Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Customer+ Randoms+Shayo Unlimited

Hello Blogsville,

How's everybody doing? Hope ur week has been productive, positive, and stress free? The weekend is around the corner once again...I can hear everyone breathing a sigh of
I no blame una o jare.

So my people una do well for all the questions when una don submit o! I been think say I go need to carry gong waka round the whole of blogsville like town-crier b4 una go ask question; but the response from una don save me such waka waka. On the real tho', y'all dnt was reading through the questions and e be like say na JAMB I wan write. Looking forward to answering all your questions people...and if u still wanna ask, pls feel free.

On a random note, biko why do people wait till last minute to come to the bank. Dey knw the bank closes @ 6pm, but wait till 5.50pm to come and want to ask questions about their account and chitchat with the Personal Banker. For crying out loud, I wanna go home! And I have to catch my bus orelse, I'll be sitting at the bus-stop starring at people zooming by in their cars, and dats not fun especially in the winter!

Also, please dnt get mad if u come to cash a cheque and don't have proper identification. U coming into the bank every friday to cash a cheque dsn't mean I know u. The system gives options for acceptable form of ID, am not gonna make an exception and lose my job just bcos am tryna do u a favor, if u haven't heard, we are in a recession!

Am sorry, that you have to pay an over-draft fee. But I don't make the rules nor do I have the power to bend them. All it takes is for you to try and stay updated on your account...dnt spend what you don't have, please and spare us all the trouble. And when you make a deposit, the reason I give you a receipt is to show you that it went into YOUR account, not mine. So biko no dey ask me twenty times, are you sure it went into my acct? And be looking at me and smiling doubtfully, like say I use wuru wuru wayo put am for my account. I take God beg u I no be u dey hustle na so I dey hustle na e mke u meet for here dey work.

On another random note, this Octo-Mom is jst something else. During a special they did on her and her kids, she was dissing Kate Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8) for showing off her bikini body. Criticizing for under-going plastic surgery after having her sextuplets. She went on to say she (Octo-Mom) lost her baby weight by exercise and eating right...yeah right! Am sorry, but me I dnt believe that. Bad bele no good sha.

On a final random note, My Mom and I went grocery shopping @ our neighborhood ShopRite, so after shopping, we began to load things into the trunk; next thing, some dude walks up to me, and hands me a Christian book titled....wait for it...wait for it..."60 Things God Said about Sex". really? Of all the books, when u carry na this one u come decide to give me abi? Thank u o...God bless u.

PS: My hair came out nicccceeeee! Luv it.

PPS: My friend is having a house warming party in the city on Sat., "no go fit invite una come my party mke una no shayo oo, shayo don dey holo, everybody dey kolo, all of una must shayo ooo!" It's goin' down! School starts on Monday, so this is kinda like my summer wrap

Aight am outta here folks!
Have a great weekend...and keep them questions coming...2more posts to 50...make it happen people...let's go there!!!!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm four posts, so ask away!!!

Hello Blogsville,

Wa'gwan my youth?! How has everybody been, and hope ur week has gotten off to a great start?

Well, mine has been ok so far. Church was great as usual...KINDNESS was the topic. And not kindness in the form of sentiments, pity, or thoughts; but in the form of ACTION. A perfect example wld be Nice Anon helping the old-man she saw on the way side (go n' read her recent post). Pastor said, its one thing to see someone in need and say eyaah, I feel bad for them. Feeling bad isn't an act of kindness, it might make us feel better or less guilty, but it is not action. He said when Jesus talked about kindness, he ddn't talk about emotion...he followed it up with action...doing something. 1 John 3:17-18...."Suppose someone has enough to live and sees a brother or sister in need, but does not help. Then God's love is not living in that person. My children, we should love people not only with words and talk, but by our actions and true caring." Nuff said!

Normally, u hear ppl say they are not looking forward to school getting back in session, but ur beloved UnderCover/Miss Enigma (cnt decide on which one I like is saying the opposite. I'm looking forward to school resuming next Monday! Why? Cos finally, I have a major that is me (story for another day), am looking forward to learning, am excited to see what my classes/Profs have in-store for us students, and actually looking forward to studying for tests, taking down notes during class, and high-adrenaline rush I get when writing a paper. I did all this last semester and I had great reward at the end of the semester. And there's nothing like reaping the fruits of your labor, nicely garnished by the grace of God!

