Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Update

Hello Blogsville,

How y'all doing? Trust everybody is doing great! And your weekend has been fun-filled and drama free.

Thanks y'all for complimenting my TILA! I was kinda nervous to wear it the 1st day, especially since I'd never worn one b4; and normally dissect people who wear wigs that look like "costume" hair, according to my But, when I got to work, your girl was getting compliments left, right and center! My oyinbo customers kept sayn, oh I love ur new hair- cut! You look fab!. So now am rocking my TILA like there's no tomorrow. My boyfriend saw pics and lyks it, he thinks its a't wait to crack him up when I reveal the truth on webcam. Lol...he's not gonna let me live this one down for a long time!

So after work on Sat., I decided to dash to the library to borrow some movies for the weekend. Never done this before, but staying home and being bored all weekend, was not an option. Got there 'bout 5mins to close and grabbed:
- Marie Antoniette
- A Mighty Heart
- Music and Lyrics
- Wimbeldon
- Sex and the City (saw this b4 tho')

The French Open is going on now... I remember those days in 9ja when my Dad and I would stay up to watch the matches...or skip morning mass and go for evening mass just to catch the Men's Final. If there's one thing that my Dad and I can agree on, bond on and have good times doing it's watching Tennis. But unfortunately, I can't play...hope to learn someday. Its just an interesting sport, blood pumping, adrenaline rush, powerful serves, great players with unique personalities...and good looking men!!! dayum!!!

Anyways, that's it for now guys. Enjoy whatever is left of the weekend, and have a great week ahead, and as always... be the best you that you can be in all you do!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wig Virgin!!!

Hey Blogsville...

How y'all doing? I've been so mushy, down and not my hyper self my last two posts, but am baaaackk! Thanks for ur comments guys (including the silent readers), dat ex of mine can just like to dey vex person. Anyways, I've freed the dude o, he replied to the letter and believe you me, the dude still doesn't get it, but as for me...I don try. You can take a horse to the river, but you can't force it to drink...when he's ready he'll understand but this chic is done!

As am typing this post, the super (supervisor) of my building is polishing the floor boards above me, and the person below me is blasting music that is making the walls vibrate...picture that!

So couple of weeks ago, I had this chest pain that felt like I had swallowed something that was stuck in my chest and putting pressure on my left side...and this wasn't the first time. Mom said go to ER, but I had a research paper that was due so I skipped. Finally went to see d Doc today...after doing an EKG, and checking other vitals, Doc (female) asks if there's any family history of diabetes and high cholestrol in the fam. Diabetes in my extended fam, but not immediate. She analyzes the EKG readings, and then orders more tests (2D Echo. which is like an x-ray of my heart, stress tests) and blood work to be done before she sees me again in two weeks. Abeg make una pray for me o, I was taking it lightly b4 but am a tad-bit concerned now (but am not losing sleep), God dey.

On a lighter note, I was supposed to get my weave done today only to get to the salon and the yeye woman no come work! Meanwhile, when I was scheduling for today she no talk say she no go dey work, her mouth sharp pass anything. Walked out of the salon pissed and tryna decide what da hell I was gonna do with my hair. Tired of blow drying and flat-ironing, wanted to do one of Rihanna's numerous looks even though the lady said she cldn't cos the tracks were gonna show. So since hair-day was cancelled, I decided to galivant...and next thing I knew I was looking at wigs!!! Yes o my people...wigs!!! Never tried one on b4. As I was scouting for one to try, one spanish dude who works in the store began to interrogate me o!

Dude: Have u ever tried one b4?

Me: Nope.

Dude: How old are you?

Me: (Pls go away, I wnt to try one on!) old do u think?

Dude: 24

Me: How old are you?

