Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Thoughts In My Head

Hi My Luvlies...

TGIF again...the year is definitely going by fast! Like joke, like joke summer is almost over.
I've been lying in bed all day and random thoughts have been running through my head, now that I picked up my lappy, they've all disappeared. Anyways, hop in and let's take a ride through random lane in my head.

- I'm glad u guys liked my short story and attempt at reviving my writing abilities. I'll do my best to continue the story, and I am very open to suggestions, and ideas as to what directions you think the stories should take. Thank you.

- Remember I mentioned in my last post that I had some stuff on my the other day I was being weighed down and just feeling low, and someone reached out to me :) I had been trying to be strong and all, I'm one to not lyk to bother ppl but she said "I want to be there for u" and I jst broke down and balled (I ddn't tell her I was crying o, nw she knws lol) and she didn't say much, jst a few reassuring words and the fact that someone reached out...was enough for me. Thanks Ms.O!!!

- I've been having mood swings like what I don't know! Not sure if its the effect of Aunty Flo being around or just my usual mood swings coupled with the fact that I have ish on my mind that I jst can't shake off right now.

- I am reading Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" for the second time. I need certain things to register in my head again. 

- They say find something u love doing, and find a way to get paid for it...ermm I don't know what I enjoy doing that I can be paid for. I enjoy things that are Advertising/Public Relations related, iLike to write, iLove to shop, iLike to decorate (part of the reason I cnt wait to have my own place), iLike organizing u see I dnt knw :(

- I like my personal space...and sometimes I just want to be quiet, be by myself with my laptop, phone, tv remote and not be disturbed. Sme ppl think this is weird and can't understand it...and I cnt explain it either. #kanyeshrug

- Never be afraid or hesitant to ask questions. You have a right to know, and to keep asking until u get a satisfactory answer or answers. Dnt brush things off, or second guess urself. Something happened that jolted me back to my senses for a minute...and I realized I was holding back on asking questions. Big Mistake!!! I will be asking questions from here holding back.

- Everyone seems to asking if I'm going to move back after graduation...and the answer is nope. If I'm going to move back there has to be a good enough reason for me to move. Good job, security and stability and a plan. I'm not moving to go and sit down at home and be looking at Uche's line cracks me up). 

-  Why is it easier for girls to be just friends with guys than for guys to be just friends with girls??? (I'll dedicate a whole post to this) Why can't we just be friends, without complicating things?

- Chances of me going to Naija for Christmas or New Year are about 80 - 20; 80 being me not going. It is what it is.

- Why are guys such jerks?!! You meet a guy and in the space of two weeks u go on a couple of casual dates, and after a lil'tiff u just never call back. Like really? Mscheww
- What's with all these Mothers committing murder and suicide??? If u're so tired and frustrated with life and u want to kill yourself, that's your own cup of tea but why kill your innocent children??? How do you slit your child's throat and set the house on fire??? What do you say when you appear before God? I just can't wrap my head around it.
- This cold/flu is so annoying. Congestion. Headache. Tiredness. Arggghhh!

- It sucks when you care and worry about other people so much, and you have their best interests at heart, only to discover that they are not as concerned about themselves as you are for them. I dnt blame those who have fully adopted the "I'm gonna just do me" attitude...I think I'm moving in that direction.

- Dating is fun, but it is also work. Going on dates, thinking of things to talk about, trying to make sure the guy doesn't cross the line (whatever that means), trying not to get attached too early, juggling the different guys...*sigh* WORK!
- You can never please everyone. Trying to please everyone you end up hurting yourself. You either love me or leave me alone. 

- Settling. How do you know when you're settling??? Why do we settle??? 
Ok I this is getting too long, but oh well. Gotta go shower and get ready to have a good time. It's friday and rather than stay home and sulk at all the things might not be going oh so great, I choose to go out have a good time. It was Zena's birthday yesterday and we're going out downtown to celebrate. Have a wonderful weekend ahead me luvlies.
Thanks for reading this means a lot to me!!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!!