So in preparation for sch, I went supply shopping. In a past post,I tld u guys that I keep journals and had quite a few. Well, one thing that fuels my luv for journals, are note-books. Take a look at the ones I got today:

The solid black is my current journal, the one on the right I just got.

The big brown book is my current school folder/notebook...the lil'ones, I just got those. Cldn't decide between the brown and the red. I'm a sucker for brown, but am learning to try things out so I went ahead and got the red. I normally use the small ones to write my to-do-list and assignments, appointments and so on. Might send one to my sis cos she luvs stuff like this too! Some people luv shoes, I luv nice books and journals, and they just give me this unexplainable high :) weird I And all four of them are designed by the same person.(

I also found a Nigerian stylist while, I was buying hair in Harlem. I'm gonna go get my hair done on Wednesday; I hope it comes out nice o...if not the two of us go wear one trouser for that her store. Meanwhile I had already booked appt wiv my wash n' set hair-dresser...but I think this Naija lady will do a better job...make we dey look. I'll be back wiv pics on Wed. Fabulo-la I thot about u and ur experience wiv the ghetto store manager in Harlem...and I kept smiling all thru my waka in

Ehen! My people o, my 50th post is four posts away. As is the tradition in our community, you all are free to ask me ANY thing. Whatever it is you wanna know about me, besides my real ready to step out from the world of anonymity. But seriously, pls feel free to ask...dnt second guess, hesistate and wonder should I or shouldn't I? Let's make it a fun 50th biko! No question is too small, short or I know I dnt have an e-mail addy up, so pls send questions via comment box...If u want privacy, u can post ur comment as anonymous...To be honest am looking forward to hearing from u people o...mke una no fall my hand I take God beg una...dalu in advance.

Aight people...make I go find sleep wherever it maybe hiding.
Have a FAB week KIND, and remember whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update II

Hello Blogsville...

How's everyone doing? Hope ur week has been great so far?
Just wanna say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post; thanks for the words of encouragement! Hopefully, I'll be able to blog in detail about what it was exactly that was making me feel blue...and down. Also good to know that I'm not the only one who is working on being PATIENT, and SLOW TO think I'm my own toughest critic, and in as much as its a good thing, maybe I need to cut myself some slack sometimes.

On a totally random note, please how do the people in-charge of weather stats, info, and all that stuff decide on what name to give hurricanes? I'm sitting here watching the weather guy talk about Hurricane Bill. I guess they have a list of names pre-picked, who knows? Lol...

On another totally random note, biko who knows what store in NY or a show website where I can find a nice pair of flat or slightly heeled, leather boots, with side zipper to buy. Been on a couple of websites but cnt find anything I like :(. Biko my beloved sistas/fashionistas of blogsville come to my

Ehen, so @ the one year old b'day party I was at on Saturday, something happened that got me mad. So at the party, a relation to My Aunt whose twin daughters were celebrating, brought her two grown daughters. They were both in there teenage years. As the party began to die down, ur dear UnderCover began to help my Aunt clean up, you knw put things in Ziploc bags, tidy and clean up.After a while, My Aunt went to ask this relation's daughters to help out with the clean-up....u knw the response their Mom gave? "That the girls are tired, let someone else do it". Mind you there were no other young people that cld help out. The other kids were like eight and under; so it was the Grandma's of the celebrating twins, My Aunt, Myself and two others who were gathering the chairs, that were available to help.

Make una help me ask this woman what her daughters did that got them tired? They ate heaps, and heaps of food, scrambled for candy when the Pinata came crashing down, harrassed my Aunt for party-pack/goodie bag, and then carried the gifts into the living room. I was so mad and disappointed, not even at the girls but at their mother. I mean where is the respect and proper values that she's supposed to be teaching her kids? Na so them tanda dey look two grandma's, and other grown-ups going back n' forth doing wrk...dem dey look us lyk say we be cinema. Meanwhile when time to go house reach, they were looking for take-away. Like r u for real?

Oh well, that's about it for now o my people. Continue to have a great week!

PS: Looking forward to Tyler Perry's new movie: "I Can do Bad All by Myself" :)

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

...Feeling Blue...

Hello Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? Hope y'all had a very peaceful and fun-filled weekend. And looking forward to the start of another week? I had a nice weekend; my cousins celebrated their one year birthday. Twin girls, Nicole and Michelle...soooo them to bits!!! It was kinda like a 9ja get together u know, music, food, 9ja people...just a general good time. Something happened, but I'll blog about that later.

