Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Update

Hey Blogsville...

How are my fellow neighbors in the community doing? Hope you all had a great weekend; resting, and re-couping for another week ahead? I know Miss Arewa sure I'm waiting for the details of that get away o!

Well, as for me I had my usual uneventful weekend. Went to work on saturday and chatted with my boyfriend the rest of the evening. Sunday - did laundry and decided to go and visit some old friends who just had a baby about 3months ago, and that visit my dear people was an eye opener o!
When I first arrived on the shores this Amerix I worked @ TJMaxx and that's where I met this couple. Very nice people, they both worked with me. He's 21 and she's 20. She dropped out of college, he cldn't finish technical school becos of the tuition. Now, they have a kid and can barely make ends meet.

It just broke my heart to see the living conditions, and I kept saying to myself 'how are they going to cope?' and also 'how are they going to get out of this for good?'. To be honest with u guys, I cldn't find an answer, bcos without support from family members, paying for college, buying groceries and baby needs on a $10 p/hr pay-check sounds undoable to me. All the while we were having dinner, I was physically there but my thoughts just kept wandering away out of curiousity...wat could have happened? Did the condom break? Did they 4get to use one out of excitement? Bcos I know for sure it wasn't planned. *sighs*

I guess the lesson to take away from this is for everyone of us to be careful and responsible (Not calling my friends irresponsible o!) in the sense that, if you decide to have sex plz also make the decision to prevent any cause for "Had I known."

- Abstain! It's the only 100% solution. But if u can't...

- Wrap it up! Make sure the guy wears a condom or u wear one.

- Double Check! So after the deed, double check to make sure the condom didn't break.

- Get on a plan! If u have an active sex-life, then get on a plan. There are so many options!

- Emergency Exit! Ok, so u ddn't think u were gonna do anything, but one thing led to another and b4 u cld say "I gotta go" ur body was saying "Come get me baby"...well my dear ladies, there is something called Plan B.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to another week...Everyday is another chance to do better than we did yesterday... Will keep you guys posted. Meanwhile, I've been thinking about opening another blog to allow people share in the ups and downs of my long-distance relationship. I realized that there are quite a number of people in LDR's, and it would be nice to share and learn from others, because LDRs are hard and it takes alot to get through. Well, we'll see how it goes.

Have fabulous week guys...and remember to recognize the Big Man in all you, we owe it to Him.
xoxo.....Miss Enigma.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I asked... and he replied...

The dark cloud can't stay up forever
cos when it gathers, it's gonna pour
down as rain

The rain might come down hard and
Heavy; it might cause a flood
It might do lots of damage...but as it
has always been, after the rain comes

The clouds could come down as a storm
but after the heavy down pour you're gonna
see a clear blue sky with the sun to light
up your day and God willing it will
also make your bruises fade away

The colors of the rainbow would glow as the
sun shines in the clear blue sky and bring the
very best of things in life our way

Gonna do my very best to take all your worries
and pains away...and put a permanent smile on
your face...I love you.

- Vanx

Thursday, March 26, 2009

When does "the past" become...."the past"?

We call it "the past", but when does it really become just that; the past. Once in a while, it finds ways to creep into our present and it brings with it memories, that either make us smile, wonder, question and sometimes do things. Today, mine brings doubt and second-guessing thoughts that hold me from giving, for fear that "the past" will repeat itself. Deep inside I know this isn't a repeat of "the past" and besides, life is a race you have to be in it, to win it. I'm alive so I have no excuse not to be in the race...I tripped and fell before, but I'm going to keep running and if I fall again as a result of life's numerous hurdles, I'll pick myself back up; and God willing my Sun will be there to lend a hand.

Time heals; thats what they say
But what I want to know is
How much time I need
I want to look pretty for you
But I'm covered, with bruises
Bruises that have followed me
From my past

They not only remind me of the past
But bring with them dark clouds
That over-shadow my sun filled sky
You are my Sun
And I want to be your Rainbow
But these dark clouds won't let me

Even with my bruises and clouds

U refuse to set on me
But continue to rise

With the hopes that if u rise high enough

These clouds will move over

And my bruises will fade away

I long to share the skies with you

Be by your side as you rise
And as you set, just to bask in your rays

From East to West

You are my Sun
And I, your Rainbow

- Miss Enigma.

