Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hanging In There...

...Hang in there, that's what we say to someone going through a rough patch, with the believe that that rough patch will soon pass.
Hang in there, focus on the big picture, it's all a phase...I say this to people and more times than I can ever count, I say it to myself. But, heck it's easier said than done.
The past couple of weeks have been kinda, sorta rough and trying.
Distance sucks huge balls!!! Never get into a LDR, I tell ya, its the worst thing you can do to yourself *sigh* 

Now that I'm done with school and I'm now working, I feel the distance more than ever. Before, I had school to keep my focus, and keep me busy/distracted. But now that I have my weekends, and after work hours to myself, I find myself feeling his absence more and more :( I mean, I wanna go out to dinner, movie or even just walk through the park. Road-trips, vacations, and even lazy indoor weekends...*sigh*

It's summer and everyone is going away on vacation to diff places, acquiring new experiences and memories, I'm just here. For someone who loves to travel I sure as hell haven't done any in years! Instead of planning trips, I save up vacation time to be able to go visit Nigeria. I mean Naij is fun during Christmas and all, but it would be nice to travel somewhere else...even Dubai, South Africa ain't a bad idea.

My good friend who used to be my plus one to events and hanging out now has a boyfie so yeah, I don't see her anymore and I don't like hanging out  with them...being a third wheel isn't fun either.

So I'm hanging in there, but I gotta say it ain't easy and some days I almost want to just stop hanging and know how when Meredith drowned in Grey's Anatomy, instead of fighting and swimming she just let herself drown? Yeah, that's kind of how I feel sometimes. Maybe my McDreamy will come and save me like Derek came to save Meredith *sigh* wishful thinking abi? Smh

Ok, I'm gonna stop now so I dnt sound like I'm whining...I just needed to talk and share without feeling bad or selfish. :( 

My birthday is in 2weeks and I don't know what I'm doing this year...tired of the usual dinner and drinks...wanna do something nice and fun. Suggestions??? If I had my own place, I would have thrown a BBQ party but oh well. I'm getting old, but thank God I dnt look it. I can still pass for 16-17 :) and that's about 7yrs off my real age; not bad eh? I know.

Have a great weekend every one and thanks for lending your me your ears :* 

Hugs and Kisses,
Miss Enigma! 


LohiO said...

Aww my boo! hang in there...:D

Unveilinggold said...

Aww...stay strong..

Happy bday in advance..Why dont u go on a boat cruise? you could get good deals online depending on your location..Ask your friends if they want to join, then u all contribute money and hopefully get a discount..

Myne Whitman said...

And that's what I'll say too, hang in there. :)

It does get easier, and then you're both finally together.

@ilola said...

So you are an enigma, ehn? I ask this cos my friends labelled me as one too, which forms part of my blog.
As fpr the LDR thing, I totally feel you. I was once in your shoes. I did it twice. One didn't work out while the other did. So I will say, hang in there. It should be totally worth it in the end.
Love your blog. first time here and following.
Please, check out my blog at

TemiY said...

yay! been a while since your last post..

try to organize a 'girls thing' so its just u and ur friend like old times..


NikkiSho said...

you'll be fine :-)

doll said...

LDRs really really suck and its not for everybody clearly.

Happy birthday in advance. hope it turns out to be fun

Giagerry said...

((hugssss))---I can so relate!!! But biko nor go drown abeg o--how e go come save u from Naija now? biko think am well well o!
lol--it is well dear, btw I shuld be in ur area in 2 weeks with Mr Punch, by force u musto b 3rd wheel o! loL.

btw check my blog for the joint story we are doing, I remember u did one short story i really liked so Im sure u have game in this area so get ready!

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

*sigh* Thanks guys for the comments! Really, u never know howfar kind and encouraging words can go...I was really drowning. :) Thanks.

Lara said...

Happy birthday in advance...hang in there and like Giagerry wrote, biko no try Grey Anatomy stunt for ya house, biko no Mcdreamy around to safe ya.

Have a lovely week.