Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Size 0...Mini Cougar!!!

Hello Blogsville,
How's everyone doing? Hope gud! Another week is slowing coming to an end again. It seems like this year has been going by sooo fast. Which day did August start here and we're all ready almost mid way. Thanks to everyone who read, or commented on my last post. I'm normally very, very hesistant about putting family 'ish on here but at that point in time...I jst needed an outlet. And u guys are my go to people. The whole matter tire me sef...I have tried to do UnitedNations (as My Luv calls it) and get them to iron things out. But I think when they are both ready, and in their own time they both say what's on their minds. The thing is when u push someone and they dnt retaliate, and you keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing...there's going to come that day when they'll just say they've had enough. Where they say am silent, but am no fool...and that's the point where Momsie is at.

Thanks again for all ur comments and words of encouragement. Oga Roc why did u delete ur comment na...I had already read it, went back to look for it and *poof* it was gone. :( I don't like o.

So on Saturday, I went to see G. I Joe!!! Hmmm...hmmm...hmmm...Channing Tatum is a hottie!!! Totally loved the movie. The gbish gbish gbish was plenty, but hey its summer we dnt need movies that'll makes us cry, or get us thinking and analyzing...we just want a fun movie and that's what it is.
So, after the movie, I went to do a lil' bit of shopping, on my way back to the car o, I encounter a young fella and the following convo ensued; Let's call him YF (Young Fella).
Scene: Me walking out a store and behind me are 3 guys, who I ddn't even pay attention to due to my frustration (mre on that later).

YF: Excuse me... Excuse me Miss...

Me: (Turns around, looks at the guy and continued walking...)

YF: Excuse me Miss, I dnt mean no disrespect, I jst wanna talk to you...

Me: (Still walking...and now the guy is walking beside me but at a gud distance) Wat do u wanna talk to me about?

YF: How old are you Miss?

Me: (Raised eyebrow) ...How old are you?!!!

YF: I'm 18...How old are you?
Me: (laughter)...Too young for me dear.

YF: Really?

Me: Yup...I think your friends are waiting

YF: They are not my friends, they are my peers

Me: (In my head...ummm ok, but how does that concern me!)...Ok, well have a good day.

YF: Thank you, you too.

My people of blogsville, see this small boy wan turn me to Mini Cougar!Lol...I know I dnt look my age sha o, but haba! But I act my age mannerisms are not of an 18yr old biko. Oh well, I take solace in the fact that I shall age

Ehen! so the reason why I was walking out of the store frustrated is dis: Is it a crime to be a size 0/XXS/XS...see wahala. Shopping is supposed to be fun and exciting , but no be so oo.I walk into a shop, see something that I like only to discover one of two things:

-It's either they've run out of my size
-The so called "0 or XS/XXS" is really a size 2 or 4.

Is it that all the petite/small figured people go shopping when the store opens abi wetin? Hw come na those sizes dey quick disappear? Meanwhile, I dnt see alot of people of that size walking around, so who is buying the clothes naaa? And why are these stores lying with their sizez claiming its an XS when we both knw its not...who do they think they are helping?

I used to wear XS in Express shirts and they were a perfect fit...only for last year I noticed it ddn't fit again. So I approached the Store Manager and asked o, they guy said they started cutting the sizes bigger...say whhaaat???!!! Where am I supposed to find shirt for work naa? Even the so called special petite sizes at GAP dnt fit!!! But on a more serious note its really frustrating and expensive to have to spend money buying something and then spend extra money to give Obioma (tailor) to adjust the cloth...sometimes its not worth it becos its almost double the price. It really sucks.
Everytime I walk into H&M, Forever21, Express, and co and just look at things I love but cnt have...Please its not a crime to be small in size, we are not anorexic or suffering from any as Baba God take make us, dnt mke us feel bad about our bodies and size biko.

Ok this post is long sha oo...Sorry guys! But I love y'all, jst needed to vent, I know y'all understand.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!


Ebony~!* said...


Ebony~!* said...

Thanx for speaking up for us in respect to size. I battle everytime i go into a mall.hiss a major LOL on 'your friends are waiting!'

Nice Anon said...

some of us cannot relate to the size 0 thing oo.

RocNaija said...

Just noticed I commented on the wrong post..
Oh well.. At least you saw it, that's what matters.

No worry, I'll keep praying that you're elevated to the level of 'strictly-tailor-made' clothes.. :D

TaioFierce Ameen said...

I feel u on d size thing too, getting clothes is almost like war now, I cant evn tell nyone to shop for clothes based on my size again cos wen they bring it, it becomes bigger than me.... we shall survive... Lol @ mini cougar......

rethots said...

The petite rule the world....

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

lol.... see toasting levels.... na wahhh...

BSNC said...

lol so if someone asked me how the movie was. I we be like one Ms 07 told me the move was all gbish gbish okay o

its not a crime to be slim jo.

Fabulo-la said...

They r cutting sizes bigger???
r u kidding me?

Na wa o!

Myne Whitman said...

Ask me and I would say the size 4/S are the first to go. I see XS but can't squeeze into it have to settle for 6 and amend. Go figure.

Check out my romance novel blog here

leggy said...

that size thing pisses me off eh...i just ordered a shirt from forever 21 and i ordered XS oh..and the stupid thing came and it didnt fit me as in it was big on i wear it as a night gown..i mean seriously?
is it my fault?thats why i dont shop at macys..its like they dont know peeps like me exist sef.

Zena said...

I statrted noticing they were cutting sizes bigger, but me I cannpt relate to this one sha! as I am swearing for you here, lol

akaBagucci said...

Feel free to vent. No issues wit that.. Wish I were a smaller size myself sometimes.... Sad

Repressed One said...

LOL@ all the skinny pipu lamenting...haha never thot i'd see the day!! Of cos they are cutting clothes bigger...America is a LARGE nation...hahah!!

Sorry oh i'm not laughing at you, no really :D

lol@ gbish gbish--i've heard so many mixed reviews about that movie.

Ms. Dufa said...

LOL. You should take that as a compliment. Being petite rocks!

Kemberly said...

I don't think i'm going to see that GI Joe movie. Not my kind of thing at all. Lol at the 18 year old boy tryna step! Go on with your hot young self mami. How old are u btw? Ur a size zero!?! Say whaaaaaat!

Buttercup said...

I pray your parents sort things out o. Lol @ the 18yr least he knew when to stop. Sowee about the size thing!

Tigeress said...

Lepa babe- try Zara. But Forever 21 runs small tho.

Rene said...

we need to sue all this it our fault that we can get i've tried several thing but it just isnt helping.
lol @ the 18 yr old, people still thikn I'm 13yrs and that pisses me off too....we only take solace in the fact that we'll age well.

Maxine said...

Haha, I know what you mean with the sizes!I never go to GAP 'cos their sizes are way too big! The trend of increasing dress sizes actually started a couple years back. Hopefully, they realize soon enough that it aint working!