Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet My Snookums!!!

Hello Blogsville,

How's the weekend coming along? It's
almost over anyway, and am left wondering what in heaven's name I did with my time. Thanks for the warm welcome back y'all, greatly appreciated. Everyday something happens or a discussion takes place, and I tell myself I'm gonna blog about it; but its either I forget or something sha happens. But today na today, I must to blog, therefore however random and scatter scatter this post is, accept am lyk dat, sho gbo?lol

I used to think it was only market women and 'ashanas' that put money in their bras, apparently not. Some regular, everyday looking chic comes to the bank to make a deposit for her Momsie...she hands me the deposit slip and am waiting for the cash...and to my uttermost surprise she dips her hand into her bra and pulls out the cash...waaaat??? In this day n' age of purse, wallet, trouser pocket, even hand sef na e person dey put money for inside bra! Wonderfulous wonders! The way I looked at the money b4 picking it ehn, the babe sef go fear naa...ahn ahn. Thank goodness for hand sanitizers.

Everybody seems to be finding business opportunities to bring in extra cash, me too I need to find a lucrative business o. Meanwhile, I just missed out on an opportunity to make small extra cash...bringing weave-on to sell to the 9ja chics at my school. I used Xpression-Rose Deep to fix n' braid my hair n' they all luv it and were asking if I brought any. I was too busy soaking up all the good loving from My Luv to remember anything

Speaking of My Luv, I've been missing him o; but u know what I dnt like? (Am sure my fellow LDR participants can relate) U know when u're jst missing someone and then u jst wanna call them up n' hear their voice...u now dial their number all excited and ish, only for the person not to pick...chei!!!! The thing is painful man and sometimes The excitement then turns to burtness/vexation when dey finally PS: Still missing u luv.

These weather people can like to over exaggerate things sometimes sha o...If u see hw dey were shouting 'snowstorm' ehn, u go think say all the snow na for America e wan fall finish. I know it was pretty heavy in places like MD sha o, but in my side of NY not a single flurry insight. Those that are snowed in, una sorry force it n mke the best out of it.

Finally finished reading Steve Harvey's, "Act like a Lady, think like a Man" and boy did I enjoy it. That book is a must read IMO. I'll save my review for a later post, but if u haven't read the book pls do. It'll reinforce somethings u already know, make understand certain things better and teach u new things too.

In my last post, I promised to put up a pic of my cutie it is; PS: This pic will be taken off in a few days or hours...but enjoy. I love him to bits, and he just brings me joy. *sigh*
That's my snookums!!! Yup he sucks his left hand just like I dat's him in my suitcase, helping me pack/! He turns ONE this month.

Aiight guys, enjoy whats left of your weekend. Stay positive, and be kind to everyone, u never know who may come ur way.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


iphyigbogurl said...

omg i want to freaking steal him!!!
he is soo cute and happy!! awww

CerebrallyBusy said...


iphyyyy don't steal him ooo

miss enigma watch out for iphy lol

he's too cute!

i want cute babies :(

leggy said...

he is really cute.when i was lil i sucked my fingers too.:-)

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

I sure can relate...I miss my boo.
The snow in MD is serious mehn....Had to call off work for 4 days(Friday-Monday)
Arggh looking for extra way to make money too...hmmm just dont have the patience of dat weave thingy jare and custom officer na wa...and again,we have most stuff here in md.
Hmm money inside breast....the thing no dey scratch dem? razzness

btw when next r u going to naija?

Thanks for blogging!!!

Myne Whitman said...

Your nephew looks so cute especially where he was in the suitcase.

Rene said...

Iphy we should meet and discuss how we should steal him...he's adorable.
I've been praying for a snow storm since :(


Well, I am in MD staring at mountains of snow in the backyard, but that pic of your nephew was just precious!

Sugarking said...

I need to read that Steve Harvey book too. I Heard the book is cool still. Omo dat ur nephew, I hope say una don find one babe for am? there's not time o! lol

shorty said...

Awww i loveee your nephew is just so cute.

neefemi said...

he's cutie, sucking thumbs and all :)

histreasure said...

oh, such a happy lovely boy..that second pic is really cute..

money in breast.. e don tay wey i see dat kain ting even for market..

Ms.O said...

HE is tewwwwwwwwwww cute!!!!!

jhazmyn said...

i love the one where he's sucking...i dont blame iphy for wanting to steal

i know that feeling i tell u, or worse, ur boo pick and for some reason is not as excited as you are....arghhhhh.

hang in there girl

yankeenaijababe said...

OMG! he's so him. That book is the best ever written by Steve Harvey, read it last year and one word. It rocks.

BBB said...

did u mean one year he is so big oh wow!!!
i so love babies cant wait to get mine!!!!

did that bank stuff happen in naija or abroad cos am confused

that LDR stuff is so tru
had a fight with TY about it yesterday it hurts real bad

LusciousRon said...

My dear hopr you enjoyed your trip! I enjoyed mine sha. I so feel you on the phone issue! By the time the person picks up hen na vex I just dey!

Your nephew is cute. Hope you are enjoying sha and be careful what you wish for, SolomonSydelle is snowed in!

Anonymous said...

Lol... Sooo with u on the fone thing... As a bona fide LDR club member, that shit is ANNOYING! Especially when u r reallly really in the mood to talk to him... Irritating stuff...

Somuso said...

omg, he's too cute!!! hp he has a wonderful first bday :)
lol @ the "money in bra" lady