Friday, September 17, 2010

...Do You Promise to "Wash Pata"?

Hi Me Darlings,
TGIF!!! This is the one day of the week that I have free to take care of my side gig, school work, and all what not. My schedule is tight...Mon/Wed - I have my internship. Tues/Thurs - I have school Fri/Sat - My PR side gig. It's busy but I like it becos it gives me little or no time to overly think, analyze or dwell on unhappy thots.

I'm currently laughing my behind off, thanks to the hot-topic on twitter right now. The question asked by our dear Juiceegal was "Would you wash your hubby's boxers/briefs?" The answers are just hilaxx...a lot of people say yeah, they'll put it in the wash but they won't hand-wash. Some say they won't, it is every man for himself so he shd put it in the wash himself. I am of the opinion that I don't mind hand-washing them or throwing them in the wash. I personally don't mind, but it's not like I'll do it religiously o...becos that's hw they become lazy and dnt do anything. 

But note that washing his boxers and being the picture-perfect wifey will not keep him from straying if he wants to oo. One thing I know for sure tho is that the help will NOT be helping with any form of boxers/brief washing #thatisall.

So my last post had me talking about sabotaging something iLove. *sigh* It's been a really rough couple of weeks for My Luv and I. I've been in withdrawal/disconnect mode. And it's been confusing for the man. All my adult life, LDR is all I've known. And I gotta tell you it sucks! I knew what I was getting myself into, but these past couple of weeks I've just been tired. Tired of chatting online, of talking on the phone, of sending messages... I want to be able to talk to him while he's in front of me, I miss the hugs, the jokes, the gentle back rubs, quick side glances... I was just tired of the situation, and so I went into withdrawal. I kinda, sorta disconnected emotionally to not feel the hurt. Anyways, I'm slowly checking back in, and trying to "hang in there". But it is for such moments that I tell people LDR is NOT for everyone. *sigh* I'll survive, thanks for your kind words on my last post.

The NEAs are being held here in NY tomorrow! This is my first time attending, and I'm excited just be out all nicely dressed. And I get to meet a bunch of really nice people! I'm gonna see Neefemi! Anybody else who is going should pls shoot me an email: . I think I'll go for the after-party couch potato behind needs to move to some good naija jams jare! And yeah I gotta network and make connections.

It is Fall and my favorite shows are all returning: Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Dancing With the Stars.... still waiting on Brothers & Sisters.

Pls how do people wear high-heels to work, and then walk long distances in them? Heels weren't made for walking abeg. So everyone in my team at work taller than me (the whole world is taller than me lol) so I've been wearing heels to work and my feet are killing me! If I have an event or I'm going clubbing, I'm fine becos the distance is frm the house to the car, from car to venue of event and back to car again. But to wear heels to waka to bus-stop, train station and then home again...odikwa painful ooo. So for those that wear heels all week oya come and share ur tips.

Alrighty guys, off to the salon to get my hair washed n' blow dried so that I dnt look like 'ayamatanga' tomorrow. Have a faboosh weekend!!! 

Hugs n' Kisses,
Miss Enigma!!!   


Fabulo-la said...

*eye roll* at all the twitter nonsense.

Aww have fun at the awards dear.
I want to see pictures o!

And goodluck with the LDR jere, hang in there babes

Onose said...

make sure u have fun at the NEA, let us know what happens!!! make sure u dont bring back stale gist oo lol anyway i trust u lol

Nice Anon said...

will you put photos up this time?

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Nice Anon oo! Ok I'll mke sure tot ke pics that I'm not in so I can put 'em

Myne Whitman said...

Yeah pictures o. And do hang in there, at least one of you is being there. As for the heels, were something more comfortable for the walk and then change.


I can confidently say to you that if you hang in there some more, it may just be worth it. My relationship started as LDR right from the beginning. I am in Naija now having fun with my sweetie and no regrets all. I can share the story with u if you'd like to hear. We made it through, not married yet but I don't see anything stopping me.

God'll see u thru girl. Hang in there. I know how you feel


shorty said...

Lmao @ the twitter ish. I personally don't think anything is wromg with washing your hubby's pata but as u said it won't be religiously sha.

Hang in there Babe, i know exactly how you feel coz i'm in one too. But trust me its worth it.

Enjoy the NAEs.

My world said...

I beg for one thing,pictures please?
dont mind me jor,I'm sure you'll have fun :)

PS: heels to work sure makes me wonder too.

BTW,I co-sign that LDR is NOT for everyone..

El Divine said...

yes ooh...i'll wash my wifey's pata, n sure she'll wash mine, neither of us religiously, cos love is our religion, and pata is just that. #justpata.

anyhow, have fun, wth ur relationship. my girlfriend is in nigeria, and i swear that ish is hard. but mayb cos we're yung, so its not really for us.
all the best tho!

neefemi said...

Omygosh u were there....u didn't send me an email now and i didn't read posts the whole weekend cos i forgot my laptop... i'm so sorry we have to meet up again... o plus i should see your pictures too, incase i saw you in passing...

doll said...

there is no big deal in pata washing jare

doll said...

washing pata is no biggie