Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mini-Vacation: Randoms

Hello Blogsville,

Hws everyone doing? Hpe y'all made the best of ur weekend.
I missed Vera's show on saturday :(, my apologies to my chat-room buddies...pls fill me in on wat I missed, any interesting callers and comments.

My friend was in town for a job interview, and the coy, put her up in a hotel so I went to spend d nite wiv her...and thanks to the snow storm, one night turned into So we were on a mini-vacation in mid-town New York. After our stay, I hve vowed to invest in a good mattress when am ready to get my own place...chei...all my body pains were gone after the first

Please somebody tell winter that we've had enough biko. Haba! Can we have some lil' sunshine pls. Mnwhyl, I hear the sun is roasting ppl in Naij. The heat is dt country odikwa dangerous sha in...its like...ouch...ppl r burning up. Even those dt go grm AC hse to AC car to AC jobs dey complain, not to talk of those wivout AC. I dnt knw hw those market women, street hawkers and homeless ppl do it mehn...especially the children. Lord help dem.

It's my friend B's birthday next weekend, so we're all headed to MD. Looking forward to unwinding, and having a good time. Meanwhile I hear Wande Coal is gonna be in town the upper weekend; not sure if I'm gonna go yet. Babes r broke!!! I hate being broke, but hey every phase in life teaches us something, and I'm learning hw to live on no income...and jst believing dt He'll work something out soon. Been sending out apps. like no man's business. God dey o.

Pls has anyone seen the Toyota Sienna ad whr the oyinbo family call their mini-van a "Swagger- Wagon" think its funny. I knw d word swagger has been abused n' misused, but its jst funny to see oyinbo man n' woman using While we're on dat swag tip, Kobe Bryant is a fine man sha ooo...ahn ahn. Dude is on d March edition of GQ, and am watchn a Lakers game, and I'm like....dayuum!!! the way he chews gum while on d court is kinda u knw *wink* u get my drift ryt? ryt.

Quick question oo, why do the players hve to shake/tap each other during free throws? Isn't it time wasting? #justasking

The things dat a suit can do to a man...take a guy from anywhere, put him in a nicely tailored suit, clean him up, a nice hair-cut n' all, on point cuff-links and shoes...then spray some cologne on him...the kind dat mkes u wanna wear his shirt in bed...and the dude is good to go! The wonders of a suit. I love when a man can wear a suit, not the suit wearing the mean? it helps when the guy isn't bursting out of d suit sha I'm a sucker for a man in a good looking suit.

Aiight guys...dats about it for now. Hopefully if my week isn't crazy I'll stop by and put up a post, if not knw dat I luv u guys bunches. And I'm happy my last post was helpful/meaningful to a few ppl, and it met them at a time dey needed it. It meant alot to me, to be of some help.

Have a fabulousssss week guys, and remember to be THANKFUL, and PRAYERFUL.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

...Thank You Lord!...

...It is sad that it sometimes takes seeing someone else in a worse condition before we appreciate what we have. That being said, I'm just as guilty so I do not judge...who am I to.

The past two weeks have been heavy for me, but today I realize its been so because I made it so...I let myself create burden where there wasn't any; the issues are there, but its like I keep saying take control Father, but in reality I'm not giving Him room to actually take control.*sigh* I'm saying take the wheel, but I'm not letting Him drive. I keep stressing and worrying over tomorrow, what will happen, I need this I need that, why isn't it working for me like it is for others... I have forgotten to say Thank You for my daily bread, thank you for the little things... So today, I'm saying:

Thank you for the gift of life, some people didn't mke it to today but here I am. Walking. Talking. Healthy. I can see, I can think...

Thank you for my family, for the trying times that u've gotten us through. That at the end of the day, we still have one another to be there for each other. The unconditional love that binds us is a reflection of ur undying love towards us.

Thank you for my relationship. For giving him patience and wisdom to be the man that he is. Bless the work of his hands Father, and continue to guide us and order our steps according to ur word, and continue to be the rock on which we stand.

Thank you for my school work. It is not by my power Lord, but ur unmerited favor that continues to find me. Thank you. Help me to be the best I can be.

