Saturday, September 11, 2010


Have you ever felt like you were sabotaging something so good, something you've been building and working on... Something that matters to you, that you cherish.

Somehow your actions and sudden lack of action seem to be slowly causing harm, and eating away at the foundation.

I can't even explain but right now I just feel like I am slowly ruining something I really cherish...*sigh*

Hope everyone is having a wonderful peaceful weekend!!!

PS: So this past week has been sorta kinda rough, and sorta kinda weird.
I've cried more in this one week, than I have since this year began. Been trying to figure it all out...why I'm in a mood? What or Who am I angry at? What am I worried about/scared of? What is it that I'm bottling inside that keeps resurfacing? What is it I want?

I'm sitting here watching reruns of Parenthood and am I'm bawling, and the tears just won't stop. I keep saying "I don't know, I don't know" but that's not good enough an answer *sigh* 
Maybe my hormones are just messing with me or maybe, just maybe I'm tired and drained. I need strength and reassurance to keep going. Help me Lord because I need you.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!


Miss Innocent said...

hmm i cant imagine if i've feel that way bfore... probably because i sorta have selective memory and i dont want to recall memories that are unpleasant... :) lol

anyway hope all goes well andha ve a nice weekend too! :)

Lily Johnson said...

I think i understand what you are talking about. Sometimes you have valid reasons to want to do it and sometimes you just don't.
Think it through. Hope your weekend is going well.

neefemi said...

well you have to dig down deep and try to rbr the reasons why whatever it is good for you. Please forgive the preaching but you don't want any regrets in life you know, especially when you know you had a hand in it. Plus pray about it. Have a good weekend ma


Rene said...

i totally feel dt way a lot. If you think it's something worth keeping, figure out why u're tryna sabotage it

tayd said...

Ditto @Rene

Once you analyze & put everything in perspective you should be fine. Hope everything works out.. :)

Ms.O said...

Aww booski! I definitely feel you. its been a crappy week here as well. Thank God for church that got me out of my 'funk' yesty. Remember what you told me about enjoying it? if its good dont sabotage. enjoy.

Myne Whitman said...

If you're sure you want that thing, I'll encourage you to go fo it. I hope you snap out of the low soon. Hugs.

leggy said...
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leggy said...

hang in there girl.
you'll be fine eventually

doll said...

stay strong