Right now am in a very withdrawn kinda mood. You know that feeling where you think of the things you wish you had done differently, and u're not proud of urself cos of it. U wish u cld go back and do it allover again, but u can't. The past is a cancelled check and the here and now is the only cash I have to make it right from here on. I hold myself responsible and accountable, and I've forgiven myself, but forget I cannot. I can't even talk about it with someone else bcos talking about, brings that feeling of failure back up, and reminds me all over again. *sigh* I can't runaway from it, dnt think I even want to cos lessons learned help in making me a better person from my mistakes.

Also, in church today the topic was PATIENCE...being "slow to anger". It was like the message was meant for me. I allow myself to get ticked off too easily, and then seconds later realize that I shdn't have but in the space of seconds, I might have already said something, thought something, or my general body language wld have displayed anger. *sigh* I dnt wanna be that way...Lord, I dnt wanna be that person who you speak off in Prov 14:29- "Patient people have great understanding, but people with quick tempers show their foolishness"

You are a God that is "slow to anger", help me in this struggle.

Anyways, so yeah I'm in that down but hopefully not out, kind of mood. Where you jst reflect and cry, reflect some more and cry some more. And am currently listening to songs by LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY...does anybody remember them? The black guy's Nigerian, Tunde something. In my high-school then two of their songs were anthems for when lights went out, or when we were in large groups or memories.

Enjoy guys....

Have a great week guys!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Size 0...Mini Cougar!!!

Hello Blogsville,
How's everyone doing? Hope gud! Another week is slowing coming to an end again. It seems like this year has been going by sooo fast. Which day did August start here and we're all ready almost mid way. Thanks to everyone who read, or commented on my last post. I'm normally very, very hesistant about putting family 'ish on here but at that point in time...I jst needed an outlet. And u guys are my go to people. The whole matter tire me sef...I have tried to do UnitedNations (as My Luv calls it) and get them to iron things out. But I think when they are both ready, and in their own time they both say what's on their minds. The thing is when u push someone and they dnt retaliate, and you keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing...there's going to come that day when they'll just say they've had enough. Where they say am silent, but am no fool...and that's the point where Momsie is at.

Thanks again for all ur comments and words of encouragement. Oga Roc why did u delete ur comment na...I had already read it, went back to look for it and *poof* it was gone. :( I don't like o.

So on Saturday, I went to see G. I Joe!!! Hmmm...hmmm...hmmm...Channing Tatum is a hottie!!! Totally loved the movie. The gbish gbish gbish was plenty, but hey its summer we dnt need movies that'll makes us cry, or get us thinking and analyzing...we just want a fun movie and that's what it is.
So, after the movie, I went to do a lil' bit of shopping, on my way back to the car o, I encounter a young fella and the following convo ensued; Let's call him YF (Young Fella).
Scene: Me walking out a store and behind me are 3 guys, who I ddn't even pay attention to due to my frustration (mre on that later).

YF: Excuse me... Excuse me Miss...

Me: (Turns around, looks at the guy and continued walking...)

YF: Excuse me Miss, I dnt mean no disrespect, I jst wanna talk to you...

Me: (Still walking...and now the guy is walking beside me but at a gud distance) Wat do u wanna talk to me about?

YF: How old are you Miss?

Me: (Raised eyebrow) ...How old are you?!!!

YF: I'm 18...How old are you?
Me: (laughter)...Too young for me dear.

YF: Really?

Me: Yup...I think your friends are waiting

YF: They are not my friends, they are my peers

Me: (In my head...ummm ok, but how does that concern me!)...Ok, well have a good day.

YF: Thank you, you too.

My people of blogsville, see this small boy wan turn me to Mini Cougar!Lol...I know I dnt look my age sha o, but haba! But I act my age mannerisms are not of an 18yr old biko. Oh well, I take solace in the fact that I shall age

Ehen! so the reason why I was walking out of the store frustrated is dis: Is it a crime to be a size 0/XXS/XS...see wahala. Shopping is supposed to be fun and exciting , but no be so oo.I walk into a shop, see something that I like only to discover one of two things:

-It's either they've run out of my size
-The so called "0 or XS/XXS" is really a size 2 or 4.

Is it that all the petite/small figured people go shopping when the store opens abi wetin? Hw come na those sizes dey quick disappear? Meanwhile, I dnt see alot of people of that size walking around, so who is buying the clothes naaa? And why are these stores lying with their sizez claiming its an XS when we both knw its not...who do they think they are helping?

