Thursday, February 11, 2010

Very Random

Hello Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? It's the weekend again *sigh* how time flies! And a lot sure does happen within one week. So the snow that did not get to my end last week, finally hit this week. For the first time since I've been in this country, we got a snow day in NY. Praise the Lord! NY is so stingy with snow

Meanwhile, hmmm all those who want to steal my nephew; Iphy!!! If I catch Thanks guys, so now when I gosh, ohhh and ahhh over him u guys understand why. :)

That Twitter is very addictive and encourages amebo tooo ahn. Chei! As I'm trying to sign-off and be productive ppl jst kip tweeting stuff dat is attention grabbing. But its also very helpful sha o, I got word of an internship opportunity via Twitter the other day.

Ok, so the weirdest ish happened to me today on the train. I'm sitting jejely by myself o, and this petite oldwoman asks if she can tke my pishure? Initially, I thot she was asking me to tke a pic of her; I was so shocked I ddn't knw wat to do...but everybody around was smiling so I felt bad saying no. My people na so I sit down the woman dey snap me photo say na her hobby to jst capture interesting and beautiful faces and moments...wonderfulous! Mke dem no tke my face tke do juju ooo, all these weird oyinbo Valentine's day (pronounced is here and once again I am not going to be getting any loving :( The day I'll get to spend all these special days n' all wiv My Luv ehn, hmmm blogger no go hear word. So, on that day I shall go to church, come home and resume my sleep as usual...once again LDR is a binsssh. For those with special someones or personal persons please in as much as you shdn't wait for Val's day before you express your love, please ensure to still show ur special one some love. If u wanna do it big, do it BIG...if u wanna do it small, do it own be say no go thief oo but dnt be stingy either abeg u. Nothing sucks more than really cheap, randomly selected presents. Take time to add a personal touch...and ermm pls bring the interesting stories back to B'ville ooo.

I got good news today, and I'm hoping it bears fruit; when I have concrete details I'll share.

I was gonna do a list of random things, but I've 4gotten all of it plus am sleepy...zzzzz

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


Nice Anon said...

Na so you fine reach? Random folks coming up for photos. Good stuff!
Happy Val o

Azazel said...

Lmao @ Na so u fine reach..
Please forgive nice anon's comment jare..
lmao nothing do u

jhazmyn said...

Cant wait to hear the good for vals day, i'm kindda hoping it would still be fun for you anyways...LDR really is a

Have a great weekend

Myne Whitman said...

Have a great valentine, LDR or not OK? Call your boo and tell him what's in your heart.

Looking forward to your good news.

shorty said...

LDR sucks Dear,that is what i'm suffering too. Waiting for the good news o.

Suru said...

I had to google LDR to find out what it stands for lol... Hope the good news comes fast if that makes sense

neefemi said... is in the eye of the beholder, plus i bet you are pretty....enjoy your weekend and hopefully the good news bears fruit

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Lwkmd...Am killing time working double shift on saturday and sunday...and shhh am gonna be stalking my boo on the fone...
LDR is a binsh...I concur!!!

Have a fantabulous weekend!!!

BBB said...

vals was so boring
but i made the best of it

hmm u must be really pretty
or really ugly lol