Monday, July 26, 2010

iWrite: Passionate Hunger

8.10PM that was what the clock in the hallway said as Ava walked in. She had left the office at 6.40PM and thanks to the usual end of day traffic and a bumper to bumper accident on the high-way, she spent over an hour on what should have been a fifteen minute drive home. Oh well, she was home now, and couldn't wait for her back to hit the bed. Just thinking about getting out of her clothes and laying down brought a little smile to her face. "Hey..." she wasn't expecting him home; they had had an argument yesterday and had both gone to bed mad. By morning she was out the house before he got out of the shower. She thought he was going to hangout longer with the guys to avoid having to talk.

"Hi..." Vinny replied, as his eyes stared her down from head to toe wondering if she had had a presentation or client meeting at work today or was she just dressed to torture him. It was night but she looked like she just got dressed to leave for the day. Her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail, her purple shirt nicely shaping the mounds of her D cup breasts, and her black skirt was short and above her knee teasingly showing off the attractiveness of her thighs without being indecent. Her make-up was minimal, no eye-shadow just eye-liner, blush to accentuate her cheeks and lip-gloss. She had on the black crocodile leather shoes he got her weeks ago, he liked the way her butt looked whenever she wore heels...and right now he liked what he was seeing. If he had seen her before she left the house, he definitely wouldn't have focused on work all day. Damn! She looked good.

"Vinny, Vinny...turn off the lights before you come upstairs", and with that Ava grabbed her pocket-book off the island and went upstairs to settle in. He had been lost in thought, and didn't notice that she had heated-up the dinner she picked up from the African Restaurant on her way from work, and placed it in a try beside him. Few minutes before Ava had walked into the house, he was just muttering to himself how hungry he was but now, now with her perfume still lingering in the kitchen and images of all the things she used to do to him and him to her running around in his head, Vinny's appetite was craving something else. It had been weeks since they got busy, all because of some silly fight over...over what he couldn't even remember at the moment. Geez! In one swift move, he was bounding up the stairs three steps at a time. As he got to the top of the stairs he realized he forgot to turn off the lights, but oh well it was too late. The lights could wait. His hunger couldn't.

Hi My Lovelies,
I keep saying I'll revive my passion for writing but somehow I never get around to it, so this my weak attempt *hides face* Let me know what you think. Hope everyone had a great weekend, I didn't. Its funny how an argument misunderstanding with someone can just drown ur plans and put u in a mood *sigh* It's all good. 

I don't have any major plans for the week ahead...and as usual when I'm not busy I think. A couple of things I've been trying not to worry about are now resurfacing, but I commit everything into His able hands, because I believe he is the Master-planner. And He knows my beginning from the end, and that the plans He has for me are of good and not of evil. I do have to admit though, that at times my faith wavers, but I no get anybody else but my God.

I hope you all have a great, successful week ahead! Be the best YOU, you can be. And don't be strangers...send me emails and keep in touch!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!   


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Therapy Meme

Hello Blogsville,
Am sure everyone is glad the weekend is here...I am too. Nothing new is happening at my crazy plans this weekend, a barbecue party tomorrow and a day at the waterpark/beach on Sunday. Just chilled and laid back.
#My2cents on the Wande Coal situation. As at yesterday I was of the opinion that WC and his crew should get a good PR team and tackle the situation head-on, rather than go into hiding or trying to lay low for a while. I was also of the opinion that he shd be able to laugh at the situation because a lot of pp will be milking every joke they can out of it, and the earlier you can laugh at yourself the better so that everything can just go away and return to life as usual. But after reading the so-called press release that his camp put out, I have to say I am not impressed at all...Denying that that isn't him? Really? Denial will just make it linger more am sorry. We all saw how Tiger Woods tried to deny and sweep his own case under the carpet and ermm it ended up blowing up in his face. Neways good luck to WC and whoever it was that decided to just mess him up like this, is wicked sha!
So I'm kinda in a blogging mood but no topic comes to mind at the moment so I've decided to do that meme that I think Sting started...hope you guys enjoy.     
Right now I'm feeling ...excited becos My Luv just came online and I get to chat with him; talking to him always brings me joy :)

