Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family + Sex Addiction = Update

Hi Guys,
How's it going? Hope everyone is doing good...and looking forward to the Thanksgiving break; and our peeps in Naija are looking forward to the very long weekend. The numerous public holidays are part of the things I miss about home...any opportunity to not go to work and just chill.

So I was watching Oprah today, and the topic was Sex Addiction. One online source defines it as " a phenomenon in which individuals report being unable to control their sexual behavior", another source described it as " a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts". The term "sex addiction" is not unfamiliar to me, but the gravity and the intensity of the issue was. I mean, its a serious problem for people who suffer from this addiction. As in just like drug addicts go into withdrawal, and crave their high, sex addicts feel the same. Watching the participants of Dr. Drew's Rehab, go thru their withdrawal moments, was an eye-opener.

Anyhoo, moving on...nothing overly exciting has been happening at my end. I'm just trying to keep up with school, and not get overwhelmed. I've applied for my vacation in Jan. pls u guys shd pray that they approve it oo, cos I wanna go home so bad. I need to go and re-fuel and get some proper TLC from My Luv. To be honest, I think seeing him and my lil' nephews are gonna be the best part of the trip. If not for them, there really is nothing else to look forward to. My family is going through a trying time right now, and everyone is suffering from the ripple effects of one person's selfish actions. *sigh* I'm doing okay (I think), but my Mom and my Sis are still trying to recover. I have to be strong for everyone, especially my Mom becos the past forty years of her life have just been turned upside down.

Normally, I'd talk about it with My Luv, but I dnt want to becos then I might stir up emotions that I dnt want to, and also becos wats been done is done.

We will pull through and move past it all, but its gonna take time, prayers and God's grace.

On a lighter note, I took my weave out over the weekend, and got a perm. So to school the next day, I pulled my hair back in a bun or shuku style...and this white dude in my class goes "Oh wow you cut your hair?" lol...oyinbo people are so clueless when it cmes to these things sha.

Aiight people...I know I've been off and on here, but I still check up on u guys and read ur blogs, I just dnt knw how to put together my thots...or maybe my thots right now are just too heavy and complicated to share and burden u guys with. Bottomline is I haven't abandoned B'ville. Love y'all mucho!!! God bless.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gist Unlimited: While I was away...

Hello Blogsville,

It seems like forever since I last put up a post! I can see that nobody milzed me, its all good.
How's everybody doing? Hope great! My life has been crazy these past few weeks, I cnt even begin to explain. The events that have occurred ehn, if I tell u guys, una go think say na 9ja home video, but God dey sha.

So, Momsie was in 9ja for a month on vacay but now she's back. I'm glad she's back, but that means I have to return her motor and return to my leggedz-benz/bus/train movement...*sigh* e go better. School has been a tad-bit overwhelming o! From mid-terms, to group projects, individual projects, search for internships, trying to attend networking events, sorting out classes for next semester...and then trying to stay above and in control of it all. Who talk say multi-tasking easy...omo e hard o! Speaking of which guess who was in my PR Writing class last week?...come on, u can do better than that. Ok, fine I'll tell you....General Colin Powell himself live and direct!!!! You think am lying? Fine, I'll put pics up my next post (too lazy to upload it frm my phone).

And then to have to keep explaining to family members that Advertising & PR is not a waste of time, and that I actually am enjoying the program. Its hard to shake-off that stereotypical view that my beloved 9ja folks have towards majors/degrees that dnt come with a title or are not as recognized like awon Drs, Engrs, Accountants and the likes. E don tire me. My Mom has suggested that I shd go home (9ja) for either Christmas or New-Years; the usual me would be excited and counting down the days, and looking 4ward to time with family and My Luv. But right now I dnt feel that way.

I'm thinking maybe I shd hold-off till next Christmas when I would have graduated (God willing) and maybe gotten a job cos then that would stop all the questions of...when are you graduating? why is it taking this long? What are you studying? Advertising ke? What can you do with that? Why didn't you read Medicine like your sister? Or Nursing like your Mom? Or kpata kpata Bus. Admin sef? Dnt you want to make money?... And the way they twist their nose and roll their eyes sef...worse pass the questioning. I dnt know o jare...they say God's time is the best, and His ways are not our ways; I try to hold on to that, but mehn they mke it hard sometimes. Well make we dey look...will let y'all know what I decide.

Its interesting how when you're growing up, as a kid you think your family is like the perfect picture. Mom and Dad are in love and happy, and as kids our needs are provided and we are shown so much love. And then as you get old enough to understand and notice certain things, the imperfections begin to become obvious. But still yet due to the fact that no one is perfect, we accept these imperfections, and make the best out of situations. In my case, the imperfections don pass be careful. It has turned a once supposedly tightly knit family (extended included) into what I dnt even know. You hear of marriages hitting the rocks and you think naaah, not this fam....cos we ride or die. Ride or die ko...lol. Like I said, the events can be written into a movie script or a book gan sef. Well, God dey.

People of blogsville, I still dey find internship o. If u here about any in the NYC area, let me know oo. In general sha, life is good. I honestly can't complain...becos na who dey alive dey hustle...and am alive. My Luv and I are doing well. He met Momsie while she was in 9ja, and has used his charm on her already...lol. I can be a handful, and still yet he takes it all calmly and handles my mood swings well (lol...except when I go MIA on him...sorry babie)...he's good to me...has a good head on his shoulders and continues to make me happy. I say thank you Lord, for indeed I am blessed.

Biko does anyone know the whereabouts of Kemberly??? This her under construction status don too tay o...hpe u're gud dear. And can someone pls tell ZENA to update ASAP!!! She has lots of stories to tell...trust me...u wanna hear the juicy details...no joke.

Aiight guys...I think I've made up enuff for the period I was MIA. Thanks for stopping by!
Love y'all bunches!!! Have a great day.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!