Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Thoughts In My Head

Hi My Luvlies...

TGIF again...the year is definitely going by fast! Like joke, like joke summer is almost over.
I've been lying in bed all day and random thoughts have been running through my head, now that I picked up my lappy, they've all disappeared. Anyways, hop in and let's take a ride through random lane in my head.

- I'm glad u guys liked my short story and attempt at reviving my writing abilities. I'll do my best to continue the story, and I am very open to suggestions, and ideas as to what directions you think the stories should take. Thank you.

- Remember I mentioned in my last post that I had some stuff on my the other day I was being weighed down and just feeling low, and someone reached out to me :) I had been trying to be strong and all, I'm one to not lyk to bother ppl but she said "I want to be there for u" and I jst broke down and balled (I ddn't tell her I was crying o, nw she knws lol) and she didn't say much, jst a few reassuring words and the fact that someone reached out...was enough for me. Thanks Ms.O!!!

- I've been having mood swings like what I don't know! Not sure if its the effect of Aunty Flo being around or just my usual mood swings coupled with the fact that I have ish on my mind that I jst can't shake off right now.

- I am reading Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" for the second time. I need certain things to register in my head again. 

- They say find something u love doing, and find a way to get paid for it...ermm I don't know what I enjoy doing that I can be paid for. I enjoy things that are Advertising/Public Relations related, iLike to write, iLove to shop, iLike to decorate (part of the reason I cnt wait to have my own place), iLike organizing u see I dnt knw :(

- I like my personal space...and sometimes I just want to be quiet, be by myself with my laptop, phone, tv remote and not be disturbed. Sme ppl think this is weird and can't understand it...and I cnt explain it either. #kanyeshrug

- Never be afraid or hesitant to ask questions. You have a right to know, and to keep asking until u get a satisfactory answer or answers. Dnt brush things off, or second guess urself. Something happened that jolted me back to my senses for a minute...and I realized I was holding back on asking questions. Big Mistake!!! I will be asking questions from here holding back.

- Everyone seems to asking if I'm going to move back after graduation...and the answer is nope. If I'm going to move back there has to be a good enough reason for me to move. Good job, security and stability and a plan. I'm not moving to go and sit down at home and be looking at Uche's line cracks me up). 

-  Why is it easier for girls to be just friends with guys than for guys to be just friends with girls??? (I'll dedicate a whole post to this) Why can't we just be friends, without complicating things?

- Chances of me going to Naija for Christmas or New Year are about 80 - 20; 80 being me not going. It is what it is.

- Why are guys such jerks?!! You meet a guy and in the space of two weeks u go on a couple of casual dates, and after a lil'tiff u just never call back. Like really? Mscheww
- What's with all these Mothers committing murder and suicide??? If u're so tired and frustrated with life and u want to kill yourself, that's your own cup of tea but why kill your innocent children??? How do you slit your child's throat and set the house on fire??? What do you say when you appear before God? I just can't wrap my head around it.
- This cold/flu is so annoying. Congestion. Headache. Tiredness. Arggghhh!

- It sucks when you care and worry about other people so much, and you have their best interests at heart, only to discover that they are not as concerned about themselves as you are for them. I dnt blame those who have fully adopted the "I'm gonna just do me" attitude...I think I'm moving in that direction.

- Dating is fun, but it is also work. Going on dates, thinking of things to talk about, trying to make sure the guy doesn't cross the line (whatever that means), trying not to get attached too early, juggling the different guys...*sigh* WORK!
- You can never please everyone. Trying to please everyone you end up hurting yourself. You either love me or leave me alone. 

- Settling. How do you know when you're settling??? Why do we settle??? 
Ok I this is getting too long, but oh well. Gotta go shower and get ready to have a good time. It's friday and rather than stay home and sulk at all the things might not be going oh so great, I choose to go out have a good time. It was Zena's birthday yesterday and we're going out downtown to celebrate. Have a wonderful weekend ahead me luvlies.
Thanks for reading this means a lot to me!!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!!




Ms.O said...

Awwwwwww sweets! You gonna make me cry now! hehehehehe! Glad that made me feel better! *e-hugs*

Read that book earlier this summer Liked some stuff, some things where off tho.

You just listed like 4 things you love. Now find which one you can use to make money!..hehe

I so feel you on the asking questions and not assuming. TRUST. I'm happier cos I asked...

Dating is wack...I cant anymore. I just want my parents to find my future husband and introduce him to*jokes*...*not really*

Onose said...

u should read ' how to avoid a bozo by jackie kendall....steve harvey's tips are a little...hmmm anyway dating can be exhausting but its fun pressure!!

Nice Anon said...

lol dating is now redundant. all the awkwardness is tiring.. knowing when to not call so you aren't looking like a needy chic and knowing when to actually call so you are aren't seen as this babe wey no send. Fun but boring now. Yeah wake me up when the right one manages to land on my lap. lol

feel better soon you hear

BBB said...


dating is so overrated
and am tending to side towards parents pickin a husband too
u know am joking

Myne Whitman said...

You know I come here to read and then I start listening to the playlist and forget everything, lol.

I hope you feel better soon. Plan o if you want to move, ko easy to find a job et al. And yeah write more please though advertising and PR should fetch more money.

張v李佳羽嘉旺 said...


Hotcakes said...

i love your music on you blog! Lol :D

恩宛玲如 said...


凱v胡倫 said...


Hotcakes said...

when september hits


it's like, the year is already over by that time :)

holloween christmas newyr. holidays

ZeL said...

A lot of randoms there.

Glad you had someone to share that burden with, makes the load a whole lot lighter.

Advertising and P.R rocks. Thats my dream job

On Steve Harvey's book, I dint think much of it.