Thursday, July 19, 2012

25 and Thankful

...July is usually my favorite month of the year for the obvious reason that it is my birthday month. Soo much has been going on and I just haven't had time to take a minute to put a post together...sorry guys. But I've been reading all your posts from time to time. 

So what have I been up to this month? I'll sum it up in two parts.

I turned the big 25 on the 7th! Yup, I'm officially getting old-er! Chai. 7th was a Saturday, and I had a party with a fellow friend and exact birthday mate down to the year. We have pretty much the same circle of friends, so we decided to throw a party together. It wasn't a roof-top venue as I wanted, but it was a party filled with people I love, who love me and make me happy in their own way. And that was enough for me. Felt like a princess too; hair done, nails done, make up by a pro and alla that lol I was feeling like a million bucks shaa. No wonder celebs get hyped from all that attention. 

Funny thing is I woke up that day and it's like I'm 25 now what? Am I supposed to have an automatic aha-moment? Mind-blowing revelation? Well if I was supposed to I didn't. I still don't feel a day over 21, 18 I still get carded at the movie theatre! But what I do know is that every life experience, every mistake, every achievement - big or small, every waking second of my life and the unending grace of God has brought me to where I am now; and made me who I am. I hope to do better, and be better with each day moving forward...and I am grateful.

The other thing that has kinda, sorta occupied my time is... *drum-roll please* 

Him & I
 Le partner/boo/lover/boyfie is here! My LDR days are over. An early birthday present you can call it. Some of you might remember few months ago I was praying and wanting something so bad, well it all worked out and thanks to God he is here...not to visit, but to stay :) This is all new to me, and there's a lot of adjusting that's taking place. Me having to learn to share my space and not be overly independent and head-strong...Him having to understand me in my own space (not the me in Nigeria on vacation), understand life here in the US, and us finally getting to learn and understand what its like to live together, be together. No BBM, skype and phone convos's face to face now. When we argue we can't just ignore bbms, we have to confront the situation, talk it out, yell it out, then talk it out again lol

It's a whole new experience. But like I said I wasn't sure what to expect with this move. Would I be jumping off couches like Tom Cruise, or cheesing endlessly like a high school teenager? I still don't know...what I do know is it is nice to come home to hugs, to be cuddled to sleep, to not have to load call cards or use Rebtel, to not be mad that skype sessions were ruined thanks to shitty Naija connection. Its nice to make plans, to argue face to face and make up, take walks holding hands, do Sunday brunch... you get the drift. It's not easy there are great days, okay days and blehh days but at least we share them next to each other.

I'm learning too. To work on my anger, and my attitude when I'm mad. The other day we argued and I was about leaving the house and he said " don't I get a goodbye kiss?" I was I'm mad at you, and you're mad too how am I supposed to kiss you? What I learned was that yes we were both not happy about something, but it didn't have to be all sour... the kiss lightened the mood but what I appreciated the most was him being the bigger person, making the effort to resolve the situation and not make it escalate. After the kiss, we ended up really talking and laughing about what got us both mad and I left the house feeling sooo much better. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn, grow, love and be loved!

Hope everyone is doing great! It's almost Friday people, hang in there!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!