Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm four posts, so ask away!!!

Hello Blogsville,

Wa'gwan my youth?! How has everybody been, and hope ur week has gotten off to a great start?

Well, mine has been ok so far. Church was great as usual...KINDNESS was the topic. And not kindness in the form of sentiments, pity, or thoughts; but in the form of ACTION. A perfect example wld be Nice Anon helping the old-man she saw on the way side (go n' read her recent post). Pastor said, its one thing to see someone in need and say eyaah, I feel bad for them. Feeling bad isn't an act of kindness, it might make us feel better or less guilty, but it is not action. He said when Jesus talked about kindness, he ddn't talk about emotion...he followed it up with action...doing something. 1 John 3:17-18...."Suppose someone has enough to live and sees a brother or sister in need, but does not help. Then God's love is not living in that person. My children, we should love people not only with words and talk, but by our actions and true caring." Nuff said!

Normally, u hear ppl say they are not looking forward to school getting back in session, but ur beloved UnderCover/Miss Enigma (cnt decide on which one I like is saying the opposite. I'm looking forward to school resuming next Monday! Why? Cos finally, I have a major that is me (story for another day), am looking forward to learning, am excited to see what my classes/Profs have in-store for us students, and actually looking forward to studying for tests, taking down notes during class, and high-adrenaline rush I get when writing a paper. I did all this last semester and I had great reward at the end of the semester. And there's nothing like reaping the fruits of your labor, nicely garnished by the grace of God!

So in preparation for sch, I went supply shopping. In a past post,I tld u guys that I keep journals and had quite a few. Well, one thing that fuels my luv for journals, are note-books. Take a look at the ones I got today:

The solid black is my current journal, the one on the right I just got.

The big brown book is my current school folder/notebook...the lil'ones, I just got those. Cldn't decide between the brown and the red. I'm a sucker for brown, but am learning to try things out so I went ahead and got the red. I normally use the small ones to write my to-do-list and assignments, appointments and so on. Might send one to my sis cos she luvs stuff like this too! Some people luv shoes, I luv nice books and journals, and they just give me this unexplainable high :) weird I And all four of them are designed by the same person.(

I also found a Nigerian stylist while, I was buying hair in Harlem. I'm gonna go get my hair done on Wednesday; I hope it comes out nice o...if not the two of us go wear one trouser for that her store. Meanwhile I had already booked appt wiv my wash n' set hair-dresser...but I think this Naija lady will do a better job...make we dey look. I'll be back wiv pics on Wed. Fabulo-la I thot about u and ur experience wiv the ghetto store manager in Harlem...and I kept smiling all thru my waka in

Ehen! My people o, my 50th post is four posts away. As is the tradition in our community, you all are free to ask me ANY thing. Whatever it is you wanna know about me, besides my real ready to step out from the world of anonymity. But seriously, pls feel free to ask...dnt second guess, hesistate and wonder should I or shouldn't I? Let's make it a fun 50th biko! No question is too small, short or I know I dnt have an e-mail addy up, so pls send questions via comment box...If u want privacy, u can post ur comment as anonymous...To be honest am looking forward to hearing from u people o...mke una no fall my hand I take God beg una...dalu in advance.

Aight people...make I go find sleep wherever it maybe hiding.
Have a FAB week KIND, and remember whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


Rene said...


Rene said...

now my ?s:
What made you blog?
Blogger crushes? (plz name names o!)
What are you doing right now? If u weren't doing it what would you do?
What's your perfect holiday like?
Where would you love your fiancé to propose to you at?

Okay lemme leave the other questions for oda pple to ask.

I'm so not excited bout skul

Nice Anon said...

Rene ain't playing! Chic is already bombarding you with a lot of questions. That should make up for each and every one of us right? LOL

UnderCover07 said...

@Rene: Dang wasting luv it!!!

@Nice Anon:Lol...she came prepared. Dnt claim her qstns jo.

akaBagucci said...

Exquisite notebooks have the opposite effect for me, they make me feel like I am desecrating them when I write in them..... Happy 50th.. Seems so long ago when I 'reported for reading duty right'

Will think of some serious questions.. But my default one is

What would you do differently if you had another sot at it and why?

TRYBES said...

Happy 50th--Hope to read more about you in the future!

Sugarking said...

Keep em' coming babes!!! Have a gr8 week too!!!

Anonymous said...

i love buying journals too!!

chayoma said...

Love shoes period.
Question #1: How many pairs of shoes do u own?
Question # 2: How many nice decorated books and journals do u own?

If anyone frowns at my questions eh...u had better have one or two up ur sleeves.

BSNC said...

lol rene has asked all he questions...

wow i will be 50 soon, i mean my post will 50. i mean it will be my 50th post. oooo you understand what i mean sha..

yea i have a question, did you grow up in B town, i ve seen you referred to that town more than once..

Myne Whitman said...

Happy 50th in advance, so whats your major?

Nice Anon said...

Okay onto the questions.

1) As a young lady, Do you feel/think that you've figured yourself out. Like what you are passionate about, your characteristics, your weakness etc it is always said that we have to know who we are in order to be better. Do you think you have to that point in your life?

2) What are you most proud about when you think of your life today. What have you done/achieved thus far that makes you hold your head high that also pushes you to do and achieve more.

UnderCover07 said...

@DB: Serious questions...ok o. I'll be waiting. And yes I remember when u reported for duty...Thanx!

@Trybes:Thanx man!

@SugarKing: Thanx for the shoutout on ur post...!

@pink-satin: I guess we have 2 things in common

@Chayoma: Who wan frown at ur qstn? Dem no

@BSNC:Lol...I got u dear.

@Myne Whitman: Thanks!!!

@Nice Anon: Omo, u went to prepare JAMB qstn and bring for me abi? Thanx dear.

Ms. 'dufa said...

A lot of things are easier said than done. Like kindness. That's why is such a beautiful thing when its put into action.I love beautiful journals, I buy them for keepsake w/out having any useful plans for them. Happy 50th in advance.


1. What do you consider your strengths?
2. What inspires you?
3. Where d'u see yourself in the nearest future?
4. If you could describe yourself in one word, it'd be?
5. Whats your most embarrassing moment ever?

RocNaija said...

So seeing as you have loads of journals, my question is, if you could choose one that would totally define you.. From the outside in..
Which would it be.. And upload a pic of it.
Shouldn't be too hard, should it?

Andrea said...

lol "if not the two of us go wear one trouser for that her store". What is your greatest accomplishment.

Buttercup said...

I really wish more people would show kindness. Wow @ journals being your fetish. So..what's the one thing you wish to do that you've never done? How did you and your boyfriend meet?