I used to wear XS in Express shirts and they were a perfect fit...only for last year I noticed it ddn't fit again. So I approached the Store Manager and asked o, they guy said they started cutting the sizes bigger...say whhaaat???!!! Where am I supposed to find shirt for work naa? Even the so called special petite sizes at GAP dnt fit!!! But on a more serious note its really frustrating and expensive to have to spend money buying something and then spend extra money to give Obioma (tailor) to adjust the cloth...sometimes its not worth it becos its almost double the price. It really sucks.
Everytime I walk into H&M, Forever21, Express, and co and just look at things I love but cnt have...Please its not a crime to be small in size, we are not anorexic or suffering from any as Baba God take make us, dnt mke us feel bad about our bodies and size biko.

Ok this post is long sha oo...Sorry guys! But I love y'all, jst needed to vent, I know y'all understand.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

La Famille

Hello Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I went to church today, and today's sermon was on PEACE, and realizing that we do not create peace but that the Prince of Peace gives us peace from above that surpasses all human understanding. When I got home, I had that bubbly, God given, Holy- Spirit filled kinda high, you get after church. But that high feeling was kinda short-lived after one phone-call.

It's my Dad's birthday today. I called him to wish him a Happy B'day but the conversation jst felt so rehearsed. Filled with one-liners, lacking emotions of excitement and joy for another year in his life. The tension and the brewing pain/hurt from the words spoken in the past and those unspoken were present but yet absent. And these feelings are mutual. Mine aimed directly at him, but his not necessarily at me per se, but as the child of my mother, whatever is aimed at her, am guilty of as well. It has always been so from the time when we (my sister and I) could understand certain things and chose to cling to her as we are all she's got.

You most likely won't understand this post in its entirety, but am sure u'll have rough picture.

They've been together about 30 years now. He was my Mom's first and only boyfriend. She wasn't into the whole dating thing, very simple, humble and loving and more focused on her education so she could care for her younger siblings. They had 2kids, but u know the African quest for that male child...yup, well that male child did come and he's 2months older than I am. (Go figure). That notwithstanding, she ddn't create a scene...she stayed and kept it all 2geda for the sake of her own kids.

My Mom is the kind of person that will take the clothes off her back so that you can be warm, she'll wear ankara so that you can wear lace, she'll take the back-seat so that you take the front, she'll stand in your shadow so that you get the recognition...and am not saying this jst cause; I get mad at her sometimes sef..."Everytime u r doing for someone else, when will you do for yourself?" Her reply? "If they are happy and ok...I am happy." As a Nurse whenever someone was ill be it from her side of the family or Dad's side, everybody consulted her for advice or for her to refer them to a good Dr. and use her connections. When my Grandpa (Dad's Dad) died she was there by his side, he sent for her.

So few years ago, she got the opportunity to come n' work here in Yankee and cos I was under 21 then I got to tag along. Somehow, things worked out well as per Green Card n' all, and so began our stay here o. Momsie saw it as opportunity for the family in general; I get to go to school here, she gets a good job, we cld file for family members to come visit and what not...and general freedom to travel and boundless opportunities. But u see, he doesn't and neither does his family. As a spouse, he cld have come along, but he ddn't think it was gonna come through now he feels left out. And so has some form of resentment towards Momsie and I. It's funny cos it's not as if life is easy here, u gotta work to get paid. And in a normal house-hold financial responsibility is shared, but here she takes care of it all.

Lol...them say who no go no know. There are good memories of my family o, I won't lie. Lots of good memories, but u know then I was a child oblivious to all this underlying tension that has been on even b4 I was born. But now I'm old enough to understand. And I've learnt A LOT! (will talk about that in another post). Momsie is in her late fifties, and she has spent most of her life doing, doing and doing for people. Giving, giving, giving and caring for people who didn't appreciate. People who just want to squeeze everything they can out of her till there's nothing left to give. But now she's done giving a damn. Afterall, her kids are grown, Sis is a Dr., married with 2kids, and as for me :-) well I graduate next fall. So now she's just doing her and leaving the rest to God...enough is enough.

I dnt knw where I was going with this but I just needed to write to help ease my heart and spirit of the burden at the moment. I don't know if it's the writing that helps or just doing something help take the mind of the issue, but whatever it is, it works cos I'm feeling much better and am back on that high. I'll type a more coherent post concerning what I've learnt, later on sha.

