Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fear of 13

Hello Blogsville,

How's everyone doing? How YOU doing? Hope things are going well.

Sorry for my absence, life has been hectic. And, I've been trying to "put my house in order."

Had two mid-terms earlier this week, and lets just say the Lord is in control...cos the kind of questions that were on there, and the way they were phrased...well, like I said, He's in control.

Thank you to everyone for ur concern on my last post. Taking responsibility for one's actions is tad-bit hard. Especially, when you have no clue of what the final out come will be. It could either go well, and you get a chance to make it right or you don't and then you lose it all. Well, its not a good feeling sha, and the anxiety can drive one up the freaking wall...but the inner peace that comes when its all settled is so calming. (Hpe that made sense...if it ddn't, dnt sweat it!)

So I finally opened another blog for school; really wish I cld share it with you guys, but then that would mean my anonymous status will be going out the window! Not ready for that just yet...:(.

Help me out my dear blogsville residents, please who remembers the infamous Macmillian Reader? The one with Mr & Mrs Nwosu, and them cooking rice and chicken. And also the very popular Ali and Simbi characters. Simbi with her thread hair-do. We were reminiscing @ school the other day, and Zena said she had never heard of Pls can someone tell her that Ali and Simbi were primary school celebrities

Snow in October??? I'm finished!!! This is definitely gonna be a bone chilling winter this year, and I'm sooo not looking forward to it o! Dear, Lord. Seriously, u have no idea how much I dread winter. :(. Waiting for the bus in such bone piercing, blood freezing, toe-numbing conditions is not fun AT ALL! Just thinking about it, makes me wanna cry.

On a totally random note, in my attempt to try and learn new words (even though, I forget them within days) and increase my vocab to Oga Bagucci's grammar level I found this really long word, and thought it was interesting.

triskaidekaphobia \tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\, noun:

Fear or a phobia concerning the number 13.

Aiight people, that's about it for now. Its time for me to go have some 'Sweet Dreams'
Have a great day guys!

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


akaBagucci said...

LOL... you sef. where you for see that kain word???
that wan pass me sef o...

Good to see you are better!

Enoch said...

This is Alli, Alli is a boy. This is Simbi, Simbi is a girl.

...they were always aggressively involved in helping their parents somehow. Market, kitchen or farm, you name it.

Brats like Toyin, my primary sch friend, couldn't connect with that. His preferred fetish was drawing Simbi and Alli bumping uglies & of course, a little Voltron now&then.


yankeenaijababe said...

Keep us updated of the school blog, snow sucks, I hate it so much as well, time for lots of hot tea in the morning and night. Hope your weekend goes great. Stay cutie.

Fabulo-la said...

loool Oga Bagucci! Yes yes we r all trying to be like him.

9ja's OT said...

i hate and dread the winter season, it is one of the ugliest and longest seasons ever.

Yes Alli and Simbi were our mentors then, as in just do what they do in your house and u are good.

i see you have bin keeping uup with blogville, it is really tough for me, but i will make it a habit now.
keep up the good work.

UnderCover07 said...

@Bagucci:Lol...ehen dis one pass u? na lie o!

@Enoch:As in! Rili aggressively involved in helping the old

@YNB: Thnks dear...will invest in hot tea!

@Fabulo-la:Lol...gud to knw am nt alone o!

@9ja OT: Its hard keepn up...but I do the little I can. Thnks for stopping by.

leggy said...

lol...who doesnt remember mcmillian?
those people were really

Myne Whitman said...

I didn't know Ali and Simbi sha till I heard people talking. We used a diff text I guess.

Pele on your winter, ours never come. Take care dear.

musco said...

we sure enjoyed reading those xters back then.

wondering if d new generatn still reads them?

i'm sure d 'skl blog' stuff will definitely make an intresting read!

olaoluwatomi said...

I remember Ali and Simbi! Used the books, nice blog my first time here!

Zena said...

Myne Whitman didn't remeber so I'm fine, and of all the things you can tell I've said, it is this your Ali and Simbi obsession you pick?

lol Iye don't have tooo much fun this weekend , lahor!

Ms. 'dufa said...

I like that word. Now...when can I possibly use it-?
Lol@Alli and Simbi.

BSNC said...

all the best with youe mid-term..

lol everybody knows ali and simbi now. i guess not everybody by what you are saying...

Secretista said...

I love Winter... =p