Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Was 800ft in the air...

Hi Me Luvlies,
TGIF again!!! By this time last week, I was in Baltimore, Maryland having a fabulous weekend with the girls. We kicked off with partying @Lux Lounge on Friday, where Bobby Valentino just happened to be in the building. We couldn't get close enough to take pictures with him, but I'll tell you this...he looks just as good in person and his lips...hmmm...*fans self to calm down* We somehow bumped into Tony Rock (Chris Rock's brother) on the dance floor, and he was nice enough to let us take a picture with him. On Saturday we went to Six Flags, and seeing as I don't have the liver for roller-coasters, I jejely went to the WaterPark section and enjoyed the water rides...and even those can be scary o! And finally, on Sunday we went to the beach to chill...and to para-sail.  
You should have seen the look of fear on my friend's face when we got on the boat...she looked like she wanted her We went 800feet high...and the view from up there is just humbling! We had a bonding/emotional moment up in the air...and spent a few mins in silence just savoring the moment. *sigh*

Back to reality, school begins next week and I am looking forward to it. Something to keep me busy, and on my toes again, because it seems I became lazy over the summer and I need to shake that off before its too late. :)

So you guys know my major is Advertising & Public Relations...and I've never mentioned this before but I've been kinda considering going into PR in the Nigerian industry; and I think I might just have gotten the opportunity to test the waters through an up and coming Nigerian artiste. It is all about networking, because its one thing to have a great product or brand, but you need people to make things happen. So I need to extensively expand my network of people, and begin building relationships in the industry. I'm not even gonna lie, I'll be needing as much help as I can get so if/when I come knocking on your doors for help please help a sister out! 

Have you ever felt "checked out" know when you are physically there but not mentally, and emotionally present in something anymore and you just can't explain why? I had that feeling for a couple of everything was just bleh. Even my tone of voice was hollow. No excitement, no emotions...nothing. Ok am sure this isn't making sense...neways I'm trying to check myself back in o cos I dnt like being "checked out". Whatever that means...

I need a good pair of boots for the fall/winter. Good leather or really good faux leather boots. My problem with boots is the calves; my poor skinny legs can't fill the huge boots, even when I wear them with skinny jeans...there's still space *sigh* I want boots!!!!

Am I the only person who gets excited when they take their weave out? I'm always so happy to see my hair. And rather than straighten the hair immediately, I just let it air dry after washing/retouching and wear it as 'shuku' for a while (about a week or two). *runs hand thru hair wiv a smile* #dontjudgeme I missed my hair

So yeah the other day at the club, I'm sitting down sipping on my amaretto sour and whining on the stool, having a good time with my friends, and this guy who had asked me to dance earlier, but I declined, was dancing with another girl next to me. Wats the problem u ask? Well as this dude was dancing (more like just standing and collecting grind) he was using his other hand to try and hold me, and still get my attention! Meanwhile the girl he was dancing with was working hard, putting her back into it not knowing that the yeye boy was not focused on her hardwork...tsk tsk. Men ehn! smdh! I had pursue him away before the girl go talk say na me wan thief her man...I no fit for akata girls and their wahala... because when those girls vex ehn, dem dey madt!!!!

In other news, Gidilounge now has a radio station! I was listening to it while I was @ work the other day, and I was just hearing new new jamz that had me partying in my cubicle. If u haven't been on there...u definitely should check it out!

Am I the only one who has noticed that this year is going by FAST! Yes yes I know some days drag on...but's Aug 21st already like play, like joke! 

My blog anniversary is September 1st! My blog will be TWO years old! Can't believe for two years now, I've been sharing and rambling with you all *sniff sniff* My 100th post is about 3 or 4 posts away too... How should I celebrate ooo? 

Aight it's 3.18am and I haven't slept! Meanwhile I have to be at my cousins birthday party later today. They are twins and they turn TWO today...very lovely girls! 

Have a great weekend ahead my luvlies! Thanks for stopping by!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!!     


jhazmyn said...

I'm turning so green right now ....the color of envy lol.

So much fun dear, u sure deserved it, hope u get ur spark back soon too.

Enjoy what's left of the holidays aight...hav a gr8 weekend

Fabulo-la said...

Mehn no be only you.
Me sef I want to go para sailing :(

Good luck on your hustle o! it will pay l'agbara olorun!
How have you been dear?

Ms.O said...

I want to go parasailing!!!!!

You are having too much fun without me booski!

Yay to the PR stuff. Im sure you will be evry good at it!

I want nice winter boots too! Damn winter is coming tho!..:(

have a nice weekend too..

Jaycee said...

Hmmm, 800ft up in the air. I wonder how that feels. iWant.

ZeL said...

That pix looks like major fun....I'm too scared of heights to try that though.

I get u on "checking out", been there..Hope u've "checked in".

Advertising and PR is like my dream job, sadly my first degree isn't in it and i cant go to school for four years again :(

Good luck with it:)

Sting said...

I'm hungry so i can't really think right now, so i'll just saw good luck in school and u have liver. I happen to be scared of heights. I'm scared of rollercoasters too, so we r together on that one.

詹莉 said...

很精彩的部落格 期待你的繼續加油..................................................

tayd said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.. Goodluck with the PR gig!

Myne Whitman said...

Para-sailing, that should be my next goal. I love heights, imagine the perspective. Check in o my dear, life is for full living and enjoyment. Good luck with the PR thing, let me know if you need anything.

Nice Anon said...

The only way I'd be able to do it is to put my dead body on there. You strong o!