Friday, July 3, 2009

MJ's contribution to Commercial Sex Workers

Hi Blogsville Residents...

Ke kwanu?(I'm not, my closest friends are). The weekend is here once again, and for my fellow Yankee people, this is a big holiday weekend for us. It's July 4th...Independence Day; BBQ's, get togethers, family re-unions, loads of food, music, laughter and fun! As for me, I'm probably gonna go see the movie Hangover and just chill as usual.

Four more days to my b'day, and I've decided not to do anything; I'm actually going to be at work so that'll keep me busy. Last year being the big 21, I went all out with a SATC kinda theme. Weekend at a four star hotel downtown, shopping, clubbing, Limo ride to dinner by the Pier, with a view of the Brooklyn bridge...yup yup it was the perfect New-York experience. Alot has happened between then and now, and am so grateful for the journey. So, this year will just be a day of thanksgiving because that's the mood I'm in at present.

ML and I have been discussing the death of MJ, and we both have different opinions on the dude. He's of the opinion that MJ had his priorities screwed, and cannot understand my feelings of empathy towards him (MJ). In the course of our discussion, ML sent me this link from Vanguard Newspaper; my people of blogsville, when I read it LWKMD!!!! Please read this:
Commercial sex workers in Nigeria hold service of songs for Michael Jackson

Commercial sex workers in PH hold service of songs for Micheal Jackson

By George Onah
Some commercial sex workers in Port Harcourt, NIgeria have planned “a service of songs” for pop idol Michael Jackson, to display their heartfelt grief “for a musician whose music always attracts customers to us when we dance”.

In a statement, with a letterhead of “Employers and commercial sex workers association of Nigeria”, made available to Vanguard in Port Harcourt, Wednesday, the group said the association had been “short-changed by death for taking away a great contributor to the industry”.

Written in very poor English with occasional flashes of vernacular, the statement jointly signed by Sarafina Johnson and Lovina George, president and secretary respectively, said “death has thief (sic) our great singer, dancer and oga of costume (sic)”.

The association which has its headquarters in a three-star hotel (names withheld), GRA Phase 2 Port Harcourt, disclosed that “a service of songs would be held on Saturday July 4th 2009 at 9 p.m. prompt”, at the hotel and all their branches in Port Harcourt, Calabar, Uyo and Owerri”.

Accordingly, the commercial sex workers want “all our customers and lovers of Michael Jackson to light a candle and be dressed in black dress (sic) (for ladies) and black suit or native wears (for men) and assemble at the various locations as directed by their zonal leaders”.

Further to this, the association appealed to members to “make sure black coloured clothes, head tie, cap, shoes or black bag form part of your dressing every day until our loving man is buried in the place of his choice”.

In what appeared like a dirge for the pop icon, the group said “Oh Michael why have you left so soon when we have just started liking you (sic); Oh Michael you have disappointed death and death has disappointed us all because you are not dead because you will sing forever”.

I just wonder where they come up with such names as Sarafina Johnson and Lovina George; then they actually have zonal leaders??? Wonders will never end

Have a great weekend guys!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!


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tunrayo said...

lol! Happy Birthday in advance. Hope a quiet birthday is really what u want

sweetness said...

happy birthday in advance!!!
lovina n sarafina

jeez u have disappointed death n death has disappointed us all


blogoratti said...

Happy Bday in advance...and make sure to have a fun one!

Arewa said...

Lol! Ashawo dey write letter? LWKMD!

NaijaBabe said...

As in seriously???

Happy birthday in advance did go all out last year.

RocNaija said...

"commercial sex workers association of Nigeria"???????

As in...????

I'm sure this is some dodgy runs..

Happy buffday in advance..

Anonymous said... tell u the truth...i agree hes got hes priorities screwed pffence.

Bibi said...

Seriously? Wow! LWKM rite now. That ish is just too funny. Happy bday in advance. Have fun with it.

aloted said...

happy bday in advance..

nawa o for our naija commercial

first time here i think..not so so sure...but i have been seeing your stamp on some other blogs i visit... thanks for stopping by mine blog

aeedeeaee said...

shuo! Commercial employers of Sex workers association???? haba na? lwkmd!!! I saw a picture yesterday of MJ in a molue bus...that was the limit

aeedeeaee said...
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