Monday, July 27, 2009

...My Weekend Threesome!!!

Hello Blogsville...

How's everybody doing? Finally some updates here and there...I was beginning to think that the recession had hit this our lovely town o, abeg make una no let am o. I know some have said the drive or the motivation to blog isn't there (for now), I hope you guys get that drive back soon...cos we miss you guys! As for the new comers, do not be distraught o, there are still alot of interesting blogs out there; all you have to do is step out from ur regular reads and explore new ones. You'll be amazed.

I had another fun-filled weekend, with old friends and made new ones. First off, after work on Saturday, I went to go see "The Ugly Truth" starring Katherine Heigl (not a fan of her sha) and Gerard Butler. And I had a good laugh. It's nice romantic comedy; if u like such, go see it!

So every weekend all through the summer, there is a free concert @ the Central Park SummmerStage, and guess who the performing artists were this past Sunday? Ginuwine...Joe...Chico DeBarge (although I dnt knw who Chico is and I've never heard any of his songs sha o). It took forever to get in sha when a concert is free, everybody wants to go. The lines went for miles, but we finally get in and it's almost like a huge barbecue party.People had picnic baskets and went all out with the food, some sitting on the floor, the DJ was warming the crowd up and everyone was in good spirits.

We had a really, really good time. I'm surprised I didn't loose my voice from all the screaming and oohing and ahhing. Ginuwine is such a cutie, and Joe hmmmm that man can use his music to do things to a sista! At the end, all three of them did a lil' tribute to MJ by singing Billie Jean and Human Nature. Ginuwine also displayed some moves too. :)

Ginuwine.....................Joe.....................................Chico DeBarge

Ginuwine..................................G and Joe.................................All three!

After the concert, we went down to 73rd and 2nd Ave, (I think) to this nice Thai restaurant to replenish lost I had Phuket Pineapple Fried Rice...and I totally loved it! Will def be ordering that again. :)
After dinner, we all went to my friend S's new apartment and just chilled, danced, played cards, traded gist, and ermmm shayo was present :). Somehow we missed our train and so my other friend B and I slept over.

All in all, I had an awesomey weekend! For all those hitting up the NY region this summer, pls take a walk through the park and take advantage of the free concerts too, and enjoy the city. There's no place like NY. So that's how my weekend threesome went!!!

Continue to have a great week guys, and if you feel like your week didn't get off to a great start, just hold on ' cos the best is yet to come!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

PS: Tried uploading a video from the concert, but it seems to either be taking forever or its jst not uploading at all.... I been wan try give una small glimpse of the show, but the thing don tire me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hi Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? I guess everyone is having a pretty banging summer 'cos no-one is blogging as often as they usually

So I had a fun-filled weekend, nothing outrageously crazy or over the top. Just chilled and nice. My very, good friend B came over on Friday and left Monday. Wat did we do for the weekend? Well, let's see we went on a free tour of Central Park, where they give u historical info, and facts about the park (thot it was gonna be a bore, but it was fun!), strolled thru the park just observing, laughing, taking pictures and enjoying the moment. Then we went on the Ferry to Staten Island and it took us right by the Statue of Liberty, and when we went past it everyone was cheering and clapping! It's funny how when you live in a particular place, you take for granted the tourist attractions or just generally forget that they are there. Four years in NY and I've never been to the Statue of Liberty and a long list of other tourist attractions and famous sites. My list of things to do is getting long.

We also spent the weekend watching African movies. You'll never catch me watching an African movie by myself, I jst can't. But if there's someone else around, then I will. So the movies we watched were;
Love Games- a story about a guy who was in the process of marrying a chic, but had slept with all four of her sisters, and she didn't know it.

Sin of the Soul: A wealthy and influential man's son is trying to get with a girl who turns to prostitution to help save her dying mother; in the process he kills her. Her older sister who happens to be a maid to his father is also his victim because in exchange for financial support he also had his way with her.

