Friday, December 11, 2009

I have a question...???

Hello Blogsville,

How una dey? It's the weekend y'all!!! But unfortunately I'm gonna spend my weekend studying for my last final which is on Wednesday. God dey. Hpe everyone is gonna be getting some well deserved rest.

I met a blogger on twitter :),hehehe!

So my ppl, I have a question for everyone. When do you start sleeping over @ the boyfie's without being hassled by the parents or older folks? Or is it a no-no until u've moved out and have ur own place? What if u're in a/an LDR and only get to see him for the few weeks that u're home visiting, is it wrong to want to spend a night or two over? Wanna hear everyone's POV on this matter. Cos U know how Naija parents and family members could be uptight and hold on to their children almost forgetting that they'll grow up and leave the house.

I was @ the mall bout two weeks ago with a friend, and guess what I heard playing in a store? Shank's Julie!!!!!! Initially when I heard the beat I was like, it can't I walked into the store (Top Gun) and asked the white chic if there was an African working there, she said no. I was like ahn ahn, so ermm pls where did u get this song from? She said she heard it @ a club, loved it and so asked the DJ for it. The babe knew the lyrics to the damn song...I was shocked, and just walked away smiling :).

Just watched Nightline on ABC and they featured how African Food Stores in yankee are selling exotic meat/ bushmeat; and that these items are a threat to the society becos of the diseases that could be spread through the meat. No wonder they've been searching ppl seriously at the airport, and seizing stuff. That's how they seized my indomie and kilishi 2months ago....mschewww.

Aiight guys, gotta go to bed cos I have to be @ work in the morning.
Y'all have a great weekend...and bring the juicy details back to blogsville

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


Myne Whitman said...

So you're skulking on Twitter, follow me jo and stop hiding...LOL

For the sleeping over bit, I can be sure my parents would never have allowed it while I lived at home. I may yet be like that too with my kids. I think two people can spend as much time as they want together without having to spend the night. And my dad explained that it wasn't just about sex, you can make love in the day as well, but about safety and accountability. Don't discount the reputation too especially in the culture we come from.

All the best with your exams.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

i won't advice you to do it...
like myne said
your rep may be at stake
and about you previous post
i think i sorta believe it
the occult
have a good one

My World said...

Good luck with finals,dear!
I guess Myne has answered your question already cos the truth be say,ma liver no strong reach that level sef!

Ms. 'dufa said...

Nigerian music is really going places

I agree with myne on the sleeping over thing. I think its wrong. Especially as it isn't his house but his parents house.

Fragilelooks said...


The- Damsel said...

I think myne answered that question, even if it was his house, not his parents its still looks some how, you might end up doing something you had no intention of doing...

Sugarking said...

On a different note, Why should your parents be knowing about your business like that in the first place?? That's why they're your parents. Its their job to disapprove of such a thing. But then If u wanna be at his for the night, I guess not even you can stop you, so just do you, but be respectful about it. shish!!! they don't have to know! lol

LusciousRon said...

This is my current situation and I am with Myne on this. I won't be going over to spend the night when I get home. I can imagine my parents not letting me out of their sight having been away from them for a few months. Boyfriend dear will have to understand.

As a friend said to me, if he wants you arounf that badly, he should marry you. That is my POV! Goodluck and remember we are in the same shoes at the moment.

Nice Anon said...

I have nothing against spending the night at his place if he has his own place but not under his parents roof unless you two are engaged to be married and a wedding is in the works.

Goodluck on your finals.

leggy said...

i agree with nice anon.goodluck with your finals.already through with mine.

neefemi said...

goodluck on ur finals o - who is this boy on twitter o? hmm i think if u live alone yea, but if u live with ur parents i dont think so...smh @ yankee and their nonsense

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Today is wednesday...How did your finals go????Wishing you all the best.

Fashinga said...

hehehe!!! lol!!! these white people are always scared of diseases and that's why they always get infected with them...

My sweerie!!! i have mizzzzed u oh!!! So since i'm a little late, i assume u're done with your finals? hope it went well..

and ehem, i know everyone is saying its wrong to sleep over at boyfie's place.... Well, like Nice anon, i see absolutely nothing wrong with it....As long as you're not living with him, there's nothing wrong with spending a night or two in his house.... It'll give you guys more time to bond...

And like sugarking said, definitely your parents will dissaprove...they're ur parents after!!

Take care of u luv!!!