Dude: 23

Me: 22 (

After the convo, I was too shy to try any wig, so I left and went to the next hair store. After buying the wig-cap, your girl was on a roll! I tried like 5 0r 6 different ones. I was like a kid in a candy store :-) Making faces in the mirror, and imagininghow handy the wigs cld be when role-playing (wink wink)...dnt blame me, blame the names the maufacturers give to the damn I finally decided to get TILA...yes u heard ryt, the name of my wig is TILA (maybe it was named after Tila Tequila the reality show chic from Mtv). My Tila is a short bob wiv an edge and banging bangs. She can transform from official girl to sexy mouth watering appetizer behind closed (pun intended).

Please excuse my naughty thots...haven't had me some in a while...and I won't be getting any anytime soon, once again LDRs a b****! Luv u

After picking up Tila, I came home and settled down to my boiled yam with vegetable and palm-oil for some correct 9ja flava, and washed it down with Goya malt...yum yum!

Been familiarizing myself with Scribbles blog...and my sides hurt from laughing so hard, the guy is funny and his mom is a character all by blog dude!

Aiight that's enuff gist for one post! Below is a pic of my TILA!

Talk to you guys soon,

Miss Enigma!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Letter to the Ex...(Last Scene)

Dear Ex,

It's unfortunate that it had to come to this. I wish there was an easier way to put an end to what we had, but there wasn't and so things happened the way they did. Regardless, I don't think there really is an easy way of breaking up with someone...especially when the other person doesn't see it coming; but I had to do what I had to do. All through the period we were together, we were like best friends, but breaking up changes that too. It's impossible (in my opinion) to maintain such a tight friendship after that, but I guess you thought differently. You still wanted your best-friend to be there to help you understand the hows and whys, and hold your hand through the healing process...but I needed to heal too. And true healing would not be achieved by both of us still meddling in each others emotions; we had to let go.

From our recent conversations, its clear you didn't, you haven't, and because I did, you hold some amount of resentment towards me. I totally understand, and it's ok for you to feel this way. I had hoped that by now you would have gotten over everything and that maybe, just maybe for history sake we could be cordial...simple hellos, his, and all, because I hate to erase people from my life like they were never there, (I'm still able to have conversations with my first ex, and just see how we both are doing, no strings attached) but like I said, it's clear that we can't have that. I'm not a bad person or a selfish person as you insinuated in our discussion, and because I'm not, I'm letting you go, setting you free. In the words of Leona Lewis reworded

Since there's no more you and me, It's time I let you go so you can be free, and live your
life how it should be... It will all get better in time.

Trust me it will.

I'm doing this not because I have moved on and am in a better place, but because I want you to move on and be in a better place too. Why? Because you deserve it, we both do. And when you get there you'll understand... it's a place where words cannot is a feeling like no wake up every morning with the same excitement as the first time...subtle acts and kind words leave you with a constant smile...a place where misunderstandings are fine-tuned to better understand the other...and your heart, eyes and actions say much more than your lips ever could...Its a place where no painter can paint, no photographer can capture in film because this place comes from the joy and inner peace of being able to love yourself for who you are, and have someone else love you same, and you wanting to share that feeling with that someone.

The last time we spoke, you asked me what I wanted from you, and I didn't reply then. I want gave me three years, and am grateful for them and for lessons learnt. I wish you well and all that you wish yourself...Goodluck in life and all your future endeavors...may the good Lord continue to be with you.

Your Ex.

PS: Seeing as this post is already long, and I dnt wanna bore u guys, I'll save my comment on the whole drama till my next post. Thanks guys for being there!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Case of the Ex

PS: This post is a random rant, and to better understand it you might need back-ground information. If you do let me know if not, all well and good.

PPS: Please excuse any grammatical or typo errors, and any uncensored profanities.

It's been about six months since we called it quits...since I ended it and we went our separate ways. The first couple of weeks were rough; I kept wondering if I had made the right decision, and when I was gonna realize I made a mistake. But after today's conversation with him and the constant back n' forth... I have no doubt that I made the right decision, and I'm so happy I did. I'm calm now, but about hour ago...all I wanted to do was scream profane words at him; why da hell are u bringing unnecessary issues? are you out of your f***ing mind? how dare you say such to me? R u f***ing kidding me?...u get the picture!

