Friday, June 18, 2010

...Gentlemen's Club...

Hey Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? The weekend is here so that is definitely something to look forward to right? I'm glad for the weekend o, I can rest and recuperate from this nasty sore-throat/fever that had me in pains!!! Finally went to the docs office, and got antibiotics and the pain has gone down; at least now I can talk and swallow saliva (sorry to gross u out). Its funny how u overlook certain things until u're hit with rough patches. I'm grateful for good health o! I'll mke sure to not tke it for granted again.

Thanks a lot to SuperMom for taking the day off work to nurse me, drive me to the docs office, the pharmacy and drop/pick me up from school. And the banging pepper-soup she made to mke me feel better. I pray for long-life, so that my kids will meet you and learn from you...Mummy u no get part II, u too much!!!!

My weekend getaway was nice! I had a great time, made new friends and just lounged. Cldn't do the para-sailing and jet-skiing cos they ddn't hve them anymre. But all in all we had a good time, beach chilling, hot-tub lounging, clubbing...and ermmm I went to a nude "Gentlemen Club" for the first (dnt judge me!) And it was interesting to see the men standing there like statues like we've seen too much of this to be moved. And I have to say that some of those girls have skillllssss! The things they can do hanging upside down on a pole...I was like wow! Plus the things the men allow the girls to do to 'em in the name of couch dance...chei...odikwa brutal! Spanking with belt, ripped boxers, jumping on the crown looked mre like pain than pleasure to me sha.

On our way back from the club, my friends and I were talking and wondering; "Would you let your man, boyfie, SO, hubby...etc go to one of such clubs?" and "Would you rather go with him or let him go by himself?"  My blogfam what are your candid thots/opinions pls share.

PS: Alcohol is not your friend! At least not mine sha; talk about liquid courage! Smh!lol

U knw where two or three females are gathered, the conversations are endless! So during one of our rship convos these came up:
- Why do ppl stay in abusive rships, even after they have sworn that if such a thing were to happen, they'd pack their things and keep it moving regardless of how hard it might be. And we're not talking about unemployed, uneducated or financially dependent women...but the opposite. Plus there is no marriage or children to use as the excuse. #justwondering

- Another topic of discussion was "love ain't gonna put food on the table". So I heard that there are sme guys who choose to be lazy and or under the notion that if a chic loves them enough, she'll settle into a life of the name of love? Lol...jokers! Nobody likes to suffer, everybody wants some of comfort in this life...and therefore they work towards it. The guy (or girl sef) who thinks he/she can sit on their lazy behind and manna will fall from above is in lala-land. These days everyone has to know what they are bringing to the table/relationship... the days of monkey dey work baboon dey chop are over! And it is not enough to just have potential; what are you doing with that potential? What moves are you making to make ends meet? A lot of people hang in there in the name of potential...and then patience runs out, potential is not yielding anything...what next? 
Nobody was born with suffer-head on their fore-head, so please lets make sure we are bringing something to the table/relationship if not, love can only get us so far.

In other news, I hear/see that Category B for the blog awards is out. *cough cough* My people of B' loyal readers, silent loyal readers, regular comment leavers, even those that are not fans sef...biko proceed to the blog awards page and nominate a sister for something naaaa haba? I don dey blog reach one year so I am old enough to be recognized abi? Infact for those that love me well, u can campaign for me.

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Aiight people...have a wonderful weekend, and I'll talk to you all soon!

Talk to you soon,
Miss Enigma! 


Ms.O said...

I always wanted to go to a 'GG' club! Never could bring myself to do it tho. Glad you are feeling a little better..:)

Fabulo-la said...

Lool! if you are going, why cant he go?

Glad you feel better babes

CerebrallyBusy said...

ahh well

i dont even want to consider such things

why would people go to such clubs???

Glad you're feeling better :)

Gee said...

i am just angry i am not first!

Gee said...

Hmm GG club?
never thought of it, may it also never cross the mind of my hubby too--AMEN!
ROTLMAO @ the mehn that wanna be lazy in the name of love--dey never jam!--Even Laziness is not of God, he encourages hard work--if not for anything sef, abeg obey God and work--LOL
hahah Alcohol is not ur friend? Mehn we r def in same shoes--quit that ish long time ago, after effect was never pretty for my head.
Pple mite stay in those rlationship for a number of reasons; how much time and effort invested, insecurities, choose to see the good in the partner even past the abusiveness and whether you like it or not i have heard pple enjoy the aftermath of the abuse<----this reason is the sickest to me tho!
Glad u r feeling berra sweetie--nd I actually nominated u for anonymous blogger--Hopefully it made a diff!

leggy said...

i dont think i'd care sha,the GG one i mean.
have you ever heard the song:no romance without finance?

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

See the swift love my Blogfam!

I'll respond to y'all in a min.

Pls continue to nominate biko nu!!!! Thanks Gee!!!!

KabiOsi Edumare said...

Lord of Brazil....Dang,Naked men???? kai kai kai i might consider dat dis weekend...

Get well soon!!!

BBB said...

oh wow a GG club?
cuper cool
id like that

glad ur better hun

shorty said...

Glad you feelin much better. I'm with you an love would not bring food to the table thing.

neefemi said...

lol..interesting read, glad you feel better