PS: This is not an attempt to be creative, artistic or anything of the sort. It is simply a way of expressing/putting in words, my present state of mind.
Have a great day guys!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fashionistas 911...

Hey Blogsville...
...How r y'all doin'?!!!! Hope great! Okay, so to my dear fashionistas of blogsville pls help a sista out. I was thinking of wearing this dress for a friend's birthday dinner (she's turning 21)...and we might go clubbing afterwards... Anyways, wat do u guys think? What accessories do u think wld go and all dat gud stuff?

PS: I dnt like excessive or over the top...more grown n' classy.

Thanks guys!!!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

...Waiting to Exhale

Hey Blogsville Residents...

How's ur week coming along? It seems like everyone is really busy bcos no one is bloggin' regularly. I miss u guys and ur stories. From Inspirational to enlightening to entertaining and the man-gists/ U guys make it easier for me to survive my own crazy week. Anyways, I hope u guys are kickin'-ass and being the best in whatever y'all are doing!!!

So after studying for my test last night, I decided to turn on the TV and guess wat movie was on....Waiting to Exhale! Remember dat movie wiv Whitney Houston and Angela Basset...yeah, that one. The movie reminded of Sex and the City {I guess u can say it's the black version...oh but then there's the other show Girlfriends} and the whole bond btwn friends, and I thot of my two very close girlie's. Most times, we females are always stereotyped as having "drama", and I know of girls who stay clear of other girls just to avoid this "drama", but you know not all of us have drama... and its great to know that great friendships like in the Waiting to Exhale movie still exist. So to my girlie's who put up with my "drama"...thanks alot and see u guys in 2weeks woohoo!!!

So during one of my "talking to myself" moments this past weekend, I trying to figure out what to do with myself during my summer break. I normally go to school 2 days in the week, work 4 days and then have sunday since I'll have 2 free days in the summer...I thought why not try to get an internship?!!! I mean I need the experience for my major (Advertising and PR) becos my other internships were in a different field, and I plan on graduating next spring. So my fellow people of blogsville, wish me well and put me in ur prayers abeg una oo!!! Will keep u guys updated!!

PS: There's this new show CASTLE on the ABC channel, those of u in Yankee shd check it out.

PSS: The sound-tracks to the Waiting to Exhale movie are really good ol' time jams. Easy listening and they take u back to years when love songs were love songs. Enjoy below!!!

Have a great week guys!!!!
xoxo....Miss Enigma!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

...When Love Songs were love songs.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

...Thou shall NOT settle for less!!!

...Hello Blogsville,
How r u all doin'? Hope ur week has been great! Anyway, alot has been said both in the media and in our private discussions about the whole Chrihanna (Chris and RiRi) situation. A lot of us are mad @ her for taking him back...seriously that is one decision u dnt have to think twice of making; that's wat we all say, but as the famous saying goes, "easier said than done."

The stats. are that 1 in 3 teenage girls is in an abusive relationship, and that once a guy hits you, the chances are that he's gonna hit you again! With all the light that has been shed on relationship abuse and the testimonies and can't help but wonder why are people still in them and getting into them? When you listen to the experts and the people involved (I dnt lyk the use of the word "victims") we hear the same reasons over and over again: LACK OF SELF-ESTEEM, NOT FEELING GUD ENUFF, WANTING TO BE ACCEPTED, SCARED OF LIFE WIVOUT THE OTHER PERSON...and the list goes on.

I know some people are quick to say "ah lie lie, no man can mke feel inadequate...", "Nonsense, I will jst pack my load and leave o jare..", but as cliche as this myt sound, it's not that easy. Even some famous women and empire owners have @ one point been in such relationships. Now that I sit back and re-evaluate my last relationship, I realize that there was somethings dat just weren't right. Never physical oo, just insulting, hurtful and berating. And then I used to think it was me, me, me...I used to try to fix everything and bear everything at the cost of my emotional pain.