When I'm alone I feel like ...I feel like I'm alone and sometimes I enjoy my me time, other times I want company. 
When I'm surrounded by people depends on who I'm surrounded by; but usually I like to talk, gist and have a good time especially since I don't go out when I have ppl around I try to enjoy the moment. 

One thing I hate is ...untidiness, laziness and free-loaders (sorry I have 3 things)
One thing I really like about myself is ability to make people and loved ones laugh and smile...iLove when people are happy, it makes me happy...and iLike that I am able to adapt to situations...if its to soak garri, I'll soak and when its time to eat filet mignon, I can eat that too. :)

When I'm feeling sad ...I go thru a series of moods;from sadness, to anger, to avoiding the emotions, then tears, then sadness, tears and then sunshine :) When I'm sad I criticize and blame myself for everything including things past sef...then I slowly try to tlk myself out of it. *sigh*  

When I daydream it's usually about ...Lol graduating, getting a good job, getting my apartment, settling down; I'm constantly daydreaming of the day this LDR will end...I've created different versions of how it'll happen...daydream about it so much I almost think its real smetimes *sigh* Distance sucks balls!!! 
I'm afraid of ...of going through what she went through...I refuse to patch patch, and settle...I want the best, or as close to it as possible. 

I'm happiest when ...I am with my whole family, they make me feel loved and appreciated...when I am with My Luv, he makes me laugh and feel special.

One thing that really worries me is ...what does my future hold, and that of my own family (husband and kids)

If I could change one thing about myself it would be anger...I let it get the best of me sometimes, and even when I say I'm over something...I'm still in a moody state and it tkes a while b4 I'm able to totally shake it off. 
If I could be with anyone right now, I would be ...with My Luv.

The family member I'm closest to is ...My darling Mom...she's my bestie tohh bahddd. Been there through thick and thin, sacrificed so much for me, my #1 cheer-leader...and even when I screw up she dsn't judge! It dnt get no better.  
If I was really honest with my Mother I would tell her...that she deserves better, much much better...but we can't take back the past so from here on, she'll get only the best.  

One thing I regret about my life is ...hmmm I usually dnt dwell on my mistakes long; but if I cld do have a do over, I wld have been more serious during my freshman and sophomore years...I had no excuse having mediocre grades.

If I only had one more day to live I would... I would spend it with loved ones, and also with God.

If I was really honest with my father I would tell him ...You don't miss your water until the well runs dry...and by the time you do, it'll be too late. Also, I miss what used to be, what could've been...but life goes on.

One thing about me that nobody knows is ...Hmmm...if I told you, I'd have to kill you *wink*

I hope that Someday in the future...I hope for a lot of things oo...I jst hope that I live a fulfilled life, and make an impact in the lives of those I come across.

When I think about my family I feel ...Blessed. On top of the world. Loved. From aunties, to uncles, grandma, sister, inlaws, cousins, nephews...chaii...I am blessed.

Something I'm really embarrassed about is ...I laugh off my embarrassing moments and so they just are funny moments not embarrassing

One thing about me I never want to change is ability to connect with my emotions...even tho I get mad at myself for being too emotional smetimes, I'm glad I am...I'd rather be able to feel than not feel at all.

One thing I feel really proud of is ...just howfar I've come in life...I dnt have a wall of awards, but I'm just happy with my continuous growth as an individual. Proud of my Mom too.
Blogsville has helped me to ...make virtual friends, (even though I'm still shy to make friends, jst incase it dsn't work out...dnt wanna be judged), helped me be mre grateful for my life, helped me be hopeful and believe in myself more.

