Saturday, February 13, 2010

...I'm so DONE!!! (Rant Alert)

I'm DONE. Ki lo de? Is it a crime to be nice? And why can't nice gestures be reciprocated...come on now. I'm not allergic to niceties, neither am I incapable of accepting nice gestures.
I wasn't christened a mumu @ birth...hell no! But out of the goodness of my heart I go the extra mile for u, it wld be really nice if u keep up ur end of deal. Like wat da fudge? Why do friends and ppl we hold dear have to screw us over and tke things for granted??? Why???
My new year resolution last year was to learn to say NO, but apparently I haven't learnt how...and more than ever I'm regretting why I haven't learnt how to. Cos in d end I'm the one who gets screwed over and is stuck wiv the annoying mix of emotions as I am now. Argggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Why me...why me! patch patch patching. Using my phensic for other people's head-ache...who is using theirs on mine now? NO ONE.
Well...we live to learn abi how does dat line go. I can't change the past...but from here on I'm done with BS, can't deal wiv it anymre neither can I settle for less. I'm picking myself up and doing the best I can, y'all better do same cos I ain't picking nobody up nemre. And I'm damn right gonna say NO when I wanna and if u dnt like it, well kiss my lil' behind cos I dnt care...I'm done caring what the world about what I think. Mschewwwww!!!!!!

Hi Guys,

How's everyone doing today? :) So I listened in on Vera's radioshow, and boy did I have good time. I called in too!!! And I made a new friend Ms.O!!!!! Been tidying up our apt. and I'm tired! This America that everyone is claiming to be going-green, pls they shd start by not sending people unnecessary stuff in the damn mail! Everyday something comes in that I dnt need, its like the apt. is almost drowning in papers. All these companies killin d poor trees and yet they'll say dey r eco-friendly this n' that, my friend lemme hear word jo.

Meanwhile, I have a whole stack of magazines and I dnt knw wat to do with them o! All these mags dat mke someone want to thief...abeg dat 1million dt Vera was tlkn bout if I see it now ehn, the life of my ward-robe will never be the same again...chei. It sucks to be broke and not have any income watsoever. My brokeness/ anger towards some people is d reason for the above bear with me. Funny hw u remember ur debtors wen u're broke and its like wat da fudge? shame no dey catch u to return my money? Abi u think say I no get wetin i wan tke am do. And then I'm jst tired of doing for ppl and putting everyone first b4 me. Y'all knw dat feeling.

So Vals day is tomorrow...and in as much as I normally dnt do anything, I usually am in good or high spirits. But I dnt feel dt way right nw at mood is shitty n' it stinks bcos I shake it off and I tke it out whoever comes my way. I wish I enjoyed cooking, this will be a nice time to just cook to tke my mind off things or better yet, bake something. I'm looking 4ward to first wknd in March, its my girls b'day so we're converging in MD once again. But I promise to be of good behavior this time around, just have a good ol' time wiv friends.

This has to be the randomest post I've ever put up. I'm typing as it comes to mind. No pre-meditated topic or though out arrangement or watever. It feels gud to jst release n be free...maybe now my mood won't be so shitty anymre...I hope so. Anyways, I hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine's day filled with lots of genuine love from all those who mean alot to, friends and loved ones even ur pets too...hehehe!

From me to you my Blog fam. Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for being there!!!!
Love You!!!!!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma!


Kabi-Osi Edumare said... eh let me go read it

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Wow..tell dem why u mad!!!!
Hmmm i learnt the hard way..all man for himself.
I also called in on vera..interesting ish.

Smile Missy!!!:)

leggy said... down oh.happy val's day to you too.

Nice Anon said...

Ndo o! I have learnt that people will always take as long as you are willing to give. Have a good val.

Somuso said...

happy vals day!!!
hope your mood improved. ppl will always fail you, don't let them bring you down tho...hv fun tomorrow :)

Myne Whitman said...

Have a great weekend dear and please shake off those blues and rants.

LusciousRon said...

Hope you are feeling much better now. Go out or do something just for yourself. Happy Valentine's day.



Babe, take it easy, okay. Hoping you feel better.

blogoratti said...

Great weekend..

Ebony~!* said...

pele oo! breatttttthhhhhhhheeeeeeeeee. Some days ago my friend was telling me something bad that happened to her and I was just smiling and she was getting frustrated like I did not hear what she said and I was like...there is no need to bother about anything, isn't it human beings?' so just shake it off and please learn to say NO! Ibeg! lol

Ms.O said...

YAY OMG! Its my new friend!!!!! hehe! Happy V-Day to you too babes! Hope you feel better hun..:(

neefemi said...

awwww pele, take it easy love and remember when you do stuff for people, it should be for you, not about them cos in life we dont always get back esp in the same measure we give cr

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