Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Man Drama 2

...Ok so in the past week alot has happened, and I don't even know what to do anymore. Anyways...I ain't gonna blog much about it till am able to make a decision and put my life in order. Need to get my act together someway, somehow with divine intervention.

I have a class in bout half an hour, I have one paper and two assignments to work on this weekend,a hanging relationship to cut-off, and a three year relationship to save before things go out the window.

Its alot on my plate, but its all stuff that I just have to get done. Don't know why and how I let it get this far but I'm hoping I can clean up this mess...and make right decisions. Will u keep you guys posted. Wish me luck...


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Man- Drama!!!

...Never have I been in such a dilemma before. Normally when you hear stories about someone having feelings for two people and not being able to make a decision...I usually think oh how hard can it be to make a decision. You simply just go with the one whom you have stronger feelings for, its that easy.

My fellow bloggers...its not. Just about three weeks ago some guy who I once knew during my first year in Uni. suddenly reappeared in my life through the wonderful world of FB. Take note that its been three years since we last saw each other or spoke, and so we begin to catch up and generally chat daily. To cut the long story short, Bros still has feelings, and I do too. At first I thought it was just the euphoria of finding each other again after so long, but ummm...its getting to be more than that. We talk everyday and he claims to miss me and all that gooey stuff.

I know u r wondering what exactly is my dilemma; well I have a boyfriend of three years plus who totally loves me, and to whom I mean the world and I love him, as cliche as that may sound I do. But this reappearing Bros just seems to be a whole new flava, he says the nicest things and by nice I dnt mean cheesy,corny lines...
Anyways, he wants to see how it goes...which in translation means, I want to have a relationship with u, and which means I would have to end a 3yr relationship.

...Truth is I do know what to do but I'm finding it difficult to do it. I should end my shenanigans with this Bros and focus on my relationship, but I'm so luving every minute of it that I just don't know how. So please if anyone has any solutions kindly post 'em up or if u have questions about this pls ask. PS: Both boyfriend and Bros are in Nigeria and I'm in Amerix.

Gotta go work on a paper so I'll blog la'er...muahz!

Monday, September 1, 2008


...So finally after much hesitation and contemplating, I have decided to create a blog. My very own blog...yay for me! Been hesitant because on one hand I luv to write especially in my numerous journals...but when it comes to putting personal stuff on the internet, I'm not sure I would love to put all of my business out dere and then put up pictures that would allow people to be able to place a face to the stories. So, I decided I'll blog BUT no pictures or form of identification is gonna be uploaded. The world as large as it is, is just way too small these days. With one push of the button...anything can happen.

Anyways, I wonder if I'll have the time to constantly update this blog...because my journals are suffering from a severe case of abandonment...and I worry this blog might be infected too but being dat I'm addicted to chatting, facebooking, and internet surfing, that might not be the case wiv this blog. Time will tell though.

I wonder if anyone would find may blog interesting and maybe subscribe or comment on it. It would be interesting to have people share their thoughts or drop a line although anyone dropping rude remarks would be just can't stand that.

Well...I really dnt have anything to blog 'bout right now cos school just started hasn't gotten into the full swing of things, just got a new job n' I'm still on training, relationship is doing great right now...u'll definitely know when we have our down days, which sometimes isn't rili called for but I guess dats love for I love his ass, I ain't gonna deny dat. Neways everything is "strictly peachy the ofay kids say" (I once played Beneatha from Raisin in the Sun for my Acting class).

Aiight people...I'm gonna sign off and continue reading other blogs and laughing my lungs out.
Till next time (prolly in d Ciao.

UnderCover07 is out!!!