Friday, March 26, 2010

Have you seen my passion?

Hi Guys,

How's everyone doing? Its the weekend again! Its funny how some of us get so excited its the weekend, like we have huge plans when in reality...we don' It jst feels good to be able to sleep in late, have breakfast in bed (tho u have to get up to put it together), listen to Vera's show, and generally just do you. So yeah, I am glad its the weekend.

In addition to it being weekend, I am on Spring Break so yay me! I sometimes wonder where my adventurous and fun side went to. My whole college life I have never done anything fun and exciting with my breaks; spring break, winter break, watever break...*sigh* nothing! People go to Miami, Mexico, Puerto Rico, London, behind stays indoors. The annoying part is I do love to go out (for the most part), but I seem to have surrounded myself with boring people. I love my friends, dnt get me wrong, but I think I need to make more out-going (not necessarily wild sha o) and adventurous friends.

I wanna go on a road trip! To anywhere, Miami ain't a bad idea. My friends wanted to do a roadtrip to Canada but that plan never solidified cos of scheduling issues. London money. *sigh* Even exploring some really cool spots in NYC won't be a bad idea...I need me some oyinbo, and ching- chong friends ASAP. They are open to trying out things and dnt have

In other news, everyone seems to be getting married left, right and centre. I can't even begin to count how many babes from my set have gotten and are getting married...the thing tire me o. Was talking about it with friends the other day and I personally have nothing against it. When I see pics up on FB or the like I usually say Congrats and wish them well, bcos to me I feel that's all we can do as friends, wish them well. Its ok if some of us think its too early and we haven't gotten both feet strong enough on the ground to uphold a family and the responsibilities both financial and emotional, but if a friend (someone u knw) has decided they are ready to tke the plunge, then so be it. My friend said she can't bring herself to drop congratulatory comments. The part that cracks me up, is when ppl leave comments but dnt knw how to hide the skepticism/surprise....I mean just say congrats and put full stop, not "Babe u r getting married? ehen na wa oo. Congrats" or "Congratulations oooo" or " Are you for real? I wish you well sha" in which one is the ooooooo and sha inside?lol.

It seems like everyone is finding their passion or calling, and I can't help but wonder, where is mine? People have photography, make-up artist, writer, cooking/baking and other interesting things...I have nothing, or at least that's how I feel :(. I know someone will say when you where younger what did you want to be? I used to say a Lawyer cos I talked ALOT and my nick-name was 'radio without wire", meaning I cld go on on. But I always wanted to be an actress (still do), but everytime I said it ppl looked at me like yeah right u jst dnt wanna work, keep living in I let that dream go after taking two acting classes in college.

I just want to find something I'm passionate about...I know its a wonderful feeling doing something you love, not necessarily as a full-time job, but just the realization that this is part of what you were put on earth to do and you enjoy it. I want that feeling. *sigh* So my dear blogville famille...share with a sister, have you found your passion or calling? What is it? And how does it feel?

Have a fabulous weekend guys...and if anyone is in NYC and wants to just hang-out holla @ me.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

You're Hired!!!!!

Hello Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? Hope the weekend was fun, peaceful and all u wanted it to be. I had so much school work to do over the weekend, but I didn't achieve much at motivation. Oh well.

Ok so I have small good news for u guys...ur prayers worked!!! I got offered a small gig last week, as a Marketing Intern @ a company that provides software for distance and blended learning; if you use BlackBoard at ur school, you might notice a program on it called Pronto, yeah dats part of their work. I'm so excited...this is like my first internship in my field/major. Still looking for something for the summer...cos this is temp. for now. Thanks for ur prayers!!!!

Spring is here!!!!!! Woohoo!!!So last week we had 60 degrees weather, and the sun was out! Now, it back to dreary, cloudy, foggy weather but its not winter cold so I dnt hve to layer up, so I'm grateful for that sha. Its time to take out this weave/braids and let my hair breathe...its funny how when u think its time to take out ur weave, braids or wateva extensions u begin to get mre n' mre compliments on the it mkes u kip shifting (9ja lingo) d deadline, b4 u knw it u'll hve wat luks lyk an old mop on ur head. Lol...dat's wat has been happening o...everytime I say i wanna tke d damn thing out, I get compliments n' I'm like hmmm ok 2mre days, 3mre

U know that phrase...about the grass being greener on the other side? Ermm, Iono bout dat I remember late '08 I had jst broken up wiv my then boyfrnd, and on hand I was going thru all the whirlwind of emotions that come with ending a 3yr relationship, but I was sorta kinda excited to be single. Felt like I had been trapped, and now I cld be free and jst do me o jare...and enjoy single Long story short, ermm I thot single life was easier than being in a relationship, but I beg to differ now oo. The dating process can be fun, but juggling the guys is work sometimes jo..especially when u r jst tryna hve a gudtime and the guys begin to catch feelings, get attached and want to claim ownership...wahala dey. Ermmm b4 y'all get it twisted I'm nt d one in dis situation am no longer on d market, its my recently single friend dats experiencing this.