Thank you for my job. U gave it to me and now that it has come to an end, you will again bring to me what is mine. Thank you for my internship search, continue to do ur thing Father.

Thank you for my friends. For their understanding, love, laughter I bless u Lord. Never leave them or forsake them Daddy, may they have the Holy Spirit to guide them always.

Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! My heart and my soul say thank you. For all you've done and what you continue to do. Thank you. I am sorry for all the time I have been selfish, that I have been unappreciative, for getting mad unnecessarily, for losing focus of the blessings that u have sent my way...I am sorry. Thank you for not forsaking me...Thank you.

Thank you Lord!

NB: We always get caught up in the rush of the world and life itself, but when we can we should say Thank You. Its never too late...NEVER. Hope everyone had a fabulous and a blessed weekend! Love you guys much!

Talk to you soon,

Miss Enigma!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

...I'm so DONE!!! (Rant Alert)

I'm DONE. Ki lo de? Is it a crime to be nice? And why can't nice gestures be reciprocated...come on now. I'm not allergic to niceties, neither am I incapable of accepting nice gestures.
I wasn't christened a mumu @ birth...hell no! But out of the goodness of my heart I go the extra mile for u, it wld be really nice if u keep up ur end of deal. Like wat da fudge? Why do friends and ppl we hold dear have to screw us over and tke things for granted??? Why???
My new year resolution last year was to learn to say NO, but apparently I haven't learnt how...and more than ever I'm regretting why I haven't learnt how to. Cos in d end I'm the one who gets screwed over and is stuck wiv the annoying mix of emotions as I am now. Argggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Why me...why me! patch patch patching. Using my phensic for other people's head-ache...who is using theirs on mine now? NO ONE.
Well...we live to learn abi how does dat line go. I can't change the past...but from here on I'm done with BS, can't deal wiv it anymre neither can I settle for less. I'm picking myself up and doing the best I can, y'all better do same cos I ain't picking nobody up nemre. And I'm damn right gonna say NO when I wanna and if u dnt like it, well kiss my lil' behind cos I dnt care...I'm done caring what the world about what I think. Mschewwwww!!!!!!

Hi Guys,

How's everyone doing today? :) So I listened in on Vera's radioshow, and boy did I have good time. I called in too!!! And I made a new friend Ms.O!!!!! Been tidying up our apt. and I'm tired! This America that everyone is claiming to be going-green, pls they shd start by not sending people unnecessary stuff in the damn mail! Everyday something comes in that I dnt need, its like the apt. is almost drowning in papers. All these companies killin d poor trees and yet they'll say dey r eco-friendly this n' that, my friend lemme hear word jo.

Meanwhile, I have a whole stack of magazines and I dnt knw wat to do with them o! All these mags dat mke someone want to thief...abeg dat 1million dt Vera was tlkn bout if I see it now ehn, the life of my ward-robe will never be the same again...chei. It sucks to be broke and not have any income watsoever. My brokeness/ anger towards some people is d reason for the above bear with me. Funny hw u remember ur debtors wen u're broke and its like wat da fudge? shame no dey catch u to return my money? Abi u think say I no get wetin i wan tke am do. And then I'm jst tired of doing for ppl and putting everyone first b4 me. Y'all knw dat feeling.

So Vals day is tomorrow...and in as much as I normally dnt do anything, I usually am in good or high spirits. But I dnt feel dt way right nw at mood is shitty n' it stinks bcos I shake it off and I tke it out whoever comes my way. I wish I enjoyed cooking, this will be a nice time to just cook to tke my mind off things or better yet, bake something. I'm looking 4ward to first wknd in March, its my girls b'day so we're converging in MD once again. But I promise to be of good behavior this time around, just have a good ol' time wiv friends.

This has to be the randomest post I've ever put up. I'm typing as it comes to mind. No pre-meditated topic or though out arrangement or watever. It feels gud to jst release n be free...maybe now my mood won't be so shitty anymre...I hope so. Anyways, I hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine's day filled with lots of genuine love from all those who mean alot to, friends and loved ones even ur pets too...hehehe!

