Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Naughty Thoughts!!!

Hey Blogsville...

How's it going? I trust y'all are having a splendid week! I'm doing aight...getting used tothe silence of the apartment, and generally being alone. How I go do na?lol

I want to give a quick shout-out to two bloggers: To Adaeze for the courage to tell her story and a blogsville welcome to Naija Bad Boi, welcome to the family dude!

So my people of Blogsville, I had driving lessons this morning. My instructor is a Wole Soyinka look alike,white hair, glasses and all; but not as tall, 'bout 5'6 or 5'7, late fifties to early sixties. So we get to this intersection and the road is a dead end with enough room for a 3point turn or K- turn....sensing that he wld want me to practice the turn at the dead end, the following conversation takes place: (We'll call him JR)

Me: You want me to drive across and do a 3 point turn at the dead-end?

JR: Wow...I see you're reading mind. Hmmm I have to be careful 'bout my thoughts now.

Me: (Smiling) Naah, I jst assumed. Besides why would u have to be careful wiv ur thots.

JR: I can't be thinking naughty thoughts anymore.

Me: (With a 'yeah...right' look on my face) You don't think naughty thoughts.

JR: You think I dnt think naughty thoughts; it's hard not to with you looking all cute and stuff.

Me: (Screeeeeecccchhh!!! My brain comes to complete halt for a sec.) Umm...left turn or right?

Wat!!! This dude is old enough to be my Dad, here he is telling me 'bout him thinking naughty thots! I ddn't know whether to laugh abi to feel umcomfortable. I just kept the conversation neutral after that, I no fit start wetin I no get power finish. Make I do get my license next month and tell the dude Au revoir Monsieur!

To keep busy I've been catching up on movies I ddn't watch when the whole world was watching:
Charlie Wilson's War (Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts)- Good movie, informative without being boring.

Taxi (Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon)- Yeah yeah I knw u've seen it n' u're wondering where d hell I've been. Very funny movie, laughed all thru. I thot Giselle Bundchen did a good job; the scene where she was frisking the cop was hilaxx!

Aight people...Enjoy ur week!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


jhazmyn said...

LMAO, i dont blame you o, before you start and find out the old man has got some tricks up his sleeves.

I LOVED taxi, and hey, you wont be the first to watch a movie late, guess we all have our share

blogoratti said...

Like the way your brain did a screeeech...hehe!
But seriously,can you blame the old chap? Guess he was just saying it as it is,eh?

NaijaBabe said...

Frisky daddy of an instructor!!!! Chei!

akaBaGucci said...

Assaulting your instructor with you looking all cute and stuff abi? Nice one though...


Girl, be careful with these old men oh! Viagra is giving all of them mighty courage, lol!!!!! Have you read BSNC's latest post about her client who got a *ahem* long thing? These old men are dangerous!

BSNC said...

You will okay, ur mama will soon come bac.

lol abi do get your liciense commot, that man na heavy agbaya....

BBB said...

agbaya *long hiss*

mind screeching hahaha

RocNaija said...

In the old days they were called aristos.. Now they're called agbaya.. Lol

How times change..

Guess what? I haven't seen both films!
So I'm worse than you.." :-D

Enkay said...

Old man! Now he's looking for some fresh skin. Na wa o!
Make sure say you pass your test so you can truly kiss him good bye.

First time here!

Sir Scribbles II said...

LOL!!! Old folks don't dull u know!

I started doing the same thing a while back too, I started seeing movies that I watched as a kid but cudn't understand, I've seen Pulp fiction and Bladerunner again

UnderCover07 said...

@ Jhazmyn: Lol Taxi was so funny!

@blogoratti:Eh he ddn't have to say it, some thots r better kept as thots biko.

@Naijababe: Na rili frisky daddy!

@DB: Ah ah DB I ddn't assault him o, it was morning, I jst threw on top n jeans wiv no make up sef!

@'Sydelle:Lol...I went to read her post...Viva Viagra mehn!

@BSNC: Serious agbaya o!

@BBB: Yes o, my mind paused real quick...say wat old man???lol

@Roc:Lol...I think they r still called Aristos oo.

@Enkay:I'll mke sure to pass the test o. Pls stop by again dear.

@Scribbs:They rili dnt I hvn't seen Pulp Fiction o.

Thanks guys!!!

Tigeress said...

na wa for this ur sugar daddy instructor. hehehe

Please check out my new post on

Adaeze said...

Aww thank u for ur shoutout.

I'd love to have a Wole Soyinka look alike driving instructor. But not after the story you just told. Reminds me of this old taxi driver I used to take breaks with at my former job..He was fat, ugly and old and told us how he always used to look at girls asses who passed by imagining what kind of underwear they were wearing (thong, boxers ,panties etc)

leggy said...

late again...just catching up...glad ur having fun.enjoy ur weekend!!

Milan said...

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