Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did u know that ...?

Hey Blogsville...
Happy Sunday to you all! Just got back from church, and had correct eba n' egusi soup, courtesy my mother. (I knw sum ppls mouths are Service was humbling, and a reminder that without Him we are nothing. And sometimes we prioritize wrongly, putting Him on the "to-do-list" and never actually getting around to it.

So all weekend the weather has been great! Talk about real sun, not that fake one that sun is shining cold go dey catch. 89degrees baby! Went out without a jacket, and walked to get some correct Vit. D. I dnt know but there's this feeling of excitement I get when the weather is nice. Waking up to sunlight streaming in thru the windows and lighting up the room, just puts me in a good mood and keeps my spirit up. I guess maybe because it reminds me of Naij, and the weather, and I dnt have to wear coats that weigh me

Anyways, after eating my correct eba I was thinking, that since I joined blogsville I've been anonymous or "undercover", and although I still wanna keep it that way, I thought it would be nice to share a little bit of Miss Enigma or Undercover07 (I can't decide which name I like best) with you guys. Call it a meme or an icebreaker or wareva u wanna. Don't know howfar I'll go sha o...but let's see: PS: This is list is gonna be very random so beware o!

- I can't swim. I luv water, but my Mom was too scared to let me n' my older sis learn to swim :(.
- I luv to dance. I don't exercise, I dance. Sometimes when listening to a 9ja tune I jst wanna get down n' move my body, but I'm sure the people around me will think something is wrong wiv me. I dnt knw how people sit still listening to music, yea I knw some songs r just for chillin' no dance needed, but when u're listening to jamz like 'Kini big deal', 'bumper 2 bumper', 'Bosigbangba', 'Wiskolowiska', M.I's album and co...demonstration is

- My fav. shows are Brothers n' Sisters, Dancing with the Stars, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill.

- One of my fav. movies is Tomb Raider; I luv Angelina Jolie n' her dnt mess attitude (No homo).

- I like small cute tattoos like butterflies, angels, or initials; but umm the fear of God and needles would not let me get one o!

- I luv jewelry especially real .925 (silver jewelry), I think it looks great on black/dark skin. I'm not into yellow gold even though I might wear it once in a while when am going for a wedding and my Mom insists. I think my wedding band is gonna be white gold or platinum.

- Once worked in the jewelry department of a store, and yup a good chunk of my pay-check went right back to the store.

- I luv sleep! I can sleep for 10hours straight! Chances of me waking up to answer a phone-call or very, very slim.

- I'm horrible at returning phone-calls, texts and generally keeping in touch. Sometimes I don't know what to say when I call and I hate that awkward moment in the conversation when we've both run out of things to say after the pleasantries, so I avoid it. As for guys, I never return the call bcos I know wat they really wanna know is "when can we hang out?", and I find it uncomfortable hanging out with a guy who I know is interested, but I am not becos I have a man, and therefore every other guy is

- When it comes to colors and style, I'm more of a sexy, classy n' mature look. I admire people who take risks with colors because I don't. There people who can pull off certain color combos and styles, and that's not me. Like neon colors, vintage and all dat, no be me at all. Even with my nails, I play safe but yday I stepped out of my comfort zone with hot pink nail-polish, and am luvin' it!!!

- Brown is my favorite color. (Me playing safe I feel its timeless, and mature. I have 3 brown pocket-books (hand-bags), 4 brown jackets, 3 brown pairs of boots...u get the drift. My school folder is brown

- I'm 4"11 (yes yes, I'm short, tiny, petitie or compact as my babie calls and I wear flats most of the time. I only wear heels if I have to: wedding, church, interview, clubbing (I carry flat slippers in my clutch cos I want to dance and not break my leg or ankle). Thank goodness that I can wear flats to work if not e for hard.

- I used to be conscious of my height and size, but I totally love it now! Ppl are always eager to when traveling to 9ja and pushing suitcases dat I can literally fit in, every guy wants to help, or when I board the plane b4 I say "jack" sum1 has offered to help put my hand luggage in the top compartment. People are just seem intrigued, and such can be used to my advantage. It sucks @ times sha especially in 9ja where they dnt look at ID, instead they size u up b4 u let u in. Well, dats why my man is 3times my Will n Jada.

