Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day #5: My Ex Should Know That...

Hi Me Darlings,

So I fell off track with my 30 Day blogging challenge, but I'm not quitting! I had a crazy 4th of July weekend; ended up not going to Orlando. Flight issues. Felt so miserable at the airport, after waiting for 7hours only to be told oh, the flight is fully booked and you can't get on! *sigh* I broke down in tears, I guess it was all the frustration from other stuff. So instead of going home to be alone, depressed and sulking I took a cab to my friends place in Jersey City...and I had an awesome weekend with friends. Chillin', shopping for things for their apartment, movies (Transformers 3...loved it), fireworks, and I cooked for the bunch of us a couple of times! I don't get a chance to cook for people and entertain, it was nice to cook, have people eat and just be happy! Looking forward to spending my b'day weekend (this weekend) with 'em again. Finally decided on what to do. :)
No we are not going out to dinner.
No I am not having a house party.
No we are not hitting the club.
We are bringing the club with us anywhere we decide to go :) ....Party-bus!!

I wanted something different, and this is def different...we've never done this before. Will let you know how it goes! 
PS: The bus we booked has 2 stripper poles lol...that is all! I'm getting old and getting to the age where certain things I can't be doing as often, so I'm gonna enjoy this birthday and have a good time. 

Now on to my 30 Day Challenge: Things I Want To Say An Ex:

Here's the thing, I don't have a handful of exes. I honestly would say I have only one. This is because my rships have been long, and by long I mean at least 2yrs. And I began dating at about 17/18 so I've only had 2 rships since then. So that being said there's only one ex, and honestly I'm not sure what I would wanna say to him at this point but I'll try sha...

- First off, I'm sorry for the way things ended. There's never a happy ending or a fun way to  handle a break-up but I'm sure I could have broken the news to you in a better way. It was my first break-up, and I cared for you so much that I too couldn't believe it was happening, couldn't fully wrap my head around how and why all of a sudden I wanted out. I wish we had maybe talked it out more, I don't know if that would have helped tho.

I think it would have helped, because I would have figured out the real reason why I wanted out...and I would have (maybe) given it more thought before entering into another relationship, because I would have been aware of certain things that I wasn't aware of earlier on in this rship. 

I don't regret breaking up with you, it was def bound to happen at some point. Your life-style was wrong, regardless of how much I tried to justify why you did what you did, it was wrong. And me helping you out with was even worse *sigh* 

I also wish we still talked or at least say hi, but people say its selfish for the one who ended the relationship to always expect to still be friends or watever...but some form of cordial communication would be nice because I shared certain memories with you that nobody else would understand but oh well..it is what it is right?

Neways, I hope you're doing good. I'm doing great! Life has it's ups and downs, but I think I've done good thus far. :) Wish you the very, very best! Ciao!

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!     


Abi Tobi said...


LohiO said...

Aww you are a good person! I should do this thing too...

NikkiSho said...

Partybus? thats different...COOOOL!!!
hope you have a great time.

@ilola said...

Awww, sorry. I guess life just happens. Enjoy your party


Laurenta said...

Party Bus??? Woooohooo, sounds like max fun

loved the letter to the ex, mine would be a lot more hrash shaa X_X

Giagerry said...

what LohiO said.
Hmm party bus with stripper pole inside? Nor wound yasef o!!

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Thanks guys! I'm happy that this challenge got me blogging again :)

Breeze said...

nice one!

Drama Queen said...

Heyy hope u had a funn bday! :D
BTW new follower *waves*