Thursday, January 26, 2012

Closet View: Denim & Brown

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday (well in about 30mins, it's currently 11.35pm) and soon the weekend will be here! It's funny how I look forward to the weekend, like I actually have major plans; I wish. Thing is, when the weekend comes by, I become slightly depressed because I currently don't have any projects to occupy me or get me out of the house, I begin to fall into my depressed mood of "I wish I had my own place, and I wish I lived closer to the city, then I could do all the fun stuff young people do in NYC, and blah, blah, blah" you get the story. Anyways, I currently have put my plans of moving out on hold till maybe mid-year, if all things go well I should have my place, and a room-mate ;). Till then, when that bluesy feeling rears its head, I'll remind myself of the fact that I am currently saving about $1,200 every month that I continue to live with my Mom and pretty much do not pay any bills except the cellphone bill.

So like everybody else, I follow a bunch of Fashion bloggers, and just recently discovered a bunch of new fashion bloggers that I like. Let me just say I am not in the know when it comes to fashion details, like designers, their collections, history/background etc...what I enjoy about fashion blogs, is just seeing the day to day outfits that people put together. Fashion to me is all about personal style, and knowing what works for your body and personality. It should enhance, and generally make you feel good about yourself. Another thing I like about fashion blogs, is that it allows me live vicariously through these bloggers. There are certain pieces that I know (or think) would not look good on me even though I like them, and to get to see other people pull it off nicely, just makes me happy. Last but not least, fashion blogs allow me to blog shop (kinda like window shopping, lol), and sometimes actually shop and find deals.

This brings me to the main purpose of this post. Please be warned that I am NOT a fashion blogger, neither am I a photographer like my dear Lohita. That being said, I like to look good like every normal female out there :) and so I love to shop, and the other day, I bought a few things that I was soooo excited to find, and thought to share with you all. 

I've been wanting a messenger type bag for a while now...and this one's just perfect. Fits my everyday bag essentials (tablet, notepad, phone charger, lipgloss etc) and I like how I can hook my work ID right on the side. There's something about sky blue denim shirt, it's very can dress it up tucked into a skirt or dress down and wear it over skinny jeans, tuck it into wide leg jeans or over a pair of tights. I walk up and down a hill to catch the bus to work and on my way back, and I'm usually running after the bus in the mornings so I prefer to wear flats in order to prevent me from falling and maybe twisting my ankle...but these boots aren't so bad at all. Wore them to work the other day and my feet weren't in pain at all. I love my new finds.

Have a fabulous day everyone! And incase you haven't already, check out this video .

PS: I'm sure you can tell by now that brown is one of my fav colors :) 

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Video Virgin

Hello Ladies (and Gents),
How's everyone's weekend been so far? Hope great! It's finally snowing in New York...Amen!

I've been doing good. Can't complain. I am alive, healthy and not lacking. Just grateful! 

So there's this post on Bella Naija about whether your man is a 'Boo' or a 'Bobo'. If you haven't read it already, you can catch up here . I made this video on Thursday, thinking making a video would so much easier than having to type a post on this topic but alas, it has taken me 2days to reconfigure the video and upload it! *sigh* there has to be an easier way for such things biko.

Anyway, this is my first video post, and for the first time you guys get to see my face. If you recognize me, issorai...just don't shout my name. If you don't :) oh well. Have a great weekend everyone...and stay warm! :* 

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do Better. Be Better.

Happy Hump Day!

It's Wednesday and for some reason I keep thinking it's a Thursday. I guess I'm just ready for the weekend huh? Who isn't. I'm finally all jet-lagged out and back to normal routine...halleluyah. So last week, I did a review post on 2011, and my experiences, and I have to say again, that 2011 was good to me. God was, has been, and is still good to me!

Today, I'm going to just quickly blog about things I hope to work on and do better at this year. I guess you can call them resolutions if you like, but oh well, here it goes.

- Walk With God: Like I mentioned in my last post, this relationship needs to be mended...and much stronger than it currently is. One day at a time. Again, still taking recommendations for daily devotionals please :( y'all dnt wanna share? 

- Keeping in Touch: For someone who has a degree in Communications lol I suck at keeping in touch with people (except when it comes to business/work related networking) and just calling to say hi and all of that stuff. Old friends from school too. I just wonder like what would I say to them, after the usual hi, hello and pleasantries...I don't feel comfortable sharing personal stuff just like that. So hopefully, I can work on this and try and reconnect/check up on one person every week. Also, with regards to immediate family, I need to call them more regularly. Jst called my Dad steps.  

- Procrastinating: Hmmm...not gonna say I'm the Queen of procrastination, but! I have high level ranking in the world of procrastination, and that has to stop. :( I thrive on the adrenaline rush of close to last minute, and being just in time as opposed to early. I need to fix this! How do people fix this? I guess simply by "just doing it!", instead of saying "later." I'll keep y'all posted.

- Attitude of Patience & Positivity: Personality wise, these are the two major things I hope on improving on this year. Sometimes I lose my patience when I feel people are not moving at my pace, not maximizing their potential and then whining about their situation, and also, I want to try to be more positive than I already am. Sometimes, in trying to analyze situations realistically, I let the negative weigh me down. This year, I want to speak more positively...and profess positive and good things with my words and trust God enough to come through. U get me? 

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Not much huh? But it ain't easy trust me. Lord grant me the strength, grace and determination to achieve all of this. Amen! I know we are only 11 days into the year already, but have you made progress on the changes you planned to make this year? They don't have to be resolutions...but 11 days in how would you say you've done so far? Drop me a comment :) and share a thing or two.