We had been together for three years,and two out of those three years had been long-distance. Met him my first year in Uni in Naij, we were in the same department (major). For some reason I was attracted to him, he was a nice guy (still is), but communicating was a problem for us. He never understood what I said and I guess I never understood him either, and so we had regular arguments/ misunderstandings, but I stuck it out and stayed. When I finally moved to yankee, the arguments got worse.
If I ddn't pick the phone when he called, we argued or he wld ask 'so is there someone else that has ur attention.'
He would make statements that sounded hurtful or derogatory and then say he was joking.
He ddn't get my jokes I cldn't stand his.
During his last semester in school, whenever I asked wat his plans were, he said I made him feel insecure...and felt like I was asking him if he cld tke care of me financially.... the list goes on, and I stayed on.

You ask why I stayed? I wish I have sensible answer but I don't. I knew he was insecure but I felt as he grew older maybe he'll out grow that and be more confident in himself and his abilities. I guess am just an optimistic person, I see the glass half full. But sometime last year I got a reason to leave, and although it didn't seem right then am happy I did...(story for another day) :). Initially after the break-up, we ddn't communicate but when I was going to 9ja in Jan. I told him I was coming, when I got there he went MIA. I honestly wasn't bothered bcos I was there for other reasons.

Out of the blue last month, he sends me a message on FB, basically sayin' hi and checking up on me. I've moved on and I thot he had bcos he told me he was seeing someone; so once in awhile we'd chat online, exchange pleasantries and all that. Only for today he started speaking a language that I honestly could not understand; talking about how he doesn't think we can be friends, becos when I broke up with him and he asked if it was ok for us to be friends I said I didn't know. Anyways, we go back n' forth for a couple of mins and tell him that I get it if he's still hurt, vexed or watever but that if he dsn't want to have a cordial relationship then no wahala, that's totally fine by me but that I just assumed that becos of history sake, we could at least be cordial.

At this point I'm irritated and just really pissed and about to sign off when he tells me oh I was only joking, and that they are just words. Starts to apologize, but I dnt respond. Then he asks, "what do you want from me?" I stare at the screen, smile and say to myself "Nothing" and sign off. I am so glad I let him go, let it all go. I'm grateful for those three years, but I miss them not!

Talk to you soon!
Miss Enigma!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

...The Finale: Not Over till It's Over...

...I can't believe it! I so can't believe it! I knew he was good, personally out of both of them I preferred him. I'm not one to actually buy CDs, but I had vowed that whenever he released one, I would get it. Few weeks ago, nobody really paid attention to him, the main focus was on Allison, Danny and Adam. Simon had spoken that the title was Adam's, the polls had Adam sealed in...and slowly I too had given up and resigned the whole thing to the fact that na Adam go win am. But just about 6mins ago KRIS ALLEN was named the American Idol of '09!!!! I can't believe it!

Talk about being the 'Underdog', 'The Dark Horse' talk about ' like a mustard seed', talk about it people. From day one the guy had been so humble and composed, in a world of his own. Even Simon Cowell kept saying he was too much of a nice guy, and that it wouldn't get him anywhere...but look where it got him.

I don't know 'bout y'all, but I think we've all been 'Kris A.' at some point in our lives (I know I have). You know you've prepared for that interview and have everything on point from ur appearance to your mental content, but then lurking at the back of your mind somewhere is Mr. Doubt. Or when you have a dream/goal/vision and people around you, especially the ones whose opinions mean the world to you, don't believe in you. Or when even after giving it ur best shot, it seems like your best just ain't good enuff.

They say man proposes and God disposes! His ways are not our ways.
Adam Lambert is a good artist, a great performer, a crowd pleaser, and to many he had what the competition was looking for. But, I guess the title wasn't his; we're definitely gonna be seeing alot of him, no doubt. As for Kris, I'm looking forward to his album already! His duet with Keith Urban was nice, I think him and Jamie Foxx (luv him!!!) will make a good collabo single...and his rendition of Kanye West's 'Heartless' was off tha' chains...I preferred it to the original.

