Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Customer+ Randoms+Shayo Unlimited

Hello Blogsville,

How's everybody doing? Hope ur week has been productive, positive, and stress free? The weekend is around the corner once again...I can hear everyone breathing a sigh of
I no blame una o jare.

So my people una do well for all the questions when una don submit o! I been think say I go need to carry gong waka round the whole of blogsville like town-crier b4 una go ask question; but the response from una don save me such waka waka. On the real tho', y'all dnt was reading through the questions and e be like say na JAMB I wan write. Looking forward to answering all your questions people...and if u still wanna ask, pls feel free.

On a random note, biko why do people wait till last minute to come to the bank. Dey knw the bank closes @ 6pm, but wait till 5.50pm to come and want to ask questions about their account and chitchat with the Personal Banker. For crying out loud, I wanna go home! And I have to catch my bus orelse, I'll be sitting at the bus-stop starring at people zooming by in their cars, and dats not fun especially in the winter!

Also, please dnt get mad if u come to cash a cheque and don't have proper identification. U coming into the bank every friday to cash a cheque dsn't mean I know u. The system gives options for acceptable form of ID, am not gonna make an exception and lose my job just bcos am tryna do u a favor, if u haven't heard, we are in a recession!

Am sorry, that you have to pay an over-draft fee. But I don't make the rules nor do I have the power to bend them. All it takes is for you to try and stay updated on your account...dnt spend what you don't have, please and spare us all the trouble. And when you make a deposit, the reason I give you a receipt is to show you that it went into YOUR account, not mine. So biko no dey ask me twenty times, are you sure it went into my acct? And be looking at me and smiling doubtfully, like say I use wuru wuru wayo put am for my account. I take God beg u I no be u dey hustle na so I dey hustle na e mke u meet for here dey work.

On another random note, this Octo-Mom is jst something else. During a special they did on her and her kids, she was dissing Kate Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8) for showing off her bikini body. Criticizing for under-going plastic surgery after having her sextuplets. She went on to say she (Octo-Mom) lost her baby weight by exercise and eating right...yeah right! Am sorry, but me I dnt believe that. Bad bele no good sha.

On a final random note, My Mom and I went grocery shopping @ our neighborhood ShopRite, so after shopping, we began to load things into the trunk; next thing, some dude walks up to me, and hands me a Christian book titled....wait for it...wait for it..."60 Things God Said about Sex". really? Of all the books, when u carry na this one u come decide to give me abi? Thank u o...God bless u.

PS: My hair came out nicccceeeee! Luv it.

PPS: My friend is having a house warming party in the city on Sat., "no go fit invite una come my party mke una no shayo oo, shayo don dey holo, everybody dey kolo, all of una must shayo ooo!" It's goin' down! School starts on Monday, so this is kinda like my summer wrap

Aight am outta here folks!
Have a great weekend...and keep them questions coming...2more posts to 50...make it happen people...let's go there!!!!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


Anonymous said...

i laughed at how you explained all those things...your really funny.
and your ish about the octomom i saw it oh...this is a man who went under the knife so many times to look like angelina jolie.

Anonymous said...

woman sorry...nd yay...first

Rene said...

u're hilarious.
did i ask my ?s already?

Rene said...

so i just checkd it, i already brain cnt keep much data 4 2 I sha have more ?s for u.......n i've 4gotten dem

LusciousRon said...

People are built that way. I run to the bak when they are almost closing. the last minute syndrome!

BSNC said...

60 things God said about
er... did you read it.

Sugarking said...

"60 things God said about sex" LOL.He must be out his damn mind!!!

Myne Whitman said...

I saw the octomum , how can she talk about surgery. Those her lips are not natural

Sir Scribbles II said...

LOL! Omo i dey pity bankers sometimes, it's not one fo the jobs I fanatsy about sorry lol. na u, the pamphlet dude and God know why dem give u dat eyes are on u 4rm now on!

Sir Scribbles II said...

Oh and gudluck wiv d 50th oooo! I 4 liek ask question...hmmmm...where wud u love to visit more than anywhere in d world and wiv who

Celebrity crush and detail d perfect date wiv him or her lol

Fabulo-la said...

LOL @ 60 Things!
Did you read it??

I want to hear all about your first love.

Sorry! I couldnt think of anyother ?s to ask jo..Them don already ask everythng...:(

Ms. 'dufa said...

LOL@the bank customers...So what's this new hairdo that's got you excited?Hope you bring cake along with your 50th post?

One more question : What is your most prized possesion?

Buttercup said...

I feel you on your rant..pele! LOL @ the book!

akaBagucci said...

LOL.. Some of us just have the gift or procrastination