Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eating Vomit + Randoms

Hi Blogsville,

How's everyone enjoying the weekend? Hope u're enjoying the HOT weather and having a gud time. 

Thanks for all the comments on my last post...much appreciated. Talking about comments, Sting did a poll the other day about ppls views on blog owners replying comments and I was just wondering too if u guys would like me to reply ur comments on my posts, I dnt want ppl to think me not replying means I dnt care for ur comments cos I look forward to them big time. Also on comments, whats up with all these ppl who leave comments in Chinese abi na Japanese??? For crying out loud how am I supposed to understand what u're writing? Am I the only person who gets such comments???

It's my birthday in 10 days, and I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm normally excited about my b'day but this year, I'm not as uber-excited as I normally am...could it be getting old syndrome?lol...or brokage (the act of being broke) that's causing this? Neways, my friends will be around next weekend so we'll make the best out of it. We're attending the Naija Reunion concert and I'm majorly excited for that 'cos BankyW will be performing!!!! If u dnt knw, knw now that I have a huge crush on that man...e dey do me strong ting!lol

Went to Karaoke with Zena yesterday and had a blast! We went to this new karaoke bar in the city called U2 Karaoke Bar, it is run by Asians and the decor and setting is so cool...techno-lights, really nice individual rooms and ish, will definitely be going there again before the summer is over. 

So I jst read on twitter that M.I (Mr. Incredible) just booked an interview with Wendy Williams...I'm soo excited and happy for him. It's always a good thing when our own breaks barriers and are gives me joy! At least if we cldn't rep for soccer that we claim to love, let us rep for our music industry.

#Random I was waiting for the train the other day and somehow got into a conversation with some old guy, only to find out he is the father of Essence Atkins, the actress. She has been in a couple of movies and series like Half & Half, Deliver Us from Eva...small world huh?lol

So I started this post on Sat., but its Sunday and I just got back from church and one of the verses from the sermon that hit me was from Prov. and I just wanted to share this with you guys: 
Prov 26:11 "As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness" 
As in, *sigh* the verse hit deep and hard. My Pastor went on to say that as children of God if we knew our worth, and what we/our Father is capable of we wouldn't return to our ways (vomit) because we would know that we deserve better and can have better. #nuffsaid
#Random but I think I'm going to be doing less of the talking and sharing, and more of the listening in all my relationships. Beginning to feel like I share too much and open up too much, and it comes back to bite me. We'll see.

Aiight guys...have a wonderful week ahead!!! And if anybody is coming into NY for the Reunion pls holla @ me. It'll be nice to meet up. 

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!



neefemi said...

now wishing i was coming to NY, but will be moving to CONN soon, so will buzz u whenever i'm in NY. i think the bday fever will hit u soon enuff, nways have a great week

burramint said...

i want you to guess who this is, then send me a fb msg (thats 1 clue)

I feel you about opening up, i feel like i do it waay to much, infact i had to cut back time on social networks cos of this... sigh

i think i may be in NY next weekend... hehehe go on and guess!

Jaycee said...

That verse sure does make me reflect too. Nice to know that MI is being recognized internationally.


As for the comments, I think its good you reply to them.

Bday... erm.. just had mine a few days ago and I know how you feel about it. lol

That verse.. me love it! "as children of God if we knew our worth, and what we/our Father is capable of we wouldn't return to our ways (vomit) because we would know that we deserve better and can have better" Good words.



yankeenaijababe said...

Happy birthday in Advance, wish could make it for the reunion, sounds like fun but can't

BBB said...

happy bday in advance
have fun at the reunion

jhazmyn said...

Real deep words i must say (the passage)...and true too.

Hope u do have a blast on ur buffday, forget that "I'm old" syndrome jooo and have urself a wonderful day....even if u just spend it pampering urself and reflecting on the years past....have fun doing it

Ms.O said...

See you in a few days!!! I love that passage. It really spoke to me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! in advance! So umm what are we doing?

Fabulo-la said... it confirmed that Banky will be at the concert? lemme know so I'll start packing my bags biko.


And dont worry abt the birthday. Jut thank God for another year.

Sting said...

I get the chinese comments too. Don't know what's up with that.