My advice to everyone is that, please respect, honor, and appreciate your parents and your mothers ooo, u don't know what they've gone through, the things they endure just so that we are happy.

Have a great week ahead guys!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Chance....Magic!!!

Hello Blogsville,

How's everybody doing? Hope everyone is doing aiight! And for those going thru rough times, and tough decisions, wish u God's guidance and sending u lots of e-hugs!

'Bout 2-3weeks ago, I told you guys about my weekend threesome with Joe, Ginuwine and Chic DeBarge...and Roc was like does Ginuwine still have his moves?lol... Well, he's no youngun' lyk he used to be but his new video is out, you guys should check it out. It's titled LAST CHANCE...luv it!!!

And Joe has a new CD out too, titled SIGNATURE, and the new single off it is called MAJIC (MAGIC). must be magic!

Check out both videos below...enjoy!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

License to Drive

Hello Blogsville...

Kilon pop? How's everybody doing? Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend? I had a very dry weekend o jare, nothing interesting happened o. Lol @ Tunrayo and Scribbles that were looking for x-rated gist on my last post. Una see the word "threesome" and immediately ur imaginations began to run wild in hungry anticipation for something hot and spicy abi? Sorry to have disappointed u guys o, my writing skills and my social life never hot reach dat

Guess who just passed her driving test? Yelz yelz, ur very own UnderCover 07 a.k.a Miss Enigma. The test was Friday morning; went with my Mom. She called off work to go with me (cos I needed the car for the test and a licensed driver to be there with moi). U should have seen the smile on her face when I got out the car and told her I like say na she happy pass me sef.
ML was happy that I passed but also happy 'cos that my Wole Soyinka look alike of an instructor won't be telling me 'bout his "naughty thoughts" Anyways, so I'm officially a licensed driver, the next thing na to buy moto. God go do am! Meanwhile, donations are being collected by the Help Undercover buy a car Fund...for transfer/account info pls contact me.

When it comes to movies, I see them after the world has (most times). So on Thursday morning my Momsie and I decided to watch Slumdog Millionaire. Somebody @ her job gave her the DVD. Normally, watching a movie with my parents (especially Momsie) is more like telling a story, because they ask so many questions. Why did this happen? How did they get here? Who is who? How are the characters related? Why do they make the sound/picture effect so real, do they want to give old people like us heart-attack?(this is Momsie's favorite line whenever we go to the
So on this faithful morning, I thought it was going to be another story-telling session, but to my surprise it wasn't o! After giving her the summary of who is who, and the story-line, the woman kept up with the rest of the movie. She was even helping me catch up cos I kept dashing in and out to get ready for work of which I ended up being late to work sef. The part that even tripped me sef be say she didn't fall asleep!

People ooo...I dnt knw wat to do to my hair o jare. Shd I get a weave or just the usual blow-dry and straighten. Am tired of blow-drying jo, but I was gonna wait to get a weave to resume school which isn't till end of August. Dnt knw if I can wait that long jo. To fix or not to fix, that is the question. What to do? What to do? Decisions...decisions!

Service in church today was ohhh la la! The topic was JOY. For the next couple of weeks, we'll be talking about the Fruits of the Spirit. So 3 things dat Pastor said rob us of our JOY:
- Busy Schedules: We make to-do lists but we dnt put God on there, busy, busy, busy...spend at least 10mins wiv God everyday, it cld be reading the Bible, listening to His music, sitting in silence listening to Him and jst being in His prescence.

- Regret: Looking back and punishing ourselves for things that God has already forgiven us for. God dsn't blackmail us with our past, He forgives and moves on....we shd also.

- Self-image: Putting so much time and effort in trying to please the world and people around us, but not enough time pleasing the one who gave us life.

- Dependent: Being dependent on earthly things for acceptance and acknowlegdement. Like ohh if only I cld get that job, I'll be a happy person, If only I cld get that car, If only I cld get this and get that....I'll be happy. By doing that, we sell ourselves, when in actuality as children of God, we are priceless. We give earthly things power over our Joy. But notice how when we get those things we wanted so bad, we still aren't joyful....instead we want something else?

So in summary, He is our JOY. And we shd make time for Him and not things that disappoint and fall short of giving us that inner peace and happiness that is beyond human understanding.

Have a great great week guys!

PS: If this post seems random, take it like that. Chari says being random might slowly help get blogsville out of the writers block/ lack of motivation that has been going

moto- this means car/automobile in pidgin english
ML- My Luv/The Boyfriend

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!