Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm in Love + Update

Hello Blogsville,

How's everybody doing? Hpe great. Everytime I log on to try and update, by the time I'm done reading all ur posts I forget what exactly I had in mind to blog about...lol. Neways, today I decided to just drop one or two lines regardless of my lack of blogging topic.

First off to all the commenters on my last post "Butterflies", hmmm well what can I say; I am in love, and it feels good. So y'all should allow my lil' spontaneous acts that scream "hopelessly in love" "romantic" and all that mushy stuff :-) I'm just happy in every sense of the word...and I'm thankful. Ok enuff b4 I bore u with mushy mush!lol

So remember I mentioned I was on the search for summer internships, well initially I was freaking out that no one was calling me back either to schedule interviews or even reject me gan sef. My people, in the past 2weeks, I've been on like 4 interviews!!! Please help me praise God biko...I'm not kidding oh...tell Baba God thank u on my behalf pls. So now its to wait for the application deadlines, then they'll start calling up people with offers, and I am believing in God to finish what He has started. Pls continue to put me in ur prayers o, even if its a one-liner Baba God hears everything.

I was in MD 2weeks ago for my friend's 21st, and we had a blaaaassst. We went to Lux on Friday, and one sketchy Mango Lounge (M Lounge) on Saturday. As sketchy as the M Lounge was with some African Papas n' Mamas in leopard print outfits n suits...lol...the DJ was on pointtttt! The dude killed it yo'....mixing correct Naija jams wiv regular club jams. We had a realll gud time. And no I ddn't get wasted, just happy enuff to not go overboard. :-)

One the other hand Wande Coal n' Mo'Hits crew were in town (NY) last weekend, but thanks to the wicked brutal rainstorm and assignments, coupled with the fact that I am on a budget, I cldn't make it. I heard it rocked tho'...ddn't expect less from the crew sha. Wish I was there :-(

So in other news, according to the weather forecast, it is gonna be a wonderful week weather wise. We are talking freaking 60 degrees weather. Woohoo!!!! I am tired of wearing coats and layers...as if I am not petite enough, to now be weighed down by layers of clothes and heavy jackets...who knws maybe that's what affected my vertical growth sef...lol.

Speaking of vertical growth, its funny how people seem to think that I might be bothered bout my height. But erm sorry to disappoint u o but I love it. It cmes in very handy. When I board the plane, ppl r always so anxious to help me put my luggage in the over head compactment. When I'm checking in, I jst stand there and bat my eyelashes and b4 I knw it, my two-three huge suitcases have been lifted for me and checked in with ease. The other day I'm @ an interview and they ask me wat I wld like to change about myself, and I am like ermm...nothing rili. The lady was like oh bcos I once interviewed someone who wished he was taller. Me I was like, I dnt wish I was taller, ppl always use their Panadol for my own headache by telling me to always wear high-heels; but I disagree with them...I wear high-heels when the event calls for it, besides that I wear my lovely, colorful, comfortable flats so I can move comfortable without pain written all over my face from wearing heels all day. (well I ddn't use those exact words sha oo..lol..)

Neways my darlings ur one and only has got to run. I have a class in 15mins, and I need to print some ish out first. Love y'all like guys love their foot-ball teams.

PS: I'm an Arsenal fan by boyfriend...lol...the dedication and loyalty that My Babie has to this team ehn, chei! Its interesting to watch sha...lol...love u babie!!!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!!!


tunrayo said...

one word darling...CONGRATULATIONS. we'll be prayer for you. i'm a tad jealous about ur new love. wish i could feel it at least once. Enjoy...

Myne Whitman said...

Ehem, I think I know something, lol. Enjoy your love darling, it is sweetness.

I'll be praying for your internship plans, hope it all goes well and you get a good offer.

KabiOsi Edumare said...

Love is a wonderful feeling....Enjoy it.
U wud def get greay offers for ur internship.
Lol...@arsenal..i left with adebayo.
Up Barca!!!!
i dont like coats and layers of clothes too...its just make me look argghhh

Rene said...

i hate Arsenal btw. ManU all d way.
Good 4 u.

leggy said...

lol...i dont watch football.how old are you?

leggy said...

sorry not how old are you...wanted to ask how tall are you?

shorty said...

Love is sweet o my sister. I shall include you in my prayers. Yayy i'm an arsenal fan too.

LusciousRon said...

Enjoy the giddiness of being in love! All da best. I love your attitude jare.

Ms.O said...

Awww you are soo cute! I want to be in love too joor! hehe! I'll pray regarding the internships! I have only one soccer team I support. THE SUPER EAGLES!..lol!

yankeenaijababe said...

Thank God for the interviews, I can imagine, you will get the right one..nothing is impossible.

I am like you, love wearing flats girl but am changing a bit to heels. We shall see the next step sooner, 6 inch lol

Glad the spring weather is coming, can imagine...happy for you! :=)

yankeenaijababe said...

Happy you are in love, keep it up

Somuso said...

lol, i feel you on that football thing. I don't watch football that much but by loyalty to my family I that I'm supposed to love all things Arsenal and hate all things Man U.
Gunners!!!! lol
I'm happy for you, dear.
Good luck with the internship

Yinkuslolo said...

oh i wanted to go to wande's n concert but i was in md. imma try to go to the timaya and brackets concerts in april.

u going to that?