One thing I like about blogsville is somewhat anonymous state, the beauty in how our lives are so different, but yet so similar...the feeling belonging and community.

So yeah this is somewhat therapeutic...makes you think about stuff. Hope you enjoyed getting to knowmore about my weird friends say I'm weird, I dnt agree :)
Have a great weekend guys...luff you!
Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My List of Dislikes

Hi B'ville,
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! Sorry I couldn't put up pics for my last post...laziness to upload from my camera and phone...if u want pics of the reunion pls head-over to Ms.O's blog after reading this post.

So this weekend I really didn't do much...spent Saturday bonding with my Mom. My Mom, myself and my friend B went on spa date, and we all got the deep-tissue full-body massage, with hot stones. *sigh* all the kinks and knots were loosened and we felt soo relaxed. When the alarm went off at the end of the hour we cldn't believe it...we wanted another was soo relaxing. After that, we went to see Karate Kid. It's a good movie! If you haven't seen it I suggest you should...That Jaden Smith of a boy is gonna break hearts..chai...he is such a cutie. Lord pls give me good looking children!!! My Mom stayed awake for the entire movie...that's how good the movie was. All in all we had a good day!

So I was doing the dishes a few mins ago and began thinking of all my lil'pet-peeves and thought to share:
- I hate when dirty dishes in the sink are not organized. Like the flat plates at the bottom and then the bowls on top. Yes yes I knw they are dirty dishes but it dsn't mean the sink shd look a hot mess. It shd still look decent.

- I dnt understand why ppl dnt throw the left-overs from their plates in the thrash b4 putting the plates in the sink. Why block the drain with grains of rice, chicken bones, vegetables and all sorts and then make me or someone else have to put their hand in the mess to clean out the drain.

- In a shared space, I dnt like when ppl dnt put their shoes/footwear nicely in the corner or designated area. Why make an unsightly mess or heap of shoes in open eyeview...if its in ur closest thats ok but by the door-way, or in the corner...pls put ur foot-wear in order. Not like a local face me I face you (if u dnt knw what face me I face you means...let me knw) house entrance.    

- When I stay in a hotel with a bunch of other people, I dnt like the way people throw their stuff around. Yes we r on a vacation/trip but keep some form of order. Dnt throw ur stuff around and then half ur suit-case is in my space; then both of us cnt find our stuff. Or everytime I walk around I am literally stepping on ur stuff. That's wat the closet, and drawers were put there for. Put ur stuff away. And please use the thrash can dnt leave food on the floor!

- I dnt like mixing forks, spoons and knives together in that dish thing that sits on the kitchen counter. I like putting knives and forks together and spoons seperately. #dntjudgeme 

-  I can't stand untidy beds. Its ok if u r packing for a trip or just did laundry and so there clothes on the bed. But an untidy bed 24/7 is a no-no. I like making my bed b4 leaving the house so that it is cool to lay on after a hard days work/school. Does that mean I mke it, there are days when u wake up late and have to dash out of the house.

- I'm not a fan of disorderly kitchen cabinets. I like having all the ingredients/spices nicely lined up facing forward. And everything in order not just all over the place. 

- I dnt understand why ppl have to slam things shut. Car doors, toilet lid, kitchen cabinets, laptops... U kip slamming it and its gonna fall apart soon. It dsn't hurt to hold on for a sec longer and close it gently.

- Hate seeing bread crumbs in the tub of butter, jam or peanut-butter...

- I dnt understand hw ppl shower and then there's water all over the bath-room floor and they walk away without cleaning it up...and they expect someone else to use the same bath-room. Come on use the shower curtain and clean up after urself! This isn't boarding house where such is acceptable.

- I dnt like when ppl brush their teeth and leave clumps of paste in the bath-room sink. Pls clean up after urself.

