Friday, March 26, 2010

Have you seen my passion?

Hi Guys,

How's everyone doing? Its the weekend again! Its funny how some of us get so excited its the weekend, like we have huge plans when in reality...we don' It jst feels good to be able to sleep in late, have breakfast in bed (tho u have to get up to put it together), listen to Vera's show, and generally just do you. So yeah, I am glad its the weekend.

In addition to it being weekend, I am on Spring Break so yay me! I sometimes wonder where my adventurous and fun side went to. My whole college life I have never done anything fun and exciting with my breaks; spring break, winter break, watever break...*sigh* nothing! People go to Miami, Mexico, Puerto Rico, London, behind stays indoors. The annoying part is I do love to go out (for the most part), but I seem to have surrounded myself with boring people. I love my friends, dnt get me wrong, but I think I need to make more out-going (not necessarily wild sha o) and adventurous friends.

I wanna go on a road trip! To anywhere, Miami ain't a bad idea. My friends wanted to do a roadtrip to Canada but that plan never solidified cos of scheduling issues. London money. *sigh* Even exploring some really cool spots in NYC won't be a bad idea...I need me some oyinbo, and ching- chong friends ASAP. They are open to trying out things and dnt have

In other news, everyone seems to be getting married left, right and centre. I can't even begin to count how many babes from my set have gotten and are getting married...the thing tire me o. Was talking about it with friends the other day and I personally have nothing against it. When I see pics up on FB or the like I usually say Congrats and wish them well, bcos to me I feel that's all we can do as friends, wish them well. Its ok if some of us think its too early and we haven't gotten both feet strong enough on the ground to uphold a family and the responsibilities both financial and emotional, but if a friend (someone u knw) has decided they are ready to tke the plunge, then so be it. My friend said she can't bring herself to drop congratulatory comments. The part that cracks me up, is when ppl leave comments but dnt knw how to hide the skepticism/surprise....I mean just say congrats and put full stop, not "Babe u r getting married? ehen na wa oo. Congrats" or "Congratulations oooo" or " Are you for real? I wish you well sha" in which one is the ooooooo and sha inside?lol.

It seems like everyone is finding their passion or calling, and I can't help but wonder, where is mine? People have photography, make-up artist, writer, cooking/baking and other interesting things...I have nothing, or at least that's how I feel :(. I know someone will say when you where younger what did you want to be? I used to say a Lawyer cos I talked ALOT and my nick-name was 'radio without wire", meaning I cld go on on. But I always wanted to be an actress (still do), but everytime I said it ppl looked at me like yeah right u jst dnt wanna work, keep living in I let that dream go after taking two acting classes in college.

I just want to find something I'm passionate about...I know its a wonderful feeling doing something you love, not necessarily as a full-time job, but just the realization that this is part of what you were put on earth to do and you enjoy it. I want that feeling. *sigh* So my dear blogville famille...share with a sister, have you found your passion or calling? What is it? And how does it feel?

Have a fabulous weekend guys...and if anyone is in NYC and wants to just hang-out holla @ me.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!



Hey, I like what I see...

I am not that outgoing even though I have outgoing friends. lol. They always complain that I dont have time for them cos of my postgrad studies. I just moved to a new city now and its been tough making new friends. I miss my old ones.

About people getting married, omo mehn, I tire o. Me sef go vex go marry now now. IN fact, that's my status msg on facebook right now. lol.

O the issue of purpose...Can I recommend some of my blogposts to you Ms Enigma? My purpose in life is to help people find theirs. I'd recommend you read 3 of my posts and perhaps they'd help. Should you have any questions after then, just send me an email




God bless you:)


Jaycee said...

I believe there's a "right time" for everything...

I found some of my most passionate quests...still working on some. Oh, I tied the knot three months ago to a wonderful man...I guess that :)

Gee said...

hahahah---me too i need oyibo nd ching-chong frends too ooo--LOOOOL.
roadtrip to canada?--plz where r u now, nd how long is dat gonna take?

T.Notes said...

To some extent,i do think the whole buhaha on purpose is sorta overated/overspoken.In my opinion,its as simple as,find whateva it is you love doing/you're comfortable with, n well,be praying you'd be lucky/blessed enough to find yourself making a living out of it.
Just annoying how purpose talk has become the gospel of the 20th century-esp in Naija!
Or then again,what do i know;-)
Nice blogs BTW.

Fragilelooks said...


Yinkuslolo said...

i know my passion lies in photography but my career path is blurry. too damn blurrry. i just stick to medicine. so, there you go.

asper going out, i tire for boring pple. but ive got some outgoing friends now, love 'em.
i travel a lot and i plan my itineraries with diff pple, so that one is not stuck with ust a group of friends. if u wanna plan a trip sometime, hit me up.

Nice Anon said...

A lot of people I went to school with have 2-3 kids now so I have gotten used to it.

One has got to get out of the norm you hear. Take a trip to visit a friend out of state or something. It is good for the mind.

yankeenaijababe said...

Imao o

Bad belle people for the facebook marriage issue, if someone is getting married, just say congrats and move on, which one is this and that lol

Maybe you can discover crocheting and jewelry making or even makeup, I do it when free and I find it inspiring

Hope you have a good week girl

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Thanks for the comments guys...!!!

Yinkuslolo I'll hit you up one of these days and tke u up on ur offer.

KabiOsi Edumare said...

Babes nowadays dey tire me...Is it that hard to type" am happy for u...congrats"
chei bad belle is a disease o...

Ms.O said...

I can almost swear I commented on this post the night you put it up..:( Regarding passions, it took me a long time to find what mine where...its all about what draws you and makes you happy. People getting married..I dont even know what to say! Yes do a road-trip to Canada..hehe..!