Today...I realize that it wasn't me. Yes, I have my flaws, but it wasn't me. I was in a relationship with someone who although is a nice person, was too insecure, and immature to handle things. I kept saying oh he'll change, it's jst a phase, and he did this nice thing and dat nice
*sighs* Whenever my friends and I were on d phone, I'll skip all d fights and arguments and paint a pretty picture of love in paradise... Well, I cld go on and on about my experience, but all I want people to know, especially ladies is this;

YOU are WORTH IT, pls do not settle for less! Abuse isn't only when there is a bruise, blood or batter; when someone puts you down, calls you names, does not support your goals, is jealous of your success and achievments...and this person is supposed to be "your better half"...this is abuse. Dnt buckle under the fear that nobody else will appreciate you, no one will love you, no one will do you right becos trust me...there is a dignified man just waiting for you to notice him and give him that chance.

Trust me when a window shuts, a door opens! My door opened and I won't have it any other way! :-) Everyday, I am reminded just how special I am,and appreciated for who I am. They say everything in life happens for a reason; I went thru wat I went thru to have greater appreciation for the person I am today and the people I have in my life today.

Friday, March 6, 2009

...Another Solo Weekend....

...Hello to my fellow blogsville peeps! So it's another weekend, and am guessing everybody is glad to either not be working, going to school and all that stuff. So wat r ur weekend to share wiv a fellow blogsville resident?lol.

Anyways, while people are out doing fun-stuff and having a good-time,this LNL (Lil'Naija Lady)will be home after work by 2.30pm, doing NOTHING, absolutely nothing.For some unknown reason, I just find it quite difficult to hang-out wiv ppl who aren't 9ja related -pls o I dnt discriminate or anything of that sort- it's just that I'm so much more comfortable around my 9ja friends who we all went to high-school 2geda.

The conversations just go on and on and on,they understand me, get me, my funny jokes and my not so funny jokes,and basically know wat am talking about...but other people, they won't understand a 9ja related joke or gist.I mean once in a while, I hang-out with two of my colleagues from work, but the vibe is different. Aside from the whole vibe thing, I think I personally find it difficult to open up to people. And how am I supposed to hang-out and have a good-time if I can't open up to people? But why do I have to open up jo, must everybody be in my business?

Well...I guess it is wat it is ryt? Meanwhile, on a brighter note, I'm sooo looking forward to going to MD to celebrate on of my girlie's bday. It's the big 21 (Mine's past It's gonna be a fun weekend and we are all so excited. I'll keep y'all posted on the details.

...Neways, if you guys have suggestions on how to make level-headed friends that I can hang-out with, have decent conversations, as well as funny ones, please drop your 2cents; Highly appreciated. Have a fabulous weekend and dnt forget to pay your respects to the "Big Man" on sunday and everyday Party hard,Pray Harder..:-)

Till when next I stop by....xoxo

Sunday, March 1, 2009

...Just anoda weekend...

...It's been ages since I last blogged, and yes life has been busy but since no one really reads my blog I was lacking motivation. Notwithstanding lack of blog followership, I'll still blog jo.

My last entry all about my man-drama and all that...for the very kind people who gave their advice and lil' words of wisdom here and there, (I appreciate) am way past all that now. I ended a 3yr relationship to be with who am with now, and in as much as most people might be skeptical about it -even my friends were for awhile- I want you all to know that I am happy, at peace and generally in a very good place.

So school is in full swing, papers are due, tests around the corner and all that college stuff. Thus far am enjoying my classes, and my major as a whole (Advertising and PR). I just hope with the present state of the economy, that the job market has something for our generation. The way everyone just keeps analyzing the situation, economists, brokers, accountants, politicians, gov. officials and so on, throwing scary numbers and statistics at "main street" makes the future appear quite bleak, but I guess when there's life there's hope. My very good friend who was offered a job after her internship with Merill Lynch last summer, just had that offer withdrawn, and gotta tell u it sucks man! Feel so bad for her especially since she graduates in June. She's thinking of going back to 9ja to find work... my question to u guys is what do you think about that? Please drop your 2cents abeg.

Anyone with a job should just be grateful for it, and refrain from complaining. It's a scary situation, but it'll get better. Naija man say "God dey na e be poor man prayer".

Just got off my weekly conference call with ma girls...and as usual it was a refreshing conversation to carry us all thru the week :-) Bestfriends, Icecream, and shopping make the world go round (jst kiddin'), but its great to have good friends, and am grateful for mine!!!

Aiight, am off to do some studying, write a paper and generally be productive.
U guys have a blessed sunday and I promise to blog more often- if u guys promise to read :-).

UnderCover 07!!!