Honestly guys, I can't tell you how happy I am that Kris won. My take-away lesson from this is that 'it's not over until it's over'; and regardless of the situation not to write myself off even if others have. They say nice guys finish last...but tonite am glad the nice guy finished FIRST!!!

P.S: Sorry this post is disjointed, disoriented, just excited and

Talk to you guys soon!
Miss Enigma!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Back... (8 Things Meme)

Hey Blogsville...

How r u guys doing?! Missed y'all alot. I'm officially done for the semester, and am so grateful to God for the way things na to wait for result, but am feelin' gud 'bout it.

So from now till August no school for me...just work, so una go see me well well for here. Guess wat guys, I met a blogger today @ school, we actually had a class together this semester and only jst found out today that we both blog!!! But out of respect for her, I won't say her name but y'all know her...and I luv her blog. I promised Jhazmyn that I'd do the 8 meme thing last week but thanks to finals I cldn't...but am keeping word now, so here it goes...

8 Things I look forward to
- The day I'll graduate (a year from now)
- Having a solid n' well grounded relationship with my God.
- Seeing 'My Luv...' again, I miss him everyday (LDRs r tuff!)
- Getting my License this summer
- Buying my 1st car all on my own
- Getting my own apartment (not anytime soon tho', still enjoyin momsies' cookin')
- My Life
- To the day when instead of communicating via webcams, phones n' ymessenger, I'll be waking
up next to My Luv...

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- I wrote my media relations research paper
- I spoke to My Luv...
- I studied for my Intro to Advertising final
- Spent time gisting with my Mom
- I ate rice n' stew wiv (running out of things to say o)
- Listened to Gospel Jamz on 102FM
- Watched Desperate Housewives small sha...
- I think I commented on some blogs.

8 Things I wish to do
- Learn to swim
- Go on a vacation with...u know, to one of the islands (Hawaii, Fiji, Panama etc)
- Own my own business/company (dnt knw wat yet)
- Learn to play tennis...(my Dad n' Sis play)
- Learn to cook dishes other than 9ja basics
- Stop procrastinating

8 Shows I watch
- Brothers n' Sisters (U gotta luv The Walkers)
- Grey's Anatomy
- Dancing with the Stars
- Castle
- Cupid
- One Tree Hill
- The Game
- Oprah

So there u have it...this meme thing is hard to do sha o, ahn ahn. Enjoy guys!

PS: Am not taggin' anyone bcos I think everyone has done theirs already...but if u haven't, feel free to.

Miss Enigma

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Rock

Hey Blogsville...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers out there! Being a mother is a full-time job that you do not go to school for, do not get a degree for; and no amount of practice, baby-sitting or even words of knowledge from experienced mothers can prepare you for. My Mom and I have our off days like every other mother n' daughter but I know for sure that I won't be where I am today if not for her, and the sacrifices she made. I won't elaborate.

But for all you endured during the ten year wait before u bore me...I say thank you.
For the smiles you wore so that I didn't see the pain...I say thank you.
For depriving yourself so that I had the very best...I say thank you.
For always having ur arms and heart waiting to receive me when the world shut me out...I say thank you.
For always having positive words when the situation was as negative as can be...I say thank you.
For teaching me the importance of family...I say thank you.
For helping me believe in myself...I say thank you.
For not faltering in ur love for me when I said u weren't my mom...I say thank you.
For spanking me and knocking sense into my head when I got rude...I say thank you.
For taking my crap when I have mood-swings...I say thank you.
...I could go on and I would, because am going to be eternally grateful to you; for being you. Strong but soft at heart, humble beyond words...always putting everyone's needs ahead of yours...and above all a woman after God's heart.

