Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day #7: My 5 Pet Peeves...Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello Me Darlings!

Happy 24th to me :) Yes, yes I am that old! *sigh* but for the most part I feel younger. There are moments I feel 16, 21 etc :) I'm grateful for today! Somehow before the day I always feel like I'm not as excited about it, and then as it draws closer the excitement builds. Even during the years when I didn't have a party or celebration I still find myself excited on my birthday! 
I think my birthday is the coolest thing about me...cos of the date :) 07/07/87...as innn perfection toh bahd! The Lord took his time and created me :) So I'm special!

My phone's been going off since midnight! I knw sme ppl dnt dig the whole ppl changing their statuses for you and all, but I find it humbling and it makes me smile. To look at ur bbm updates and 3/4 of the pics are pics of me?! C'mon a girl's gotta feel special :)
I love presents but none so far there better be something in the mail! 

Can't wait till tomorrow to kick off the fun weekend! I'm just excited to see how the whole party bus works out smh it's gonna be a mess!

Thankful to the Lord for howfar I've come this past 24years. Dang! :) Thank you for your GRACE!!! I owe all that I am to you Father, ALL that I am.

Now on to today's 30 Day challenge...7 Pet Peeves!

- SPITTING IN PUBLIC: I've blogged about this before; I don't understand why people have to spit and then deposit their nonsense in plain open sight. Why can't you do it in a paper towel and put it in the garbage! Why do I have to be playing hop-scotch when I walk because I'm tryna avoid stepping on phlegm, sputum etc Like I'm in a freaking land-mine dodging bombs! It's all sorts of gross!!! 

- WHITE UNDERWEAR: Except you're blind, I think every normal person knows that white or multi-colored underwear underneath white pants, skirts etc is big FAT NO! Thongs, black pants and even bikers shorts still exist so why any one would put their underwear on display I don't know! Also for tights too. Yes your tights are black but you know butt area stretches and makes your panties visible, so please ensure to wear a top that covers ur butt! I just find it tacky and ghetto! Please desist!

- DISHES/SINK: I don't like when people finish eating and leave leftovers in their plates and then put the plate in the sink! Can u please scrap whatever food is in your plate into the garbage before putting the plate into the sink. And I dnt like when plates in the sink are pilled unevenly. Yes, I knw they are dirty dishes but it dsnt mean the sink shd look so disorganized that I dnt want to put my hand in it to do the dishes. Please put falt plates at the bottom bowls on top and cutlery inside the bowl so that way even though the dishes aren't done the sink isn't an eye-sore. 

- SMOKING: So I don't like the act of smoking, yes I've tried it out of curiosity but I just couldn't understand why people did it. Neways, if you choose to smoke all I ask is that you do not do it near me! The worst case is people who smoke while waiting for the bus. You know the bus is gonna be here any minute now, you light up and puff and then bring all that smoke with you on the freaking bus! Y must I kill my lungs with you? Y must I sit and marinate in smoke for the duration of that bus ride? Why? Please smoke in a corner and freshen up before coming close to me, please. Thank you!

- COCO-POPS: I don't like when guys don't get a hair-cut and begin to develop coco-pops. It's just unattractive. I love that fresh cut with the waves in it...but there are waves and then there's over doing it sha.

- SLURP: I can't stand when people make that 'slurping' sound when drinking hot tea, coffee etc. I just can't...lol

- DIRT/DISORGANIZATION: I don't like clutter, dirty environments and just unnecessary untidiness. Things don't have to be perfectly arranged and color coordinated no, I don't have that kind of OCD but just neat and tidy. 

So yeah this post is about 5days late *sigh* longggg story will tell you guys how the birthday weekend went maybe tomorrow :) 

Have a great day.

Hugs & Kisses,
Miss Enigma!        


'Lara said...

First and foremost, Happy Birthday...hope you have a blast.

You cannot live in India if you have this much hatred for spitting in public. If you are not careful self, they will spit on your leg.

As for dishes and dirt in sink, my flaties are number one offenders as in I just tire for them.

@ilola said...

Happy birthday. If it makes you feel good, you are not that old. At least, I old pass you small. Have a great celebration


Myne Whitman said...

Ahh..this is late, I was beginning to wonder if my reader had a glitch, lol...

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Oya me sef I old pass you. Happy Birthday Suga!!!! mwaaaaaaahhh

NikkiSho said...

I cannot stress the one about dishes enough.like that really annoys me.

Happy birthday!!!

Laurenta said...

happy belated birthday DEAR!
i cant stand spitting too, i marvel at how footballers do it, and still roll around and slide on the field when the score

Drrama Queen said...

Happy Bday!! Hope you have an amazing year ahead :)

LohiO said...

Did you say coco-pops!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!! you wont kill me!!!

Ewww to dirty dishes!!!

Happy birthday again! I want pictures!!


Happy Birthday Ms Enigma. God bless you and increase the number of your days towards fulfilling purpose on earth.

We share a few things in common.. I can't stand dirt/disorganization; spitting in public, Smoking (NEVER!), slurps, dishes/sink.. lol
White undies, I don't know about that one o.. lol

Enjoy your day :)


LusciousRon said...

Happy Birthday! But jeez your pet peeves could easily have been written by me! I hate those! Many people think I have OCD!
Hope you enjoyed your day

doll said...

happy birthday lovie. wishing you the very best of life!