- Ehen, I luv power-bikes! I doubt if I'll ever learn to ride o, but I luv going for a ride. And whenever am in 9ja, I don't fail to fly bike o. Yes, I know they are dangerous but come on. Wind in ur hair, stunners on, going so fast you think you can fly, while others are in traffic...its like my Angelina Jolie badass chic My boyfrnd hates 'em and cringes when I tell him I got on one.

- I luv 9ja food...especially Ofada rice, and beans and dodo. My Mom keeps saying even with all the beans I eat, I refused to add height...meanwhile she's like 5"3

- There are only two kids in my family; my older sister is married with kids...U get the picture.

- I like using "..." a lot; am sure u've noticed that by now.

- Besides blogging...I have a journal. I've been keeping journals since JS3. I took a break off them later on, but I think I have about 6 journals hidden somewhere in the ceiling in my room in 9ja. Dnt ask why or how they got there...that was the safest place I cld think of b4 leaving. Wld go and carry my property when next I go home.

- Ohhh did I tell u that I'm crazy about BMW's! I think they are classy, hot, and multi-purpose. U can drive 'em to work, a night out or even a day with the kids. My dream cars 650i convertible and X5 30i.

- I'm in a LDR with someone I met three years ago, and 'em we sha had something but then I just disappeared without a word. And three years later and a couple of relationships later, we're together again. DB and Roc were the first commenters then when the drama was unfolding.

Ok o e don do for one post. I'll continue this at a much later date in the not so near future. Maybe when next am bored, and in the mood. Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy ur week guys, and hope you all accomplish whatever it is you have set out for the week. Goodluck to those writing exams, tests, papers or meeting dead-lines at work. In whatever you do, put your best foot forward, and remember to put Him first!

Luff u guys!

xoxo Miss Enigma!

PS: Was gonna upload pics of my hot pink nails but blogger is acting up.


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

this was a long read but a lovely one. it's so amazing that you have 6 journals in your ceiling!
your so compact ...i love it!

Danny BaGucci said...

Six Journals? Have only had a hard copy one.. All the others are e-copies (passworded of course) on my lappie...LOL

Bibi said...

4'11? my cuz is 4'7. beat that. lol i feel you on the bikes o! i was always flying bikes in naija. everywhere i went. *sigh* i still miss them.

NaijaBabe said...

Dance..count me in...especially naija tunes...its worse when im studying and listening to music.

Power bikes...mehn I'm a sucker for those

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee brown. Its a disease I got from my sister. I cant help it

Adaeze said...

nice post! I enjoyed gettin to know u a lil better. My fav show is also gossip girls and brothers & sisters. on the other hand im 6 ft tall so there's a bit of a difference lol I also wear flats though :-D

UnderCover07 said...

LNQ_ Yup u're first! Sorry 'bout the length ddn't think it was gonna be that long. Thanx, I luv it too!

DB- Yes o, 6 story of my life. I didn't know guys were into keeping journals oo...nice.

Bibi- 4'7 for real? Wow; I miss dem bikes too!

NaijaBabe- I can see u trying to study n' bop ur head @ the same is the shiznit!

Adaeze- I totally luv Brothers n' mad tho that Kitty is having an affair; dnt like it at all! Am glad u enjoyed the post, that was the whole idea, for blogsville to get to know me.

Thanks guys!!!

jhazmyn said...

LOL @ "its like my Angelina Jolie badass chic moment"...have u ever been thrown off a bike (or rather..okada)?, i love them too o, but lets say my love for en has been greatly reduced tnxs to my fall

I think I'm more used to undercover07

RocNaija said...

Not to worry.. There's a special ward in Igbobi for Angelina Jolie moments gone wrong on bikes!!

If I see you on a plane you won't have to ask about your hand luggage..

And you'll know me cos I'll probably be wearing brown as well.. ;-)

Buttercup said...

cooooooooooool..nice knowing more bout u!

but dang 4'll"..and i thought i was short at 5'4.5"!

i cant swim either..prefer white gold to yellow too..i love dancing..not really a fan of brown but i've got a number of brown shoes..hmm what does that mean? lol..

UnderCover07 said...

@ Roc- Lol @ Igbobi. Pls o I do not wnt to end up there. And yay to u wearing brown.

@ Buttercup- Now u knw that compared to me, u're not And as for the shoes, it means u have an inner love for brown.