The Perfect Picture: this was the best movie out of all three!!! A newly married couple are having problems in the bedroom. After holding off sex for one year in order to make the wedding night special, "junior" refuses to rise to the occassion and as a result there is wahala in

Lemme just say the picture quality, the actors, and general production of this movie was good! As in, they really tried abeg. And its a Ghanian movie but there were no overly heavy accents that could sometimes distract from the actual performance. Pls go and watch this movie. And if u've watched it, wat did u think about the new-bride's way of finding out what was wrong with her hubby? Would you have done same? (i'm trying not to give away the

Anyways, that's my quick update. Hope everyone is having a great week!

PS: Saw Ice-Age 3 too, it was ok.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Night Crawler

...Hello Blogsville
How's everybody doing? Hpe great!
Lately, my sleeping patterns have been off. I go to bed at 3am, to wake-up 8.30- 9am to be @ work by 11am. Normally, I go to bed at 1am. Wat are u doing up @ such late hour, u ask? Well I parole the streets of blogsville visiting blogs, sometimes I'm chatting with ML, watching tv, oiling my hair, tidying stuff and so on.

Today, I promised myself that I'd be in bed by 1am. Latest 1.30am. 1am comes and guess what am doing? Frying plantain to eat with fried eggs. I know they say you shouldn't eat past 7pm, but no be my fault na.

Aight people, am done eating. Let me go and look for sleep cos it seems to be running/hiding from me.

PS: My very good friend B, is coming over for the weekend on friday and I'm freaking excited! Don't know what we're gonna do with ourselves yet, but we'll figure something out. If anything super crazy or fun happens, I'll be sure to bring u guys the unadulterated gist.

Have a great weekend ahead guys; stay outta trouble...pls dnt get stopped and searched lyk yet dnt get arrested oo, I no get money to tke bail anybody.

Take care guys,
Miss Enigma!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random Post

Hello Blogsville,

Hows everybody doing? Is it just me, it seems like everybody is away either on vacation, busy weeks/weekends, summer school, chillathons, and general MIA-ness or AWOL? Anyways, I'm glad for those still around, and looking forward to the return of the others. My point is that I miss u guys!!!

Thanks to everyone for the b'day wishes/greetings. Really, really do appreciate it. Felt very loved :)!!!

So it's supposed to be summer abi? But the weather in this NY e get as e be. The other day we had a storm and there was hail!!! Hail o my people, in July! And then when the sun decides to come out, its still not as warm as I'd like it to be. Pls Lord, I hope the winter this year isn't so bad, I hate the winter; if I had my way I'd stay indoors all thru.

I really, really wanna go to the beach next weekend cos I have saturday and sunday off, but :( nobody wants to go with me!!! *sigh* not fair o. My friends from out of state cldnt get time off work... I do not wanna have sucky a weekend o! I guess I'm gonna have to find something else to do; it's just hard becos I've done all the do-ables in the city. Anybody with any fun ideas, free/cheap concerts or shows in the NY should let me know biko, this summer cannot be a waste.

My driving test is in about 2weeks, and I've been dreading having to schedule anymore classes with my instructor b4 then, but I've paid for the damn Oh well, I gotta do what I gotta do abi? If the man talk pass him mouth me I would jst jeje-ly and quietly request for another instructor. Will bring u guys the gist.

Aiight people, enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week ahead!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Year

Thank you Lord for another year.
Thank you for how far I've come
Thank you for where I am now
Thank you for where I'm headed
Thank you for the gift of life
Thank you for my family
Thank you for ML
Thank you for my friends
Thank you for my job
Thank you for school
Thank you for Blogsville

For all that I am, and all that I hope to become; I say thank you Lord.
I'm one year older...and am so thankful.


*ML- My Luv

Talk to you guys soon,

Miss Enigma!

Friday, July 3, 2009

MJ's contribution to Commercial Sex Workers

Hi Blogsville Residents...

Ke kwanu?(I'm not, my closest friends are). The weekend is here once again, and for my fellow Yankee people, this is a big holiday weekend for us. It's July 4th...Independence Day; BBQ's, get togethers, family re-unions, loads of food, music, laughter and fun! As for me, I'm probably gonna go see the movie Hangover and just chill as usual.