- I dnt like when ppl slurp soup or tea...why do you have to make that sound?

So there you have it...these are a few of my personal pet-peeves...and looking at the list I think I like a lot of order and an organized Now I understand why people didn't like me much in my first year in high-school. *kanyeshrug* I can't help it, I grew up in a house where My Dad is so organized and big on neatness and tidy surroundings. From his wardrobe to his journals, to his work-table, everything was in order. My Dad's writing gan sef...cursive and sis and I both have really nice handwritings too. 

So what are your own pet-peeves? Please share...I enjoy reading such.
Have a wonderful week ahead my lovelies!!! Be the best YOU can be in whatever you do. Take risks, try out new things/ life...smell the roses...appreciate the beautiful sunset/sunrise...take a few mins to people watch...take a few mins to just listen, you'll learn a lot more than when you talk. Lastly in all you try to make sure you include Baba God.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!       

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Night With Mr. Capable

Hello B'ville...

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes...I had a quiet day, nothing overly exciting but it was my day, and I was surrounded with people I love, who love me back unconditionally *sigh* I think the highlight of the day was my 4 yr old nephew singing Happy Birthday to me over the phone...brought tears to my eyes...I miss my nephews soo much!

Ok so I know everyone has given their own account of the Nigerian Reunion weekend (NRC) but I haven't. I only attended Sunday's events; even though I live in NY, I wasn't really interested in the other events. I attended Sunday's event for 3 main reasons:
- Banky W
- Banky W
- Banky W and the others...
If you don't know, know it now...I am his biggest fan...chai! As my birthday present my darling Ms.O hooked me up! I got to meet him in person *blushing uncontrolably* *sigh* I got to hug him, talk to him, take a pic wiv him. Call me a groupie, I dnt mind...for him I'll be a groupie. Even at the after-party performance, my friends and I were front and center infront of the stage and he sang to us...we were up close and sure I am officially a stalker in his books now now he's following me on twitter *faints*

Neways, there were a whole bunch of other Naija celebs at the Comedy/Awards show...but I have to give the comedians thumbs-up. They had me in stitches...BasketMouth killed it mehn...I will definitely be going for any other show he headlines...other comedians were ComedyJedi (he has a single called LasGidi Boy...iLike), Seyi Brown, Mrs. Omokorede and cnt remember the last person sha. Ramsey Nouah is a fine man sha oo...dude looks good(except that he's beginning to go bald, someone shd buy him Rogaine STAT). 

So ermm Mr. Dele Momodu was there and pitching his presidency campaign...hmmm IMO I understand that we need a change in Nigeria, and we've had enough but what I really dnt understand is what is he (D.Momodu) bringing to the table? Why should I or anyone else vote for him? What experience has he had that will help him in running a nation such as ours? He speaks of change...what are his plans for the country? We're tired of 7 point agendas and what nots that never see implementation not to talk of fruition. What is his plan? How does he intend to go about bringing this change? Bad-mouthing past rulers is not enough, that's immature and irrelevant to the jobless graduate...Mr. Dele Momodu what do you bring to the table??? Running an international magazine is great! But I dnt think its enough. Yes Obama gingered and inspired the youth in AMerica, BUT he spoke of things that he would do...pls dnt just try and use the Nigerian youth base, give us something to work with.

So it seems as if all the correct Naija boys are either extinct, or they do not attend Naija related events or they were being held hostage somewhere because the kind of boys/men that I saw this weekend...odi kwa very sketch and patch patch. Infact u can't even patch with the ones I saw chei! PS: I am not on the market, but at least it wld have been nice to make friends and find someone that you can have sensible conversations with. And for my friends that are on the potentials whatsoever at all. As we walked into the lobby of the hotel, it was as if we were back at Tejuosho market. You knw hw those traders hassle u,"Aunty come na", "I get wetin u dey find", dragging your hand and trying to tap current that will electrocute them...that was our experience o! Shuoo! When I enter cab na Long Island I been talk o, but y do I feel like I just landed