From me to you my Blog fam. Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for being there!!!!
Love You!!!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Very Random

Hello Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? It's the weekend again *sigh* how time flies! And a lot sure does happen within one week. So the snow that did not get to my end last week, finally hit this week. For the first time since I've been in this country, we got a snow day in NY. Praise the Lord! NY is so stingy with snow

Meanwhile, hmmm all those who want to steal my nephew; Iphy!!! If I catch Thanks guys, so now when I gosh, ohhh and ahhh over him u guys understand why. :)

That Twitter is very addictive and encourages amebo tooo ahn. Chei! As I'm trying to sign-off and be productive ppl jst kip tweeting stuff dat is attention grabbing. But its also very helpful sha o, I got word of an internship opportunity via Twitter the other day.

Ok, so the weirdest ish happened to me today on the train. I'm sitting jejely by myself o, and this petite oldwoman asks if she can tke my pishure? Initially, I thot she was asking me to tke a pic of her; I was so shocked I ddn't knw wat to do...but everybody around was smiling so I felt bad saying no. My people na so I sit down the woman dey snap me photo say na her hobby to jst capture interesting and beautiful faces and moments...wonderfulous! Mke dem no tke my face tke do juju ooo, all these weird oyinbo Valentine's day (pronounced is here and once again I am not going to be getting any loving :( The day I'll get to spend all these special days n' all wiv My Luv ehn, hmmm blogger no go hear word. So, on that day I shall go to church, come home and resume my sleep as usual...once again LDR is a binsssh. For those with special someones or personal persons please in as much as you shdn't wait for Val's day before you express your love, please ensure to still show ur special one some love. If u wanna do it big, do it BIG...if u wanna do it small, do it own be say no go thief oo but dnt be stingy either abeg u. Nothing sucks more than really cheap, randomly selected presents. Take time to add a personal touch...and ermm pls bring the interesting stories back to B'ville ooo.

I got good news today, and I'm hoping it bears fruit; when I have concrete details I'll share.

I was gonna do a list of random things, but I've 4gotten all of it plus am sleepy...zzzzz

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet My Snookums!!!

Hello Blogsville,

How's the weekend coming along? It's
almost over anyway, and am left wondering what in heaven's name I did with my time. Thanks for the warm welcome back y'all, greatly appreciated. Everyday something happens or a discussion takes place, and I tell myself I'm gonna blog about it; but its either I forget or something sha happens. But today na today, I must to blog, therefore however random and scatter scatter this post is, accept am lyk dat, sho gbo?lol

I used to think it was only market women and 'ashanas' that put money in their bras, apparently not. Some regular, everyday looking chic comes to the bank to make a deposit for her Momsie...she hands me the deposit slip and am waiting for the cash...and to my uttermost surprise she dips her hand into her bra and pulls out the cash...waaaat??? In this day n' age of purse, wallet, trouser pocket, even hand sef na e person dey put money for inside bra! Wonderfulous wonders! The way I looked at the money b4 picking it ehn, the babe sef go fear naa...ahn ahn. Thank goodness for hand sanitizers.

Everybody seems to be finding business opportunities to bring in extra cash, me too I need to find a lucrative business o. Meanwhile, I just missed out on an opportunity to make small extra cash...bringing weave-on to sell to the 9ja chics at my school. I used Xpression-Rose Deep to fix n' braid my hair n' they all luv it and were asking if I brought any. I was too busy soaking up all the good loving from My Luv to remember anything

Speaking of My Luv, I've been missing him o; but u know what I dnt like? (Am sure my fellow LDR participants can relate) U know when u're jst missing someone and then u jst wanna call them up n' hear their voice...u now dial their number all excited and ish, only for the person not to pick...chei!!!! The thing is painful man and sometimes The excitement then turns to burtness/vexation when dey finally PS: Still missing u luv.

These weather people can like to over exaggerate things sometimes sha o...If u see hw dey were shouting 'snowstorm' ehn, u go think say all the snow na for America e wan fall finish. I know it was pretty heavy in places like MD sha o, but in my side of NY not a single flurry insight. Those that are snowed in, una sorry force it n mke the best out of it.

