Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Symptoms of Old-age???

Hello Blogsville...
How's everybody doing? The week is slowly rounding up; and it seems like its been a very long week with the events that unfolded from the week before and so on. I've been wanting to blog but jst lacked the drive, and also couldn't decide on what to blog about. But all through, one thing has been on my mind. I know a lot of people have blogged 'bout MJ's death and the media is still squeezing out every possible juice from the story so I really dnt wanna bore u, but I jst wnt to share why my heart goes out to him (MJ), and his family.

MJ was a great performer, artiste and entertainer no doubt about that. But it is the lonely and lost boy within the body of a man that I feel sad for. To me he always looked lonely, and sort of misunderstood; and also, like he never fitted in, just in a class of his own. IMO, the one place where he looked most comfortable and sure of himself, was on stage. Other than that, at interviews he looked so vulnerable, soft spoken, and shy.

I dnt wanna ramble any further, but for the boy who never grew up, who never really had a normal childhood, who didn't like being called names, whose source of comfort were his work and his children; that's the MJ whom I cried for. Lol...yes I cried and am not ashamed to say it. I know the guy wasn't perfect and all, but... oh well may his gentle soul and the souls of all the departed RIP.

...It's the month of July, and normally this is like my fav. month bcos its my b'day month. And normally whether am doing anything or not am usually hyper; but this time around I've been feeling quite mellow. Is this a sign of old-age? When b'days become just another day in the year, and I start feeling like the clock is ticking? My girls been asking if I have anything planned but my brain is just blank. I dnt know o jare...make we dey look sha. Am just grateful for the past year and looking forward to Him unveiling his plan for my future one day at a time.

PS: My Mom's back, and am glad she is. Thanx for the support blogsville.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!


RocNaija said...

I reckon it's probably because you haven't got anything out of the ordinary lined up..
Who knows.. Someone just might surprise you..
Whatever happens, have fun though..
You deserve it..

Original Mgbeke said...

Yep, I definitely felt like he was castigated and no one ever understood him, and like you...that is the MJ that I felt sad for. May he continue to R.I.P.
Hmmm I never really do much on my birthdays.

Adaeze said...

Glad to hear your mom's back.
I feel the same way for MJ.
And I don't think it's sign of old age..but I feel exactly the same and wondered just the same.

sweetness said...

my love to ur mom!
u said that well
the lost n lonely boy in the mans body...
shy n vulnerable
r i p mj

Kemberly said...

glad to hear ur mom's back. I pray July comes with blessings and breakthrough's! Happy birthday in advance.

Sir Scribbles II said...

Yeah we're all glad ur mum's back...come how old r u sef...all u chciks will be claiming semi demi mid life crisis. I'ce got a cousin who's 22 and she's claiminh her life is coming to an end...imagine d nonsene! U r not old jo go si'dan

As for MJ...I really don't know ho wto analyse that many things were very wrong wiv his way of life...may his rst in peace btu the dude use to climb trees mehn!