Monday, June 27, 2011

Wanna Win My Heart?

Hi Guys,

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to those who commented on my last post. It's not easy, but I'm still holding on believing this is only temporary and it's the storm before the sun shines.

So I found this on Sting's blog the other day and decided to do it. It's a 30 day blogging challenge. Hopefully this will help me get my blogging mojo back, as well as help in keeping me busy and distracted from missing him too much. So for day #1, the challenge is to write about 5 Ways to Win My Heart. I don't know if this refers to guys or in general, I'm gonna just do it with regards to guys even though I'm currently not dating. Here we go in no particular order...

-  Caring & Attentive: I love romance (there are days when I'm irritated by it), and just feeling special so a guy who is caring and attentive to my needs both big and small definitely gets a plus with me. Lil' gestures that most guys wld overlook. So one time I was on the phone with a friend and mentioned that my dress was orange, when we all got together to hangout later that day, he brought me an orange flower. I'm like dude that's so sweet, ur next gf is a lucky chic. 

- Funny & Lively: I personally believe that I have multiple personalities (dnt ask) but one min I can be quiet, just on my BB, watching tv or browsing the net and to myself for hours! And then the next I am bouncing off the walls, with random spurts of theatrical display x_x Only my close friend T has seen this mad side. But in general I like to have a good time, and so a guy who is funny, dsn't mind being made fun of, and enjoys hanging out, doing fun stuff, wins my heart. I can't stand an overly quiet and in his own shell kinda guy,I always worry what are they thinking.

- Confidence & Taking charge: *sigh* I live with my Mom and I'm used to getting things done myself. So a guy who takes charge of things would be greatly welcomed. I like things being planned, scheduled on time and just organized and when I give someone the opportunity to take charge and their not keeping up, it irks me. So a guy who is confident, and takes charge, but is also confident enough to ask for help when he needs it is great! I wanna just fall back and be like "yeah, I ain't got to worry about XYZ 'cos I know my man got it under control. That's my babie!" :) 

- RESPECTFUL & HARDWORKING: I'm not the easiest person to deal with at times. But a man who regardless of it all is respectful of me, who I am, what I do and I am passionate about is a keeper. Respect not just towards me but towards my family and friends too. I've seen too many women in my family carry the burden of breadwinner with little to no support from the so called man; and for that reason my patience is very, very thin with men who think sitting on their asses is a form of revenue generation. Heck no! I'll be realistic and say I don't expect you to be rolling in dollars, but get your butt moving and work! All that BS about Daddy's money, running one or two deals (read as just waiting to get sme cut from one tiny transaction) etc ain't gonna fly. Hit the pavement and hit it hard, because that encourages us women that ok this is trying and we should stand by you. But just sitting and twiddling thumbs, becoming a local champion/area father while people around you are moving on that's just inexcusable.

PRESENTATION & PACKAGING: By this I mean personal appearance, and carriage. I don't wanna sound shallow, but the reality of the situation is nobody wants to be with someone who they are embarrassed to be seen with in public. #Gbam. You don't have wear awon designer and things, but please find clothes and colors that work with your body and not against it! Get a hair cut! I can't even begin to go into how much of a tunr a good hair cut is for me lol, comb/brush your hair, no cocopops kinda steez pls! Then the icing on the cake is a good cologne! Guys, don't be surprised when the amount of hugs you get on the daily increases...babes love a guy that smells good! Ask any chic and she'll tell you this.

So there, those are the 5 Ways to Win My Heart but ermm this heart is currently closed for winning lol. 

If you wanna take the 30 day challenge go to Sting's blog (link above) and get the details.
Have a great week ahead me darlings! 

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!  


Myne Whitman said...

Saw the challenge on Stings. I won't be doing but I'll be following you guys.

I think you summed it up nicely in that last one.

Giagerry said...

buhahahahah! this aint 5 o! count well well na 10! looL!
Im thinking of doing the challenge tho, but i have a couple of other posts lined up so id fall in later.

Madame Sting said...

lol @ presentation and packaging. I can't shout.

LohiO said...

LMAO!!!!You are a woman after my own heart.

Laurenta said...

but you didnt more than 5 na

i totally agree tough

@ilola said...

Presentation is very key o. Can't stand lazy men also.