Four more days to my b'day, and I've decided not to do anything; I'm actually going to be at work so that'll keep me busy. Last year being the big 21, I went all out with a SATC kinda theme. Weekend at a four star hotel downtown, shopping, clubbing, Limo ride to dinner by the Pier, with a view of the Brooklyn bridge...yup yup it was the perfect New-York experience. Alot has happened between then and now, and am so grateful for the journey. So, this year will just be a day of thanksgiving because that's the mood I'm in at present.

ML and I have been discussing the death of MJ, and we both have different opinions on the dude. He's of the opinion that MJ had his priorities screwed, and cannot understand my feelings of empathy towards him (MJ). In the course of our discussion, ML sent me this link from Vanguard Newspaper; my people of blogsville, when I read it LWKMD!!!! Please read this:
Commercial sex workers in Nigeria hold service of songs for Michael Jackson

Commercial sex workers in PH hold service of songs for Micheal Jackson

By George Onah
Some commercial sex workers in Port Harcourt, NIgeria have planned “a service of songs” for pop idol Michael Jackson, to display their heartfelt grief “for a musician whose music always attracts customers to us when we dance”.

In a statement, with a letterhead of “Employers and commercial sex workers association of Nigeria”, made available to Vanguard in Port Harcourt, Wednesday, the group said the association had been “short-changed by death for taking away a great contributor to the industry”.

Written in very poor English with occasional flashes of vernacular, the statement jointly signed by Sarafina Johnson and Lovina George, president and secretary respectively, said “death has thief (sic) our great singer, dancer and oga of costume (sic)”.

The association which has its headquarters in a three-star hotel (names withheld), GRA Phase 2 Port Harcourt, disclosed that “a service of songs would be held on Saturday July 4th 2009 at 9 p.m. prompt”, at the hotel and all their branches in Port Harcourt, Calabar, Uyo and Owerri”.

Accordingly, the commercial sex workers want “all our customers and lovers of Michael Jackson to light a candle and be dressed in black dress (sic) (for ladies) and black suit or native wears (for men) and assemble at the various locations as directed by their zonal leaders”.

Further to this, the association appealed to members to “make sure black coloured clothes, head tie, cap, shoes or black bag form part of your dressing every day until our loving man is buried in the place of his choice”.

In what appeared like a dirge for the pop icon, the group said “Oh Michael why have you left so soon when we have just started liking you (sic); Oh Michael you have disappointed death and death has disappointed us all because you are not dead because you will sing forever”.

I just wonder where they come up with such names as Sarafina Johnson and Lovina George; then they actually have zonal leaders??? Wonders will never end

Have a great weekend guys!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Symptoms of Old-age???

Hello Blogsville...
How's everybody doing? The week is slowly rounding up; and it seems like its been a very long week with the events that unfolded from the week before and so on. I've been wanting to blog but jst lacked the drive, and also couldn't decide on what to blog about. But all through, one thing has been on my mind. I know a lot of people have blogged 'bout MJ's death and the media is still squeezing out every possible juice from the story so I really dnt wanna bore u, but I jst wnt to share why my heart goes out to him (MJ), and his family.

MJ was a great performer, artiste and entertainer no doubt about that. But it is the lonely and lost boy within the body of a man that I feel sad for. To me he always looked lonely, and sort of misunderstood; and also, like he never fitted in, just in a class of his own. IMO, the one place where he looked most comfortable and sure of himself, was on stage. Other than that, at interviews he looked so vulnerable, soft spoken, and shy.

I dnt wanna ramble any further, but for the boy who never grew up, who never really had a normal childhood, who didn't like being called names, whose source of comfort were his work and his children; that's the MJ whom I cried for. Lol...yes I cried and am not ashamed to say it. I know the guy wasn't perfect and all, but... oh well may his gentle soul and the souls of all the departed RIP.

...It's the month of July, and normally this is like my fav. month bcos its my b'day month. And normally whether am doing anything or not am usually hyper; but this time around I've been feeling quite mellow. Is this a sign of old-age? When b'days become just another day in the year, and I start feeling like the clock is ticking? My girls been asking if I have anything planned but my brain is just blank. I dnt know o jare...make we dey look sha. Am just grateful for the past year and looking forward to Him unveiling his plan for my future one day at a time.

PS: My Mom's back, and am glad she is. Thanx for the support blogsville.

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!