Sunday, December 6, 2009

Quit catching feelings!!!

Hello Blogsville,

How's everybody doing? Hope y'all had a peaceful and rest-filled weekend. And to my good friend who lost a loved one...I wish I had the words to soothe your hurt, and ease your pain, but I do not. I wanna say take heart, but someone once said how many hearts can you take...
We take solace in the fact that He who knows all and sees all, knows best. So I pray that in this time of pain, hurt n' mourning when you feel like you can't go on...that He will lift you and your family up, and carry you.IJN, Amen. Luff u!!!

My people wats gud? Everytime I want to update, I keep putting it off till when "I can type a coherent post", well let's face it if I wait for that time, I myt as well never post.

So I was Twitter, and I noticed a lot of you were on there, like a mini blogsville. And now I knw hw ppl always get first on cos they get the alerts on twitter from the blogger...dats ojoro oo! Neways, I dnt knw wat it is, but the addiction bug has refused to bite me. I follow ppl and I find some tweets interesting, but for me to tweet na wahala, I only have 54 tweets. Well, make we dey look.

This recession and holiday period is causing trouble o; there's been an increase in robberies, and fraud lately...and so am just begging God to spare me o. Cos the amount of fraudulent checks that we've been seeing on the job have just been on the rise. A branch close to mine got robbed few weeks ago. Dunno wat I'll do if I had a gun pointed at me, pray never to experience such.

On a lighter note, mke una cme hear story. So few days ago we discovered that a customer was making a check deposit for 55bucks, but the teller who filled the deposit slip mistakenly filled it for 5,500. This happened a while back, but it was jst caught. So, the man comes in and the Manager asks what he did with the money. Dude says, he ddn't knw about it, that his wife saw the money and was mad that he had such an amount and lied to her; so she withdrew half of it. lie o. Dem don spend the money its time to pay it back. So people if you mistakenly had an excess deposited in ur acct. what would you do?

I saw Law Abiding Citizen during the week, and I loved it. Really, good movie. Jamie Foxx has done well for himself by having very marketable skills. When the music scene isn't as hot, he has his acting to fall back on, and he's pretty good. Nice job J!

Why don't some boys get the message sometimes. If a chic has said she's not interested, move on. If she was interested and just fronting u'll knw cos she'll give u the signs...but when there are no signs just good ol' platonic friendship responses then you shd stop catching feelings and get wiv d programme. Catching too much feelings after u've been told that it ain't gonna happen becomes irritating and annoying biko.

Aiight let me go and continue working on my class project.
Catch y'all later. Have a blessed and productive week ahead my darlings!!!

PS: Aside from F21, CRusse, Wet-seal, H&M, what other on-line/ off-line stores have nice items. Tops, skirts and dresses. Thanx my blogsville fashionistas.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!


Azazel said...

Extreme fuckup lol n that guy's part. I would report the excess if it weree in my account

Sugarking said...

Nice movie "Law Abiding Citizen" But I didn't like the way it ended sha. I mean he was just teaching the people who didn't do their jobs well a lesson abi? so why did they still have to kill him like that? lol

UnderCover07 said...

Azazel: Lol, u will report it abi? good citizen

SugarKing: I knoooo! I was sooo mad that he died, ahn ahn...I ddn't like dt part at all o. Hw u been tho?

leggy said...

i would report it oh, i dont have extra money to spare, and who knows they might give me jara for reporting.

leggy said...

i loved law abiding artical too.

neefemi said...

i would report it - just not that comfortable with things like that - try dots,rue21,rainbow,tj maxx, marshalls, Burlington coat factory and shasa
have a great week

Nice Anon said...

I'd give the money back as I no want any yawa jor

Gee said...

lol @ the twitter ojoro!
just got bitten my the bug too!
I havent seen u on twitter o!

hee hee @ the dude of 5500 eposit--shu God in heaven knows immediately I am returning it o---I wont even be able to sleep well with it.

LAC--is such an amazing movie--i fell in love with Butler, all those kind of movies that make u be on the bad guys side--LOl..i know i was!

CerebrallyBusy said...

oh i'd report immediately, it is when im broke they'll be asking me to pay back abi???

so im guessing you're tired of ebay too??? they have lovely shoes, but i havent been on there recently..lack of money :( but check it out...

shorty said...

I'll just return the money. Loved Law Abiding Citizen too.

BBB said...

glad ur b ack..
dont know what i'd do till it happens

cutesygirl and

jhazmyn said...

I go report o...its better, cos it'll definitely be if it wont be, i guess i'd report too, i no get liver

Rene said...

i love law abiding citizen too....and those boyz dt lyk to catch excess signals...i fon tire

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

why would i want to be in debt?
i hate owing!!!
you have a wonderful week ahead!