Friday, May 6, 2011

TGIF....Aren't U Glad?!

Dear BlogFam,

How have u all been? *sigh* It's been a very, very busy past couple of weeks! When I just started this job I was complaining that there was too much down time and nothing to do...I should have kept my mouth shut! It's as if all the client decided to roll out/make adjustments in their! work! work! I've also been frustrated with myself; u know how when you're learning as you go and you make mistakes only to find out they were silly mistakes *sigh* I can't wait to learn everything and not have to be the newbie always asking for help :( 

Meanwhile, I've been sleep deprived this past week. With chauffeuring my beloved Mom to the airport, and picking my friends Mom, and operation "mini extreme home makeover" before my Mom returns, 9 - 5 work and side gigs...I don tire. Got home last night and my body couldn't take it any more. I was a second away from crying. You know that tired exhausted feeling where you're just so burned out you wanna cry... I fell asleep BBMing the boyfie saying why are u not here!, if you were here you wld be taking care of me now and cuddling me to sleep...yadi yadi man. I harass his life but its all love :) 

Memorial Day weekend is coming and I'm all sorts of excited because the destination is The Hamptons!!! Yelz! It's not only oyinbo or wealthy people that can have a good Group of us are renting a house and spending the weekend! Heated pool, nice houses, clean beaches, tennis courts... I just need a get away shaa. Thank you Lord.

My dear blogfam what would you do if a guy who has a girlfriend, asks you out to lunch, spends time hanging out with you and two other friends till 4am, is constantly in communication with you (except when his GF is around)...He hasn't said anything about oh I like you but his actions are def loud enough. And the funny thing is the girl is making excuses for him (oh women! why do we do this to ourselves?) As my dear Naija ppl talk..."na from clap dance dey start".

My commencement ceremony is in 3weeks and I don't have a dress. I'll try and shop for one this weekend if time is my friend. Meanwhile I've gained a few invisible pounds! My weight has been steady for almost 3weeks thanks to my office that seems to always have food lying around. Breakfast food for early meetings, nice lunches for client meetings, beer and pizza for thurs/friday meetings, cupcakes and pastries thanks to cake shops in the area or a jolly co-worker. And according to my team members it gets even worse in the summer :). I'm not complaining. 10-15lbs here I come!!!! Maybe now I can buy a dress off the rack and not have to have it slim-fitted. :) 

I was gonna blog about the my favorite male things...things I find attractive/like, but this ended up being an update. Oh time. Have a lovely weekend me darlings!!!!!!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!          


Myne Whitman said...

Aww...try to get some sleep and rest this weekend if possible. Take care...

LohiO said...

Man same thing@! I thought with summer coming around, I would be lounging at work! HA! :( soooo tired! Lets thank God for having a job tho...

I want to go to the Hampton's toooooo!! Enjoyment!!!

please try to sleep and eat helps with the fatigue! *hugs*

shorty said...

Pele my dear, try and have a good rest this weekend. *HUG*

doll said...

Well the weekend is over. hope you got some rest.

Put on some calories just reading about all that food
What you do with that kind of guy is cut him off totally if you are uncomfy with the attention, but since he has not said or done anything inappropriate i wouldnt