Monday, July 27, 2009

...My Weekend Threesome!!!

Hello Blogsville...

How's everybody doing? Finally some updates here and there...I was beginning to think that the recession had hit this our lovely town o, abeg make una no let am o. I know some have said the drive or the motivation to blog isn't there (for now), I hope you guys get that drive back soon...cos we miss you guys! As for the new comers, do not be distraught o, there are still alot of interesting blogs out there; all you have to do is step out from ur regular reads and explore new ones. You'll be amazed.

I had another fun-filled weekend, with old friends and made new ones. First off, after work on Saturday, I went to go see "The Ugly Truth" starring Katherine Heigl (not a fan of her sha) and Gerard Butler. And I had a good laugh. It's nice romantic comedy; if u like such, go see it!

So every weekend all through the summer, there is a free concert @ the Central Park SummmerStage, and guess who the performing artists were this past Sunday? Ginuwine...Joe...Chico DeBarge (although I dnt knw who Chico is and I've never heard any of his songs sha o). It took forever to get in sha when a concert is free, everybody wants to go. The lines went for miles, but we finally get in and it's almost like a huge barbecue party.People had picnic baskets and went all out with the food, some sitting on the floor, the DJ was warming the crowd up and everyone was in good spirits.

We had a really, really good time. I'm surprised I didn't loose my voice from all the screaming and oohing and ahhing. Ginuwine is such a cutie, and Joe hmmmm that man can use his music to do things to a sista! At the end, all three of them did a lil' tribute to MJ by singing Billie Jean and Human Nature. Ginuwine also displayed some moves too. :)

Ginuwine.....................Joe.....................................Chico DeBarge

Ginuwine..................................G and Joe.................................All three!

After the concert, we went down to 73rd and 2nd Ave, (I think) to this nice Thai restaurant to replenish lost I had Phuket Pineapple Fried Rice...and I totally loved it! Will def be ordering that again. :)
After dinner, we all went to my friend S's new apartment and just chilled, danced, played cards, traded gist, and ermmm shayo was present :). Somehow we missed our train and so my other friend B and I slept over.

All in all, I had an awesomey weekend! For all those hitting up the NY region this summer, pls take a walk through the park and take advantage of the free concerts too, and enjoy the city. There's no place like NY. So that's how my weekend threesome went!!!

Continue to have a great week guys, and if you feel like your week didn't get off to a great start, just hold on ' cos the best is yet to come!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

PS: Tried uploading a video from the concert, but it seems to either be taking forever or its jst not uploading at all.... I been wan try give una small glimpse of the show, but the thing don tire me.


RocNaija said...

That sounds like a bad azz combination..
Ginuwine still got those moves?!
I thought he gave up soon as Chris breezy stepped on the scene..

Yinkuslolo said...

UC 07: I can so relate to this post, I live close to NY and was sad to miss this show. tho some of my plas attended.

I so love pineapple thai fried rice. so good, actually it was the first thai delicacy that i ever had.

Fabulo-la said...

Chico who?
oh wow u saw Joe???
Gee Im def jealous...

Sir Scribbles II said...

My weekend threesomes? I was expecting something more...provocative if u know wata I mean lol. I wonder, can Ginuwine still move like b4? Asian food is definitely God's gift to mankind I tell you and I say this not cos I'm a hopeless addict

tunrayo said...

see me hoping for some xrated post :(

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

oohhh seems like someones enjoying their summer!!! i love joe n ginuwine..both classic...pineapple Thai fried rice? ewwww isn't that too sweet?? na wahh

bob-ij said...

Ahhh I want freee concerts too. Why do I always not have the good stuff...Recession really has hit oh! At least some of us still have some E-cash! I loved the ugly truth the line to enter was long as hell, and it wasn't even the first day..I also loved hte proposal...I thought I wasn't, but I'm a sucker for chick

UnderCover07 said...

@Roc- Yup, u can say that again. It was nice combo of voices.

@Yinkuslolo: I'm hooked on that food now

@Fabulola: Dnt be jealous

@Scribbs: How u no go dey expect bad

@Tunrayo: U too, u were hoping for

@Gidipwincess: Nahh its not too sweet o.

@bob-ij: Sowie dear, hpefully a free concert comes ur way soon!

temmy tayo said...

lol at Tunrayo.

By the way, you had fun and i am beefing! lol

~Sirius~ said...

I use to love Chicco, what ever happened to him!