Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mini-Vacation: Randoms

Hello Blogsville,

Hws everyone doing? Hpe y'all made the best of ur weekend.
I missed Vera's show on saturday :(, my apologies to my chat-room buddies...pls fill me in on wat I missed, any interesting callers and comments.

My friend was in town for a job interview, and the coy, put her up in a hotel so I went to spend d nite wiv her...and thanks to the snow storm, one night turned into So we were on a mini-vacation in mid-town New York. After our stay, I hve vowed to invest in a good mattress when am ready to get my own place...chei...all my body pains were gone after the first

Please somebody tell winter that we've had enough biko. Haba! Can we have some lil' sunshine pls. Mnwhyl, I hear the sun is roasting ppl in Naij. The heat is dt country odikwa dangerous sha in...its like...ouch...ppl r burning up. Even those dt go grm AC hse to AC car to AC jobs dey complain, not to talk of those wivout AC. I dnt knw hw those market women, street hawkers and homeless ppl do it mehn...especially the children. Lord help dem.

It's my friend B's birthday next weekend, so we're all headed to MD. Looking forward to unwinding, and having a good time. Meanwhile I hear Wande Coal is gonna be in town the upper weekend; not sure if I'm gonna go yet. Babes r broke!!! I hate being broke, but hey every phase in life teaches us something, and I'm learning hw to live on no income...and jst believing dt He'll work something out soon. Been sending out apps. like no man's business. God dey o.

Pls has anyone seen the Toyota Sienna ad whr the oyinbo family call their mini-van a "Swagger- Wagon" think its funny. I knw d word swagger has been abused n' misused, but its jst funny to see oyinbo man n' woman using While we're on dat swag tip, Kobe Bryant is a fine man sha ooo...ahn ahn. Dude is on d March edition of GQ, and am watchn a Lakers game, and I'm like....dayuum!!! the way he chews gum while on d court is kinda u knw *wink* u get my drift ryt? ryt.

Quick question oo, why do the players hve to shake/tap each other during free throws? Isn't it time wasting? #justasking

The things dat a suit can do to a man...take a guy from anywhere, put him in a nicely tailored suit, clean him up, a nice hair-cut n' all, on point cuff-links and shoes...then spray some cologne on him...the kind dat mkes u wanna wear his shirt in bed...and the dude is good to go! The wonders of a suit. I love when a man can wear a suit, not the suit wearing the mean? it helps when the guy isn't bursting out of d suit sha I'm a sucker for a man in a good looking suit.

Aiight guys...dats about it for now. Hopefully if my week isn't crazy I'll stop by and put up a post, if not knw dat I luv u guys bunches. And I'm happy my last post was helpful/meaningful to a few ppl, and it met them at a time dey needed it. It meant alot to me, to be of some help.

Have a fabulousssss week guys, and remember to be THANKFUL, and PRAYERFUL.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


Rene said...

lol @ swagger-wagon

neefemi said...

lol i know what u mean men, i fell in love with my ex just cos of that - brother could wear a suit, damn - ok im done lol

KabiOsi Edumare said...

Snap..I missed the show too.
Eh eh make una no bring the winter weather back to MD....the weather has been awesome for a few days....

Anonymous said...

i could do with a mini vacay too

Myne Whitman said...

That sure sounds nice, I think I need me one too.

BBB said...

as in
i cant wait to leave naija so i can participate in veras show also
this internet is feaking slow...

LusciousRon said...

Yay for mini vacay! I am an absolute sucker for a guy in a nice suit too bad they mostly turn out to be ***h****.

The sun in naija is mad mehn! I saw Abuja is 39 degrees! I think all the generator and car fumes, bush burning, open air fires etc is causing the heat wave!

blogoratti said...

Swagga Wagon...classic!

leggy said... going to MD early april for d first time hope i have super broke too.

2cute4u said...

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Thank you so very much

bob-ij said...

HAHAHAHA! I've asked myself the same question. If they didn't shake anyone will the feel forlorn? hiss and why do they make faces after makins baskets...SO hilarious! And maybe you're right about getting a good mattress...count me in...My body feels like it's curled into a ball.. I HATE!

I'm back 2 yours dont worry!