Saturday, July 17, 2010

Therapy Meme

Hello Blogsville,
Am sure everyone is glad the weekend is here...I am too. Nothing new is happening at my crazy plans this weekend, a barbecue party tomorrow and a day at the waterpark/beach on Sunday. Just chilled and laid back.
#My2cents on the Wande Coal situation. As at yesterday I was of the opinion that WC and his crew should get a good PR team and tackle the situation head-on, rather than go into hiding or trying to lay low for a while. I was also of the opinion that he shd be able to laugh at the situation because a lot of pp will be milking every joke they can out of it, and the earlier you can laugh at yourself the better so that everything can just go away and return to life as usual. But after reading the so-called press release that his camp put out, I have to say I am not impressed at all...Denying that that isn't him? Really? Denial will just make it linger more am sorry. We all saw how Tiger Woods tried to deny and sweep his own case under the carpet and ermm it ended up blowing up in his face. Neways good luck to WC and whoever it was that decided to just mess him up like this, is wicked sha!
So I'm kinda in a blogging mood but no topic comes to mind at the moment so I've decided to do that meme that I think Sting started...hope you guys enjoy.     
Right now I'm feeling ...excited becos My Luv just came online and I get to chat with him; talking to him always brings me joy :)

When I'm alone I feel like ...I feel like I'm alone and sometimes I enjoy my me time, other times I want company. 
When I'm surrounded by people depends on who I'm surrounded by; but usually I like to talk, gist and have a good time especially since I don't go out when I have ppl around I try to enjoy the moment. 

One thing I hate is ...untidiness, laziness and free-loaders (sorry I have 3 things)
One thing I really like about myself is ability to make people and loved ones laugh and smile...iLove when people are happy, it makes me happy...and iLike that I am able to adapt to situations...if its to soak garri, I'll soak and when its time to eat filet mignon, I can eat that too. :)

When I'm feeling sad ...I go thru a series of moods;from sadness, to anger, to avoiding the emotions, then tears, then sadness, tears and then sunshine :) When I'm sad I criticize and blame myself for everything including things past sef...then I slowly try to tlk myself out of it. *sigh*  

When I daydream it's usually about ...Lol graduating, getting a good job, getting my apartment, settling down; I'm constantly daydreaming of the day this LDR will end...I've created different versions of how it'll happen...daydream about it so much I almost think its real smetimes *sigh* Distance sucks balls!!! 
I'm afraid of ...of going through what she went through...I refuse to patch patch, and settle...I want the best, or as close to it as possible. 

I'm happiest when ...I am with my whole family, they make me feel loved and appreciated...when I am with My Luv, he makes me laugh and feel special.

One thing that really worries me is ...what does my future hold, and that of my own family (husband and kids)

If I could change one thing about myself it would be anger...I let it get the best of me sometimes, and even when I say I'm over something...I'm still in a moody state and it tkes a while b4 I'm able to totally shake it off. 
If I could be with anyone right now, I would be ...with My Luv.

The family member I'm closest to is ...My darling Mom...she's my bestie tohh bahddd. Been there through thick and thin, sacrificed so much for me, my #1 cheer-leader...and even when I screw up she dsn't judge! It dnt get no better.  
If I was really honest with my Mother I would tell her...that she deserves better, much much better...but we can't take back the past so from here on, she'll get only the best.  

One thing I regret about my life is ...hmmm I usually dnt dwell on my mistakes long; but if I cld do have a do over, I wld have been more serious during my freshman and sophomore years...I had no excuse having mediocre grades.

If I only had one more day to live I would... I would spend it with loved ones, and also with God.

If I was really honest with my father I would tell him ...You don't miss your water until the well runs dry...and by the time you do, it'll be too late. Also, I miss what used to be, what could've been...but life goes on.

One thing about me that nobody knows is ...Hmmm...if I told you, I'd have to kill you *wink*

I hope that Someday in the future...I hope for a lot of things oo...I jst hope that I live a fulfilled life, and make an impact in the lives of those I come across.

When I think about my family I feel ...Blessed. On top of the world. Loved. From aunties, to uncles, grandma, sister, inlaws, cousins, nephews...chaii...I am blessed.

Something I'm really embarrassed about is ...I laugh off my embarrassing moments and so they just are funny moments not embarrassing

One thing about me I never want to change is ability to connect with my emotions...even tho I get mad at myself for being too emotional smetimes, I'm glad I am...I'd rather be able to feel than not feel at all.

One thing I feel really proud of is ...just howfar I've come in life...I dnt have a wall of awards, but I'm just happy with my continuous growth as an individual. Proud of my Mom too.
Blogsville has helped me to ...make virtual friends, (even though I'm still shy to make friends, jst incase it dsn't work out...dnt wanna be judged), helped me be mre grateful for my life, helped me be hopeful and believe in myself more.

One thing I like about blogsville is somewhat anonymous state, the beauty in how our lives are so different, but yet so similar...the feeling belonging and community.

So yeah this is somewhat therapeutic...makes you think about stuff. Hope you enjoyed getting to knowmore about my weird friends say I'm weird, I dnt agree :)
Have a great weekend guys...luff you!
Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!


Sting said...

I agree with u on the WC stuff. They shouldn't have denied it was him, after all he was only sleeping naked in the picture. It was obvious he had no idea he was been snapped. I hope they learn from this situation and stop sleeping with random chics.

shorty said...

Don't mind WC and his crew o,there is no point denying its like adding salt ontop injury anyway its their wahala they would think twice before sleeping with anyone now.

Loved the meme i've got to know u more now :)

Myne Whitman said...

I loved the meme, but are you really anonymous? LOL.

As for WC and his crew, they are on a long thing.

BTW, Banky was doing me Strong Thing on your playlist o..

BBB said...

i feel like huggin ur mum
in fact hug her for me
hope ur good hun

Anonymous said...


The Girl with the Red Hair said...

WC and his peeps denying the whole meme just seem stupid to me, obvious it was him, and he seems to like sleeping naked,who cares.

You mum is such a wonderful and strong woman, just like my mum.

Anonymous said...

Good mind, good find...................................................

Anonymous said...