Sunday, August 2, 2009

License to Drive

Hello Blogsville...

Kilon pop? How's everybody doing? Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend? I had a very dry weekend o jare, nothing interesting happened o. Lol @ Tunrayo and Scribbles that were looking for x-rated gist on my last post. Una see the word "threesome" and immediately ur imaginations began to run wild in hungry anticipation for something hot and spicy abi? Sorry to have disappointed u guys o, my writing skills and my social life never hot reach dat

Guess who just passed her driving test? Yelz yelz, ur very own UnderCover 07 a.k.a Miss Enigma. The test was Friday morning; went with my Mom. She called off work to go with me (cos I needed the car for the test and a licensed driver to be there with moi). U should have seen the smile on her face when I got out the car and told her I like say na she happy pass me sef.
ML was happy that I passed but also happy 'cos that my Wole Soyinka look alike of an instructor won't be telling me 'bout his "naughty thoughts" Anyways, so I'm officially a licensed driver, the next thing na to buy moto. God go do am! Meanwhile, donations are being collected by the Help Undercover buy a car Fund...for transfer/account info pls contact me.

When it comes to movies, I see them after the world has (most times). So on Thursday morning my Momsie and I decided to watch Slumdog Millionaire. Somebody @ her job gave her the DVD. Normally, watching a movie with my parents (especially Momsie) is more like telling a story, because they ask so many questions. Why did this happen? How did they get here? Who is who? How are the characters related? Why do they make the sound/picture effect so real, do they want to give old people like us heart-attack?(this is Momsie's favorite line whenever we go to the
So on this faithful morning, I thought it was going to be another story-telling session, but to my surprise it wasn't o! After giving her the summary of who is who, and the story-line, the woman kept up with the rest of the movie. She was even helping me catch up cos I kept dashing in and out to get ready for work of which I ended up being late to work sef. The part that even tripped me sef be say she didn't fall asleep!

People ooo...I dnt knw wat to do to my hair o jare. Shd I get a weave or just the usual blow-dry and straighten. Am tired of blow-drying jo, but I was gonna wait to get a weave to resume school which isn't till end of August. Dnt knw if I can wait that long jo. To fix or not to fix, that is the question. What to do? What to do? Decisions...decisions!

Service in church today was ohhh la la! The topic was JOY. For the next couple of weeks, we'll be talking about the Fruits of the Spirit. So 3 things dat Pastor said rob us of our JOY:
- Busy Schedules: We make to-do lists but we dnt put God on there, busy, busy, busy...spend at least 10mins wiv God everyday, it cld be reading the Bible, listening to His music, sitting in silence listening to Him and jst being in His prescence.

- Regret: Looking back and punishing ourselves for things that God has already forgiven us for. God dsn't blackmail us with our past, He forgives and moves on....we shd also.

- Self-image: Putting so much time and effort in trying to please the world and people around us, but not enough time pleasing the one who gave us life.

- Dependent: Being dependent on earthly things for acceptance and acknowlegdement. Like ohh if only I cld get that job, I'll be a happy person, If only I cld get that car, If only I cld get this and get that....I'll be happy. By doing that, we sell ourselves, when in actuality as children of God, we are priceless. We give earthly things power over our Joy. But notice how when we get those things we wanted so bad, we still aren't joyful....instead we want something else?

So in summary, He is our JOY. And we shd make time for Him and not things that disappoint and fall short of giving us that inner peace and happiness that is beyond human understanding.

Have a great great week guys!

PS: If this post seems random, take it like that. Chari says being random might slowly help get blogsville out of the writers block/ lack of motivation that has been going

moto- this means car/automobile in pidgin english
ML- My Luv/The Boyfriend

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HHAHAHAHAHA!!!! take that suckers!!!!

yeah scribbles you too!

*does the butt jiggle*

I am sooo bringing spamming back with ma comments!

Anonymous said...

And I so happen to be third so I will leave the rest to you kids...lemme comment and rest ma old ass....

Ki lon pop??? hahahaa I aint heard that in a looon while mehN!

I swear mehn u got me with the title of your last post too mehn but I jus coded maself

UGH and I tot I was the only one that had that problem! DAMN! ahnahn! but momma's own is worse o...she will ask you what they were thinkin when they did what...

Sir Scribbles II said...

Hey Hey!!! Chari wetin dey worry u, as if being first isn't bad enuf you have to call me out...last warning o!
and undercover abi na miss enigma, why u dey mention my name please? u said threesome nd i expected a threesome. infact u r at fault for deceiving us....lie dat u didn't know wat u r doing wen u used threesome in d title

yaaa for you! so u r now an official driver, nice one oh!!

me no go church on sunday...i'm a bad boy

blog recession ke? I don't know wat u r talking about...allthough that gives me ann idea for my next product lol


Madam "I am a licensed driver" - CONGRATS!!!!

Your pastor's sermon was on point.

Chari might just be right with the random posts helping to respark blogville.

And thank goodness that old man won't have to share his nasty thoughts with you. ewww.



tunrayo said...

congratulations on the test (sob sob, i wish i could drive). That church sermon was on point (although i dint go to church myself). Thanks for sharing.

p.s. what now? scribbles is right, we should sue you for deceiving us. and see what you caused, you made scribbles write that MB3.0 post

Nice Anon said...

seems like so long ago when i got my license. good for you!

Fabulo-la said...

All I have to do is look for him and I'll be happy?
*confused look*

Congratulations on ur license babe

RocNaija said...


All that's left is to drop the Range Rover sport like it's hot!

miss.fab said...

congrats o. i'm yet to get a license myself. been putting it off for the longest but men this year i shall conquer the road!

busy schedules! i think that's my own #1 issue... and the funny thing is i really can't be that busy if i have hours to spend online nearly everyday. so it must be something else then...? hmm

anyway thanks for stopping by!

bob-ij said...

I'm the only one dulling. I better get my act together and take my G2...and I van drive. I'm just too lazy to go for @ having to explain all the details...I feel like the writer's block/ motivation is slowly passing!

UnderCover07 said...

@Chari: Yelz, yelz u're first. Lol @ coding urself.

@Scribbles:Blogsville already knw say u be bad boy...glad u got a post idea from my post. Now cme and pay me cut.

@'Sydelle: Yes o, no more creepy Thanx.

@tunrayo: Glad u enjoyed the sermon pointers; sue me ke? ahn ahn now?lol

@Nice Anon:Thanx!!!

@Fabulola: Thanx! Ermm no He's not an instant feel gud pill...but His word is bond compared to things of the world.

@Roc: Thanx man...Range gini? Na u wan buy am abi? wahala.

@Miss Fab: Thanx...u shd get it o. And yup all dat busy schedule excuse won't fly

@bob-ij: Come on go and get that license And yeah I think the block is slowly passing too. It's all in d

Thanx guys!!!

Honeywell said...

can i hear an amen????
yes oh, we should be totally dependent on him for all things.
i would like to contribute to the car fund. how do i go about it? lol