Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NY to MD for Indy Weekend!!!

Hello Blogsville,

Happy Belated Independence Day to all my Nigerians, and Nigerian supporters out there!
Hope y'all had a great Indy celebration. I did! My celebration itinerary was the reverse of Nice Anon's...lol. I left NY for MD @ 9pm Friday, and made it to the 9ja party @ Love (club in Baltimore) by about 1.30am. And then my girls and I went to Ibiza (another club) on Saturday, and then the beach @ Ocean City on Sunday. I had a great weekend! As usual, its always fun with the girls, and then I saw old friends from high-school, and made new friends. I also might have had a tad bit too much fun, but its under control...I hope. *fingers crossed*

My happy feet...:) It was a nice day!!!

So about the cologne buying issue in my last post, the thing is I think sometimes,(some of) my beloved people back in 9ja are a tad bit inconsiderate. I mean dnt get me wrong, its ok to ask someone overseas to help you get an item or two or three as the case may be, but I also believe it depends on a couple of factors. Like how close u r to this person, u r certain that he/she can afford to cover ur requests without adding another notch on their already tight belt, and also asking nicely rather than putting him/her in a tough spot of not being able to say no or yes. So yeah, someone who hasn't called me in a long while, and has no clue of how I dey survive for here, or whether dem don sack me for work o, calls me up and asks that I send a cologne with a scent that lasts long...I won't even lie; I was pissed!

Double pissed when I asked why his girlfriend who recently moved to Yankee and has a job cldn't get it, and he said (paraphrasing), how do I expect her to afford it? Since she just started working and all. Anyway, bottomline is that I think sometimes people just dnt get it. Living overseas doesn't mean that there is tree of wealth in your backyard. Having a job doesn't mean that one's bank account is robust. Pictures on FB dnt tell the full-story; they dnt show the bills that need to be paid by month's end or the other responsibilities that come with living abroad. They dnt know that a meaningful chunk of the already limited pay-check goes to freaking taxes!!! I cld go on, but...oh well.

So, I decided to get the bag in the bordeaux!!! Went into the store and looked @ the purple and the bordeaux, and the purple isn't as nice as it looked online. Already rocking it, and I love it...thanks guys!

Ermm...well that's about it for now, will update soon with a more coherent post soon. I'm just all over the place ryt now...or maybe am just lazy...lol. Love y'all to bits!

Have a great week ahead guys!!!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


Anonymous said...

i love that boys2men song..nice.and the boy is shameless oh!!lol.sha sha i dont know him,so whatever.

akaBagucci said...

dude needs a brain check.. but then we help perpetuate whatever stereotypes peeps back in Naija have...

juiceegal said...

Thank God nobody asks me to buy things for them..well maybe its cuz they kno i'm a miserable student and that they would be on a long thing if they ask me..lol
Sometimes its good 2 be jobles...hehehe.
Ok but for real...ur gf is dere and u're askin me 2 buy u perfume..WTH???
So she just strtd workin..ehen?? Pls ignore him.

Zena said...

u need flogging

but missed you small sha, I said small

dat one was serious club hopping, glad u had fun sha

as for dat ur friend, ur d sweetest because he needs a good slap and I would've administered it through the phone or chat...I be edo babe I can make it happen lol, because you're donald trump abi? ozuo

Myne Whitman said...

Be careful the impression you make, what people perceive is what they work with. But that guy sha, his gf just started working eh? And so?

Anyway, glad you had a nice weekend.

Sir Scribbles II said...

LMAO! My own advice for the issue was totally off point. Dude seriously need s to get and visa nd come nd chill overseas small...dem think sey na beans lol. U sha rocked d independance sha lol, i wonder how much 'tad bit' really is? Notin do u

UnderCover07 said...

@Leggy: Thanks...it was the BF who played it for moi.

@Bagucci:True...but not in all cases o!

@Juiceegal:My sister I said I'll see wat I can do, but u knw dts a nicer way of saying no.

@Zena: I milzed u too...will see u 2mrw dear.

@Myne: Hmmm...I normally try not to feed ppl wiv wrong impressions o, but I think they already have a set mentality, and expectation.

@Scribbles:No be beans o...lol...and erm I cnt even go into details but it is well.

AJ said...

He had the cheek to tell you HIS girlfriend couldn't afford it??? Jesus be a reality check!

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

he must be semi screwed in the head
*trying to be nice*
as in?
anyways, glad you rocked your indy!

BSNC said...

no way you were at IBIZA.. i was there noww. oooh this babe, ahn ahn shey i for meet you now.. oooooo.

Fabulo-la said...

Chei...Naija pple. Them no go learn

Lady X said...

Mehn I don't care whether I have the money or not or whether we're close or not o. I'll buy you something If I feel like it. Asking me for gifts is wrong to me. Irritates me a lot. When people ask me I say rude things like 'Buy a plane ticket and come and get it' or 'Am I your house maid, did you give me money?' Rude but true.