Thursday, July 16, 2009

Night Crawler

...Hello Blogsville
How's everybody doing? Hpe great!
Lately, my sleeping patterns have been off. I go to bed at 3am, to wake-up 8.30- 9am to be @ work by 11am. Normally, I go to bed at 1am. Wat are u doing up @ such late hour, u ask? Well I parole the streets of blogsville visiting blogs, sometimes I'm chatting with ML, watching tv, oiling my hair, tidying stuff and so on.

Today, I promised myself that I'd be in bed by 1am. Latest 1.30am. 1am comes and guess what am doing? Frying plantain to eat with fried eggs. I know they say you shouldn't eat past 7pm, but no be my fault na.

Aight people, am done eating. Let me go and look for sleep cos it seems to be running/hiding from me.

PS: My very good friend B, is coming over for the weekend on friday and I'm freaking excited! Don't know what we're gonna do with ourselves yet, but we'll figure something out. If anything super crazy or fun happens, I'll be sure to bring u guys the unadulterated gist.

Have a great weekend ahead guys; stay outta trouble...pls dnt get stopped and searched lyk yet dnt get arrested oo, I no get money to tke bail anybody.

Take care guys,
Miss Enigma!


tunrayo said...

Insomnia! Hope you have a great weekend too and don't get arrested either (but if you do, i'm sure blogsville can combine efforts and bail u out) :-)

yinkuslolo said...

Haha, we would send out a search parri if u dont blog by Monday. lol. have fun oh.

it is gudto get 8 hrs of sleep.

Sir Scribbles II said...

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!!!! FYI It was a case of mistaken identity young lady! WHy u dey call me name anyhow biko? Plus as I comment right now I am friggin hungry nd ur plantian and egg sentence did not help matters!

RocNaija said...

If you eat that late on the regular, then it's no surprise that you only end up getting a couple of hours sleep. Lol

Original Mgbeke said...

Plaintain and fried eggs at 1am ke? LMAO. Too funny!

UnderCover07 said...

@tunrayo: Lol...I'll try not to get arrested.

@yinkuslolo: I agree 8hrs of sleep is gud o!

@Scribbles: Calm down, y u dey shout? lol. Hpe u got something to

@Roc: I kno

@Mgbeks:Lol...dts d story of my life o!