I'm sooo excited...Dancing With The Stars is baacck.!!! I luv luv luv the show...Derek Hough is a hottie...damn n Maksim is sizzling too. But I jst watched Chad Ocho Cinco dance and dere's smething there...d dude is...I dnt knw wat it is but I Meanwhile these judges r jst said Shannon Doherty was swinging her hands like a primate...lwkmd!!!!

I'm off to continue watching o love u guys bunchesssss....really do.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm in Love + Update

Hello Blogsville,

How's everybody doing? Hpe great. Everytime I log on to try and update, by the time I'm done reading all ur posts I forget what exactly I had in mind to blog Neways, today I decided to just drop one or two lines regardless of my lack of blogging topic.

First off to all the commenters on my last post "Butterflies", hmmm well what can I say; I am in love, and it feels good. So y'all should allow my lil' spontaneous acts that scream "hopelessly in love" "romantic" and all that mushy stuff :-) I'm just happy in every sense of the word...and I'm thankful. Ok enuff b4 I bore u with mushy mush!lol

So remember I mentioned I was on the search for summer internships, well initially I was freaking out that no one was calling me back either to schedule interviews or even reject me gan sef. My people, in the past 2weeks, I've been on like 4 interviews!!! Please help me praise God biko...I'm not kidding oh...tell Baba God thank u on my behalf pls. So now its to wait for the application deadlines, then they'll start calling up people with offers, and I am believing in God to finish what He has started. Pls continue to put me in ur prayers o, even if its a one-liner Baba God hears everything.

I was in MD 2weeks ago for my friend's 21st, and we had a blaaaassst. We went to Lux on Friday, and one sketchy Mango Lounge (M Lounge) on Saturday. As sketchy as the M Lounge was with some African Papas n' Mamas in leopard print outfits n DJ was on pointtttt! The dude killed it yo'....mixing correct Naija jams wiv regular club jams. We had a realll gud time. And no I ddn't get wasted, just happy enuff to not go overboard. :-)

One the other hand Wande Coal n' Mo'Hits crew were in town (NY) last weekend, but thanks to the wicked brutal rainstorm and assignments, coupled with the fact that I am on a budget, I cldn't make it. I heard it rocked tho'...ddn't expect less from the crew sha. Wish I was there :-(

So in other news, according to the weather forecast, it is gonna be a wonderful week weather wise. We are talking freaking 60 degrees weather. Woohoo!!!! I am tired of wearing coats and if I am not petite enough, to now be weighed down by layers of clothes and heavy jackets...who knws maybe that's what affected my vertical growth

Speaking of vertical growth, its funny how people seem to think that I might be bothered bout my height. But erm sorry to disappoint u o but I love it. It cmes in very handy. When I board the plane, ppl r always so anxious to help me put my luggage in the over head compactment. When I'm checking in, I jst stand there and bat my eyelashes and b4 I knw it, my two-three huge suitcases have been lifted for me and checked in with ease. The other day I'm @ an interview and they ask me wat I wld like to change about myself, and I am like ermm...nothing rili. The lady was like oh bcos I once interviewed someone who wished he was taller. Me I was like, I dnt wish I was taller, ppl always use their Panadol for my own headache by telling me to always wear high-heels; but I disagree with them...I wear high-heels when the event calls for it, besides that I wear my lovely, colorful, comfortable flats so I can move comfortable without pain written all over my face from wearing heels all day. (well I ddn't use those exact words sha

Neways my darlings ur one and only has got to run. I have a class in 15mins, and I need to print some ish out first. Love y'all like guys love their foot-ball teams.

PS: I'm an Arsenal fan by dedication and loyalty that My Babie has to this team ehn, chei! Its interesting to watch u babie!!!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A wide smile across my face,

Eyes that twinkle with excitement,

A stomach filled with butterflies,

A heart overflowing wiv love;

This is what you do to me

And for these and many more

I love you.