Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Over...After 6years.

*dusts cobwebs off and sneezes*

Indeed, it's been a while my dear blog fam...and although I can't remember anyone of you asking after me, I'll deceive myself that some of you did. Merry Christmas in arrears, and a Happy New Year in advance.

So it's the month of December and finally after how many years, I can joyfully say I am done with Undergrad. Thank you Lord, for without you it won't have been possible. After my last final, I walked out the hall and couldn't believe it. This is it. I am done. *sigh* There were times when I thought the day would never come...it seemed like I was spending forever in college. After high school I got into Univ of Benin and did my freshman year, then I moved to NY and had to wait a year to get my transcript since I was transferring; two years gone. But, all of that's behind me and I'm on to a new chapter.

This is the chapter where the job hunt begins, and I slowly begin to enter full independence and self reliance. I am trusting the Lord to do what He has always done, and give me the job He has designed for me. I am also battling with the decision of whether to move out and leave my Mom, or move to a bigger apartment with her where I can have my own space...trust me this decision is tougher than I had imagined. 

For now, I'm in Naija on vacation. It's been one week down, and a few more to go. Had a great time so far even though I have been naughty, very very naughty and right now I have no regrets. I'm just doing me as selfish as it might be. Was at the All Black Everything party, the Underground Exclusive event...and it was nice to see a lot of old faces from high school. Also got to meet a few of my twitter fam. Goodtimes. 

I usually do a yearly review at this time of the year in my journal, but so far I haven't had the chance to. But I've been going over the year in my head, and the only thing I can really say is that "His grace is sufficient for me." This year I lost/quit my part-time paid job, and then I interned for pay and then for school credit the rest of the year. Initially, I panicked. How would I survive without a steady source of pocket money/income. I was scared that the small savings would run out...but somehow He supplied all my needs. First He provided a summer paid internship, then when that ended out of nowhere He gave me PR gig that paid just enough to cover my monthly bus pass and lunch. *sigh* Thank you Lord...because even with my limited budget, I had a lot of fun this year...and I did not starve or lack.

Lately, I've been thinking and a lot of things that I've been suppressing and trying not to focus on have popped back into my head...and all I have to say is this "Love is NOT enough."

I'm on a mission and probably my New Year's goal (not resolution) is to gain 7 - 10 pounds, and yes that might sound so easy to you, but not for me. Wish me luck, and send in all your tips and suggestions. :)

There's a whole bunch of personal stuff I wanna tell you or rather share, but currently I'm not in the mind-frame to talk about...need to construct/make it cohesive before putting it on here.

Just incase I don't get to put up a post before the New Year, I hope you all know that I love and appreciate you greatly. I wish you good healthy and the gift of life to usher you into the New Year, and God's continued blessing and guidance to see you through the upcoming year...may your dreams become reality. Amen!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!


Madame Sting said...

Happy new year!!!! Enjoy naija and congrats on graduating college.

LG said...

babe na wa o, dis ur title dikwa risky, i was scared o :)

congrats sha, hope u r njoying 9ja

BSNC said...

Wow congrats babe. its not an easy something. Yea they said finishing school is the beginning. Now its time to go into the world and smell the coffee. Good luck oh.

Gain weight ke. Its usually the other way round. anyways good luck oh

doll said...

congrats on your graduation

Put on weight...tips...chocolates and ice cream...i am so envious of u

Do enjoy your stay in naija and happy 2011...may your dreams come rue

Dami B! said...

congrats on ur graduation n eoy every bit of ur vacation


First, let me congratulate you on the success of your undergrad. May the Lord provide you with the right job for you in Jesus' name. Enjoy Naija o... I loved it when I last visited.


Fabulo-la said...

Babes! You are in Lagos too!

Congrats on finishing Undergrad!

Ms.O said...

Ohhhhh look what the cat draaggggged in...lol! YAY! Glad to see back to blogger!

CONGRATS ON YOUR GRAD!!! We will talk!


Funms-the rebirth said...

happy new year and a huge congratulations on your graduation...