Sunday, September 5, 2010

100th Post??? Really???

It's Labor Day weekend/ the final weekend of Summer and my ass is at home. Smh @ myself. At this rate I'm gonna age before my time *sigh* People are doing fun, interesting stuff and I'm sitting on my couch just... I've said it before I need to make new friends in this city and a fun mix. Its like there's a fun, bubbly human being tied down inside. *sigh* When I get in this mood, I hate being in an LDR more than anything. I want to travel, take road-trips, visit historical sites, try out new cuisine, take walks, go wine-tasting, see shows, take dancing lessons, go to the movies, go out for ice-cream, go out to dinner all dressed up... I want to create memories because at the end of the day that's all there is. And true I can do all these fun stuff with friends (and sometimes I do), but me and the girls are in diff. states so I dnt see them as often :( 

Ok enuff of the Debbie Downer moment. So to shake off this annoying mood, I am going to the movies tomorrow, and yes I am going by myself #don'tjudgeme!!! It's movies, shopping, and ice-cream! I have a date with me! And then I'll come home and paint my nails for the week. 

I want a drink right about now! My favorite cocktail is amaretto sour; love it cos its sweet and I dnt taste the alcohol as much. During send-off dinner for my friend few weeks ago, she introduced me to Moscato and I immediately fell in love. I like when a drink is sweet, the only thing is if u dnt intend on getting wasted then u gotta watch it if not it creeps up on u.

So in one of my classes we have to work in groups, and then pick group leaders. My class-mates nominated me to be leader, but I declined; what humbled me tho' was to hear them describe me as a natural leader. I was shocked, and humbled. It means a lot to me when ppl I work with or go to sch with speak of me like that. Probably the high-light of my week :)

So I was talking with another Nigerian at school, and we were talking about moving back home and all. And trying to convert the for an entry-level person let's say u make anywhere between 45-55k a year here in the Amerix, that's about 5.5 - 6.7 mill. naira a year in Nigeria (converting at 123 to a dollar). Wat are the chances of finding that kind of job when you move to Naija? I dnt know but I think it's hard o. Wat say you all? Wat's the salary range in Naija like pls who has info?

Lord! Soap operas are soo addictive and annoying. They stretch the story-line and milk it for all its got and just keep you in unnecessary suspense. But I'm kinda sorta addicted for now.

I haven't eaten a pizza in months! iWonder why? Should rectify that soon with a juicy slice of Hawaiian pizza.

I still haven't found the perfect or right fitted boots! 

I need a new MP3 player, a Zune to be exact...been going everywhere without my music, and I miss it. 

So is it okay for your cousins to date? Let me explain U have two cousins, one's your cousin from your father's side and the other from your mother's side...they are cousins as a result of ur parents marriage and not by blood. Is it too weird for them to be in like or start something?

Justin Bieber always has the same back-up dancers, so I'm guessing that means they travel with him...that's cool. You get to dance and perform in different cities and stay in really nice hotels.

Speaking of hotels. iLove hotel beds, pls note I said hotel not motel o! I like the soft bed-sheets and soft but heavy duvets that are so nice its like you're tucked into a cloud...and the soft fluffy pillows! Then all the towels nicely folded in the bathroom... I want a job where I'll get to travel and stay at hotels lol.

I cry at the littlest things sha...just watching tv, once someone starts tearing up, I'm a mess

I have a Prof whose grading system is hilarious. He says for registering for the class, we all start off at a C grade, C = Colored, and then you do some of your work you move up to B, B= Blacks...and then if you do really well you move up to an A, A= Africans. It's a Black Studies class he says the human race race originated from Africa so regardless of whatever race we all might claim, we should know that our origin is Africa. Lol dude is hilarious!

Alrighty, I think I've done enough randoms for one night. I'm gonna go find something to eat 'cos I'm hungry. Enjoy the rest of the holiday, and take care guys! Like Banky W will say, Peace, Love and Chicken grease!

PS: Just realized that this is my 100th post!!! Two years blogging and I'm just getting to my 100th Wow. Neways, just wanna say thank you to every follower, non-follower, commenter, and the lovely friends I've made on here. Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, advice and share in this journey; it means a lot to really does. I'm hungry and sleepy so I'll do a real 100th post later. Muahz!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!



Jaycee said...

I went to the movies once by myself, and I TOTALLY enjoyed it. Cheers to a lovely Holiday tomorrow.

Fabulo-la said...

Hey! Movies by yourself rocks!
Talk about some correct me time.

In other news, Gurrl!
Are you ok???

You seem a lil' scatterred in this post?\Small small o.
(Or maybe Im imagining it?)

Oh well, (((Hugs))) anyways...

yankeenaijababe said...

imao...@Miss Enigma

The pay for Nigerian graduates in Nigeria, hummmm!!! I know where you are coming

It's not bad to go watch a movie alone, I have never done it before but sometimes alone time is awesome, you get to focus and just do you....hope school is going great. Stay stong, I know what you mean dearie. Muah!

Myne Whitman said...

Entry level salaries in good companies, banks, telecoms, oil co and high end private is around 2 - 3mil. But remember that standard of living is lower so that gets you more. Also, some start on 30k salaries here too.

Enjoy your you time and good luck with school.

Ms.O said...

OMG the cousin thing freaked me out!!!..errr I dont think that is do-able

I finally finished moving this weekend I am meeting up with my besties and getting wasted..I need a BAR! #Stressed

Eww Zune??? I hated my zune.. had it for a month...iTouch!


LusciousRon said...

The cousin thing errrr not good.

Salaries in naija, best to lower your expectation, many companies amke promises they won't keep up. So be very careful! Several Returnees had to settle for what is realistic. Depends on what you want though.

I hope you enjoyed your alone time, works everytime.
Your lecturer is funny!

(AFG) Randy said...

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