Love you Mom,

PS: Guys, I have two finals this week, and a research paper due by weekend so I might not be able to update for a while...but with my addiction to B'ville dnt be surprised if u see an update or a comment here n' Goodluck to everyone with finals...and y'all have a spectular week. Stay positive and kick-a** in whatever you do; school, job, business...watever. And put God first and every other thing will fall into place.

Miss Enigma!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Naija Men

People of you all doing? Hope everybody is doing fine and those who had low moments and bad days especially CLG and Buttercup are feeling much berra. We luff u!
Okay, so my very good friend sent me this list on FB, and I decided to share wiv my blog famille. So make una come talk if the list talk true, abi e nor talk true and if una get any jara* make una add am o.

Have a blessed week guys!


1. He understands your accent.
2. He knows that when you suffix every sentence with 'now', its not a command, e.g. "Come let's go now..."
3. When you guys go out, he pays and doesn't expect a refund of exactly half!
4. He understands why you have to send money home - probably doing the same himself!
5. He doesn't see your kid sister staying in your house as an inconvenience/ cramping his style.

6. He doesn't think you should put your parents in a Nursing/ Retirement home.
7. He eats 'Gbegiri and Amala' and doesn't think it's 'yucky' or 'spicy'. In a nutshell, loves your cooking
8. He gets your jokes.
9. The way he licks his ten fingers 'cos that Ogbono soup with Iyan hit da spot, Oh Yes!!!
10. He has got his education or he got something going on.

11. He may be a baby daddy but he loves his kid and takes care of him.
12. He can have a bus load of conversation without him saying much 'cos his momma taught him that.
13. He loves to see you shake that ass to Sir Shina Peters, the original "Back That Ass Up" master.
14. He will settle an argument and say sorry while maintaining his man status.
15. I am IN charge but he is THE charge, we understand that.

16. He knows where he is from. Living in NY does not mean you are from NY.
17. He thinks you're so pretty without makeup.
18. He calls you native endearing names like "Nne" or "Omo"
19. He has respect [not to be confused with obedience) for his elders(important).
20. The way he gets embarrassed and says "I beg oh" when you compliment him.

21. The way he says "I love you baby" may be very fake yet sounds so TRUE!
22. The way he eats meat with his bare hands, for some reason it is sexy to me.
23. The way he calls you his wife in front of all his friends.
24. The way he says "Shey you get am" when he thinks you are not paying attention, but you really are.
25. The way he knows that it is you calling and answers the phone "Hey Baby!" without looking at the caller ID.

26. The way Naija men look when they are all decked out in native; there is nothing sexier than a dark chocolate man in lace o!
27. Pronounces your name like say na im born you.
28. The way he flows from Ebonics to Pidgin English to Akata with ease.
29. He is just at home at your office picnic as he is at the Naija reunion.
30. The very satisfied look on his face after eating one of your meals and the way he glares at you while picking his teeth with the tooth pick,and you both know that you are his next "meal".

31. He appreciates the art of yansh-rolling when he sees one!
32. Keeps you from too much wahala by buying an automatic rather than a stickshift vehicle he knows U can't drive!
33. He saves you money on groceries a la "limited diet". Just cook the stew and he'll figure the rest? Eba, Amala, Fufu or even plain old White Bread!
34. No need for breast implants to impress am!
35. No need to go kill himself trying to maintain a six pack. He knows u know big belle is sexy inside Agbada!

36. He knows to allow you like three hours to get ready for a party!
37. He will not complain when you waka with headful of rollers inside house but quick to let you know that there ain't nothing sexy about that when you want to go outside.
38. Your singing while doing housework is a classic reminder of what he misses when he carries Akata.
39. His lunch (Rice, Beans, Dodo, complete with carefully selected assorted meat) wey you pack for am na something u know sey im no go wait "Palam" (gobble up!) when him reach work
40. He thinks the small gap between your front teeth are actually sexy!!!!
Finally, Cool Cos He Is Just A Naija Man Period!!!"

41. he gets on his knees and asks u, Would u marry me?