PS: I tweaked my layout a likkle bit. You like? I like! I like! 

Have a great day, and hang in there Friday is around the corner!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma! :*


Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 in Review...

Heyy there guys!!!

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you! So I've been itching to blog since I got back from Naij on the 2nd, but I haven't been able to decide what exactly to blog about. #FirstWorldProblems :). I'm torn between Taking Stock of 2011 or Naija Trip. Oh well, seeing as I can't share pictures of my Naija trip for anonymity sake so I guess I should just go ahead and do the former. So here we go:

Walk With God: This started off really good at the beginning of the year, but by mid year *sigh* things just derailed. The frustrating part of this was that I knew things weren't on track, I wanted to fix it and reconnect but something just wasn't clicking for me. Even when I prayed (the few times I did) I felt like there was a wall...and I couldn't get through to Him; and not feeling worthy of His attention didn't help either. But the humbling thing was I could see His presence in my life. This year, I really want to build a better relationship; so help me God. I'm currently looking for a good daily devotional with an downloadable android app, so I can read it on the go...please share if you have one. Thanks in advance.

Family: "I'm not lucky, I'm blessed!" That explains how I feel about my family. Thank God for surrounding me with so much love, support and laughter. And the smiles on everyone's face both young and old when I go home is just so heart-warming and overwhelming that I truly feel special and loved. Grateful for my Momma :) (even though I can't wait to move out, so that we can miss each other a little bit) and continue to pray that I can be half the woman she is, and make her proud.

JOB: After returning from a 5week vacation in Jan '11, Baba God gave me a job in March. And I couldn't be happier for the opportunity, the great team of people whom I work with, an amazing and accommodating manager and really reasonable pay. Just enough to take care of me and my needs right now. I look forward to career growth within the team and company, and so with each day I try to learn and soak up what I can so that I can make that advancement hopefully this year. 

SIDE GIG: My PR side gig kind of sorta became official, and I am grateful for all the opportunities that came my way. But I'm such a second guesser and my own worst critic that I'm having cold feet with moving forward. I feel like in the Nigerian market people don't really understand what PR is. The other day an upcoming artiste approaches me and says "I hear you're really good, and you will help me take my career to the next level and make me big..." Hian! That's just unrealistic expectations to me, and I can't sign myself up for that. I can't force people to like you, or your music. What I do is simply help you work on your packaging - website, social media monitoring, press releases/ kits, photo-shoots, event appearances etc. But saying I should make you big, odikwa too much. Then there are people who love to consult with me to get my take on things, to help them put together concepts, and all of that but then don't give pay for these consultation services or even give credit for it. So these are the things that frustrate me and kind of make pull back on giving it my all. Aside from that I really love what I do, and would want to have something of my own and watch it grow.

I also got the opportunity to host a radio show :)! It's been a really great experience, and I've met lots of cool people through it. Might continue with it this year, time will tell.

FINANCES: Thank God for a steady pay-check o! I don't have the credit collectors calling my phone or trying to repo anything from me. But I wish I had saved up more...I'm not paying rent or any major bills cos I still live at home, so I should have set aside a lot more but I didn't. Where it all went sha me I don't really know. I shop but I'm that chic that looks for deals and sales @ F21, H&M and co. Major items I splurged on last year - a Macbook, Party bus for my birthday, two leather bags (D&B and DKNY), Tablet and the main money consumer went to dental expenses! I had an accident during my b'day weekend and fixing it cost me about two grand. And then my naija trip...ticket, shopping and pocket money *sigh* so I guess that's where it all went :) Looking forward to saving more this year :) Amen!

FRIENDSHIPS: I made a lot of new friends in 2011!!! :) People who I genuinely enjoy being around! No fakeness, no front, none of alla that! My core group of close friends still remain though...friends who without seeing my face can almost predict my every move, and just make me laugh so hard. Had a sleepover with my friend in Naija and it was just us but we spent the whole day at home just cracking each other up! Lawd have mercy...those moments are just priceless to me. I wish I had my own place so I can have people nights, movie nights etc :( I'm tired of always being the one going over. I love to host people and make sure they have a good time! All in all, I am THANKFUL for the people I call friends, they are my second family!

SOCIAL LIFE: Well as you can tell from above, thanks to making new friends my social life last year wasn't a drought. Had a group vacation to the Hamptons, lots of partying, birthday outings, had a party for my b'day for the first time in years, karaoke nights, pole dancing classes, Rockette show with my Mom, getting drunk with my co-workers and my manager lol good times!!! Looking forward to doing more fun activities, going on a real vacation to a warm/beach place and just living :)
RELATIONSHIP: Hmmm...2011 was a roller-coaster year. From really good to a head-on crash. And then what I thought/hoped would blossom into something really good turned out to just be uncertain...and this really sucked cos I kinda really liked the dude, but being uncertain with where you stand with someone isn't my thing so I had to let go. But we're friends and there's no hard feelings at all. Where am I right now? Ask me this in a few months. Just one day at a time for now, no rush.

Ok me darlings, I guess that covers everything right? I am really grateful for 2011. Also forgot to mention that my Mom and I became citizens too :) Baba God was too much in 2011 abeg! And it can only get bigger and better in 2012 in Jesus name! There are a few things that I am seriously praying for this year, and trusting Him to please do for me. I'm going to speak positively about those things everyday until they happen. Hope everyone has had a great start to the year so far.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma! :*