Their pick-up lines sef na wa. "Abeg just give me 3mins make I take toast you""Let's network in my room upstairs", "The show hasn't started you can wait in my room"...smh. The heavy accents, mouth/body odor, and general agbero appearance was not even helping matters. I bet you the workers at the hotel will refuse to host any Naija event again. Guys were just hanging in the lobby, loitering like correct area
And my beloved Naija babes...pls pls lace-front is NOT for everybody naa...and una no dey look mirror??? I no fine o, but at least I dey manage look mirror before I comot house to make sure say I no embarass myself. And why wear white, full covered kpata under a white dress? Why? Shey black thongs have finish for market ni? ok o. I no talk again.

Pls why is it that we always reject our own??? Our artistes and performers come on stage and we all stand and stare like someone sucked the life out of us...mschew. But when a foreigner gets on the same stage we show 'em love. Put urself in their shoes, how wld u want ur fans to react towards u? A stage performance is not one-way, it's two-way...the artiste feeds off the audience's excitement and it takes a lot to get on stage infront of loads of people and perform. Please don't take them for granted...the state of our economy and our international reputation is not really at its best, so support the industry that is managing to put us in positive light. Did I tell you that M.I KILLED his performance...his first in the US and he repped WELL. He accused me of raping him with my I was that close to the stage. #goodtimesmehn.

All in all, I had a GREAT weekend! Did I tell you I met Mr. Capable himself??? Oh yeah I

Please go and vote ooo...Nigerian Blog Awards...MOST ANONYMOUS a sister some luv biko belated bday present go and vote...oya go there now.

Thank you...!

Have a great weekend ahead my lovelies...and thank you for being you.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Year Older

Happy Birthday to Me. My Dear Blogfam join me in thanking the Almighty Father for another year, and another opportunity to continue to learn and grow. Thank you Lord for life!

So, today I'm a year older and for once I'm beginning to actually feel older. I remember when I turned 18 I thought I had responsibilities I entered my twenties and thought 21 was awesome but now even that is beginning to seem like a distant memory...smh. A while back I was getting ready for work and my Mom said "My daughter is now a woman"...It was like she had just had an "Aha" moment or coming to terms with the fact that her baby is not a baby anymore *sigh* 

All in all, I am grateful for my life and for the people in it. I am also grateful for the people who have walked through my life... It's about 4.40am and the messages are still coming in...the calls from family members and loved ones a reminder that I matter, and I am loved. Honestly, I can't even complain about anything... All I can say is that He has been merciful and faithful towards me.
Few hours ago I was moody and just totally low in spirit but now I refuse to spend my day wallowing in unnecessary moodiness!!! I have no plans to party or anything, did enuff this past weekend, but I'm gonna be a cheerful, happy-camper today because it is my day and it happens only once in a year. I am excited an anxious for the remaining half of the year and what is to come.

I am too happy and hot ( the heat na die oo) to type a coherent post. The heat is on another level...chei! All of us in my apartment are sleeping in birthday suits oo. When u step out it's like u r on the grill...I respect awon construction workers and fire-fighters who wear heavy clothing to work in such heat. I almost want to join the little kids playing in the open fire looks sooo refreshing!

Aiight people...please stay hydrated biko nu. Its not only old people and children that suffer from heat exhaustion. Even animals are dying from it. Have a lovely day, and erm don't forget that voting has started for NIGERIAN BLOG AWARDS!!!!
Here's the link below:

Thank my lovelies...

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!! 

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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello B'ville...

HAPPY NEW MONTH to each and every one of you! This is my favorite month of the year, because it's my birthday month. July babies are special...I just know it that there's something special (in a good way) about us :).

