she just dressed to torture him. It was night but she looked like she just got dressed to leave for the day. Her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail, her purple shirt nicely shaping the mounds of her D cup breasts, and her black skirt was short and above her knee teasingly showing off the attractiveness of her thighs without being indecent. Her make-up was minimal, no eye-shadow just eye-liner, blush to accentuate her cheeks and lip-gloss. She had on the black crocodile leather shoes he got her weeks ago, he liked the way her butt looked whenever she wore heels...and right now he liked what he was seeing. If he had seen her before she left the house, he definitely wouldn't have focused on work all day. Damn! She looked good.

"Vinny, Vinny...turn off the lights before you come upstairs", and with that Ava grabbed her pocket-book off the island and went upstairs to settle in. He had been lost in thought, and didn't notice that she had heated-up the dinner she picked up from the African Restaurant on her way from work, and placed it in a try beside him. Few minutes before Ava had walked into the house, he was just muttering to himself how hungry he was but now, now with her perfume still lingering in the kitchen and images of all the things she used to do to him and him to her running around in his head, Vinny's appetite was craving something else. It had been weeks since they got busy, all because of some silly fight over...over what he couldn't even remember at the moment. Geez! In one swift move, he was bounding up the stairs three steps at a time. As he got to the top of the stairs he realized he forgot to turn off the lights, but oh well it was too late. The lights could wait. His hunger couldn't.

Hi My Lovelies,
I keep saying I'll revive my passion for writing but somehow I never get around to it, so this my weak attempt *hides face* Let me know what you think. Hope everyone had a great weekend, I didn't. Its funny how an argument misunderstanding with someone can just drown ur plans and put u in a mood *sigh* It's all good. 

I don't have any major plans for the week ahead...and as usual when I'm not busy I think. A couple of things I've been trying not to worry about are now resurfacing, but I commit everything into His able hands, because I believe he is the Master-planner. And He knows my beginning from the end, and that the plans He has for me are of good and not of evil. I do have to admit though, that at times my faith wavers, but I no get anybody else but my God.

I hope you all have a great, successful week ahead! Be the best YOU, you can be. And don't be strangers...send me emails and keep in touch!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!   


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Therapy Meme

Hello Blogsville,
Am sure everyone is glad the weekend is here...I am too. Nothing new is happening at my end...no crazy plans this weekend, a barbecue party tomorrow and a day at the waterpark/beach on Sunday. Just chilled and laid back.
#My2cents on the Wande Coal situation. As at yesterday I was of the opinion that WC and his crew should get a good PR team and tackle the situation head-on, rather than go into hiding or trying to lay low for a while. I was also of the opinion that he shd be able to laugh at the situation because a lot of pp will be milking every joke they can out of it, and the earlier you can laugh at yourself the better so that everything can just go away and return to life as usual. But after reading the so-called press release that his camp put out, I have to say I am not impressed at all...Denying that that isn't him? Really? Denial will just make it linger more am sorry. We all saw how Tiger Woods tried to deny and sweep his own case under the carpet and ermm it ended up blowing up in his face. Neways good luck to WC and whoever it was that decided to just mess him up like this, is wicked sha!
So I'm kinda in a blogging mood but no topic comes to mind at the moment so I've decided to do that meme that I think Sting started...hope you guys enjoy.     
Right now I'm feeling ...excited becos My Luv just came online and I get to chat with him; talking to him always brings me joy :)

When I'm alone I feel like ...I feel like I'm alone and sometimes I enjoy my me time, other times I want company. 
When I'm surrounded by people ...it depends on who I'm surrounded by; but usually I like to talk, gist and have a good time especially since I don't go out often...so when I have ppl around I try to enjoy the moment. 

One thing I hate is ...untidiness, laziness and free-loaders (sorry I have 3 things)
One thing I really like about myself is ...my ability to make people and loved ones laugh and smile...iLove when people are happy, it makes me happy...and iLike that I am able to adapt to situations...if its to soak garri, I'll soak and when its time to eat filet mignon, I can eat that too. :)

When I'm feeling sad ...I go thru a series of moods;from sadness, to anger, to avoiding the emotions, then tears, then sadness, tears and then sunshine :) When I'm sad I criticize and blame myself for everything including things past sef...then I slowly try to tlk myself out of it. *sigh*  

When I daydream it's usually about ...Lol graduating, getting a good job, getting my apartment, settling down; I'm constantly daydreaming of the day this LDR will end...I've created different versions of how it'll happen...daydream about it so much I almost think its real smetimes *sigh* Distance sucks balls!!! 
I'm afraid of ...of going through what she went through...I refuse to patch patch, and settle...I want the best, or as close to it as possible. 

I'm happiest when ...I am with my whole family, they make me feel loved and appreciated...when I am with My Luv, he makes me laugh and feel special.

One thing that really worries me is ...what does my future hold, and that of my own family (husband and kids)

If I could change one thing about myself it would be ...my anger...I let it get the best of me sometimes, and even when I say I'm over something...I'm still in a moody state and it tkes a while b4 I'm able to totally shake it off. 
If I could be with anyone right now, I would be ...with My Luv.

The family member I'm closest to is ...My darling Mom...she's my bestie tohh bahddd. Been there through thick and thin, sacrificed so much for me, my #1 cheer-leader...and even when I screw up she dsn't judge! It dnt get no better.  
If I was really honest with my Mother I would tell her...that she deserves better, much much better...but we can't take back the past so from here on, she'll get only the best.  

One thing I regret about my life is ...hmmm I usually dnt dwell on my mistakes long; but if I cld do have a do over, I wld have been more serious during my freshman and sophomore years...I had no excuse having mediocre grades.

If I only had one more day to live I would... I would spend it with loved ones, and also with God.

If I was really honest with my father I would tell him ...You don't miss your water until the well runs dry...and by the time you do, it'll be too late. Also, I miss what used to be, what could've been...but life goes on.

One thing about me that nobody knows is ...Hmmm...if I told you, I'd have to kill you *wink*

I hope that Someday in the future...I hope for a lot of things oo...I jst hope that I live a fulfilled life, and make an impact in the lives of those I come across.

When I think about my family I feel ...Blessed. On top of the world. Loved. From aunties, to uncles, grandma, sister, inlaws, cousins, nephews...chaii...I am blessed.

Something I'm really embarrassed about is ...I laugh off my embarrassing moments and so they just are funny moments not embarrassing ones...lol.

One thing about me I never want to change is ...my ability to connect with my emotions...even tho I get mad at myself for being too emotional smetimes, I'm glad I am...I'd rather be able to feel than not feel at all.

One thing I feel really proud of is ...just howfar I've come in life...I dnt have a wall of awards, but I'm just happy with my continuous growth as an individual. Proud of my Mom too.
Blogsville has helped me to ...make virtual friends, (even though I'm still shy to make friends, jst incase it dsn't work out...dnt wanna be judged), helped me be mre grateful for my life, helped me be hopeful and believe in myself more.

One thing I like about blogsville is ...my somewhat anonymous state, the beauty in how our lives are so different, but yet so similar...the feeling belonging and community.

So yeah this is somewhat therapeutic...makes you think about stuff. Hope you enjoyed getting to knowmore about my weird self...my friends say I'm weird, I dnt agree :)
Have a great weekend guys...luff you!
Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!