Finally finished reading Steve Harvey's, "Act like a Lady, think like a Man" and boy did I enjoy it. That book is a must read IMO. I'll save my review for a later post, but if u haven't read the book pls do. It'll reinforce somethings u already know, make understand certain things better and teach u new things too.

In my last post, I promised to put up a pic of my cutie it is; PS: This pic will be taken off in a few days or hours...but enjoy. I love him to bits, and he just brings me joy. *sigh*
That's my snookums!!! Yup he sucks his left hand just like I dat's him in my suitcase, helping me pack/! He turns ONE this month.

Aiight guys, enjoy whats left of your weekend. Stay positive, and be kind to everyone, u never know who may come ur way.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

...Back 4rm Naija...!!!

Hello Blogsville,

I'm baaaack!!!! How's everyone doing? What did I miss? Been trying to catch up on you guys blogs, and I gotta say it hasn't been easy. One month is a pretty long time to be away from you guys, and I honestly doubt that I can read all the posts I missed :(.

There's so much to tell you about, I definitely can't do it in one post cos the post will be too long, my fingers will hurt and I knw some of us dnt read long posts so y

My trip to Naij was fun, interesting, enlightening, and drama filled; it started off with a glitch tho'. My flight from NY to ATL got delayed by about 1h 30mins and so we missed our connecting flight from ATL to Naij. Initially I was mad, but then I was like, "God knws why He lets certain things happen..." That stupid Delta Airline of a company, after delaying my flight, all they could do was provide $50 accomodation vouchers. We the passengers now had to pay the difference at the hotel, $56.50 plus another $23 to extend my checking out time...mscheww...I was so pissed, I mean it wasn't my fault the flight got delayed why shd I be paying...nonsense and ingredient.

Amid the horrible things that occur in Naij, you can't help but love the country sha. Where else do u arrive at the airport and people are welcoming you lyk say u be celeb of some of "Ah Omo London, Omo Americana...welcome o!" U walk out the terminal, and ppl are starring, smiling, waving...I luv it! The heat envelopes u, the smell of BO arrests ur nostrils, u try to change some money so u have cash n the mallam tries to be smart thinking u won't am home!!!

I finally got to see my nephew...and the boy has stolen my heart! When my Mom returned and kept talkn bout him, I was like ahn ahn ki lo de? Nw I understnd...this boy is jst a happy child in every sense of the word. U knw hw babies jst cry and u spend so much time tryna figure out wat d problem is...dis dude is d opposite. Forever smiling, dancing and jst being happy. I miss him soo much! U won't understand until I put up a pic. (Dnt hve my pics on this lappy so bear wiv me...nxt post i'll put it up).

This trip was really important to me cos it gave The Boyfie and I the opportunity to bond even mre, and understnd each other better, and I got to see things I liked and things I didn't like. Cos u knw wiv LDR's u miss out on the lil'things...lyk seeing someone's facial expression when they say certain things, making decisions/plans together, arguing face to face, making up face to face, jst enjoying each others company. Its funny how he reads me like senses when something's not right, and doesn't let it slide...makes sure we sort it out b4 its too late.

My family wa. "Ehen, everything The Boyfie, The Boyfie...we want to knw who he is..." This Uncle and that Uncle wants to knw The Boyfie, wat does he do? whr did he go to sch? Hpe he wasn't a cultist? (lol...hw I wan knw dem dey write am for head?) Hpe he's frm a peaceful family? You are in America, he is in Nigeria and you trust him that he's not playing games with you? Wat are his intentions? The whole thing tire me o...ppl of blogsville is dis hw ur fam interrogates the guy u're dating? lol... I ain't mad at them tho', I knw its all love, and they r just looking out for me, and want wats best for me so no wahala. I'm also glad that My Luv understands that its all

Meanwhile on my way back, I almost missed my flight because My Luv and I were over lurluxing n' feeling lyk ppl on honeymoon.... story for another day.

School has started and am trying to sort some stuff out with my job...and oh well make we dey look. God dey.

Neways, am back guys...and I missed y'all much!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!