July also signifies the beginning of the second half of the year, and it is a time to re-evaluate our goals and plans for the year, and our lives in general. We normally set goals at the beginning of the year, or make New Year resolutions and mid-way through the year it is important to pull-back and look at those goals and plans again. How much have I achieved? What has been the result of changes I made? Am I happy with how much I've accomplished? Have I accomplished anything at all? Am I still making mental plans and to-do lists without physically taking action? What's the next step? How do I catch up on what I've been slacking on? These are all questions we need to ask ourselves.

I think living one's life without a plan is a bad idea, and I also think making mental plans in ur head without any action is just setting oneself up for failure. Make a move, do something, things don't just happen we have to make them happen...God doesn't come down from heaven to do things. *sigh* I dnt want to go into a rant so I'll stop here.

So yeah, the Nigerian Reunion is this weekend and it is going down in NY. Yup you heard is going down! Meeting up with the wonderful Ms.O and I'm excited. 

More exciting I finally got the clearance I needed for my foreign language guess who gets to graduate in December??? Me!!! Hopefully everything is smooth sailing from here. It's funny how one change has a domino effect, and can lead to a total change in plans and all. So now I hve to start deciding what my after-graduation plans are- get a full-time job or grad school or NYSC in Naija. My Mom is supportive of all three, but suggested the last option for "so you guys can decide what you wanna do" reasons, but I'm skeptical about moving back home right now, not sure how I feel yet...topic for another day sha. 

It is hard for us humans to be 100% satisfied...we always have something that we are insecure about. Big, small, tall, short, black, white...we always feel something ain't right. I'm have a really small figure and even though I get compliments and all I still have my insecure days or days that I just dnt love me so much. So two days ago I went shopping and had one of those days I dnt like my size days. I knw a lot of people might say why the hell are skinny b*****s complaining, but when u're 4'11 and a size 0, shopping is not always fun. A small is too big to fit right, too long length wise...*sigh* Why can't I just pick a dress off the rack and not even need to try it on? Why can't I be a 2,4,6...what is 0? smh...

I feel like I'm entering into a new phase in my relationship...I dnt know if I can put it in words yet, but when I can I feels like a slightly more serious, more committed phase or a building the blocks to lay a foundation phase...infact I dnt knw what I'm saying...when I can, I'll properly explain...but it's making me do a lot of thinking of late. Aside from that things are great!

So yeah, everyone's been expressing disappointment about P-Square's outfit to the BET awards...I on the other hand, didn't see anything wrong with it. We all know the twins know how to wear a suit, and can wear it well...but I say why wear a suit and then blend in like everyone else? It's the freaking BET awards, they were nominated for an the words of Oga 9ice "they are not people, they are stars" and you either go BIG or go home jare. When Lady Gaga wears atrocious clothing two things happen, we either commend her for taking it to the extreme or we disagree with her choice, but guess what? she gets us talking. So I'm glad the twins got people talking...if ppl at the awards see two guys in green outfits, they'd be like "Who are those guys?" and maybe someone will say "they are the Nigerian artistes nominated for Best International Act, but if they blended in with black suits, no one wld I say carry go my guys! I support! If you didn't like the outfit its aiight...but free the guys..."E no easy" to be nominee.  

Shout out to my fellow blogger and friend (I'm hoping I can call u online friend) at THE HUT  for campaigning for me!!! Don't forget to vote, beginning July 5th...cast your vote for me for MOST ANONYMOUS BLOGGER :). And please visit THE HUT and show her blog some love, you won't regret it. :)

I had a couple other things I wanted to blog about but my memory fails me right now...*old age* lol. Neways, have a great day ahead and just incase I dnt put up a post before the weekend, have a WONDERFUL weekend my lovelies...make the best of every moment, and remember that time waits for NO ONE. Opportunities do not wait for you, if you dnt make the move someone else will. Get ur behind moving people!!!

Please DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE and DO NOT ALLOW A FRIEND DRIVE DRUNK!!! They don't sell lives in the market...

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!