Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not a Fan of...

I'm not a fan of smoking. But most of all, I dnt like when a smoker lights up in d midst of people who aren't smoking, thereby forcing everyone within that area to inhale the smoke. Pls step aside and respect public space. It breaks my heart when I see parents smoking infront of their kids, especially babies and toddlers, who have no choice but to inhale the smoke into their tender lungs.

I'm not a fan of spitting on the floor. Normally in 9ja when people spit, they usually either cover it up with sand or do it out of eye-sight, like in the gutter or something (not all the time sha). But in this America, people seem to do it everywhere and anywhere. Was on the bus the other day, and some dude spat on the floor...I mean, for why na? Its disgusting enough to look at, but who knows what sort of air-borne disease is now floating freely in the air, especially in a confined space like a bus. *sigh* Lord help me.

I'm not a fan of exposed pant-lines or butt cracks. If a belt cnt hold ur jeans inplace or they are too tight, then wear another pair. Exposing ur butt-crack is NOT sexy or sexually inviting pls. If u decide to wear leggings pls make sure ur top, dress-shirt or waeva covers ur butt nicely, if u insist on wearing a top that doesn't, make sure check in the mirror that ur underwear isn't exposed; because of the light fabric used in making some leggings, even black underwear is sometimes still visible so double-check or ask someone else to check for you. Save urself the embarrassment of walking around town with ur goodies on display.

I'm not a fan of being FIERCE by force. Its great to wanna look good and divalicious to school, but you can't if you look like you're in pain wearing those 6inch heels. Instead of strutting your stuff in them heels, you end up walking like you're on hot coal and the expression on ur face is jst indescribable. There are other alternatives that still make you look fierce n' spare ur poor feet from going into a coma!

I'm not a fan of masking-up. Making-up yes, but masking-up no! Apply foundation in MODERATION! Make-up is supposed to help enhance beauty and not destroy or deface the already wonderful masterpiece that God has made. If there's no one present to help double-check your make-up, use your camera or your phone to take a quick picture to see where or what needs fine-tuning before you step out and chase people away from you.

Hello Blogsville,

How's everybody doing? Hope y'all are having a great week thus far? Mine has been ok, even though I caught a cold while in MD. I lost my voice and I sound horrible, that's when u manage to hear me; the other times u dnt even hear me at all...all u hear is something that sounds like a dying old woman. Oh well, it is well!

So for my PR Writing class, we have to create a blog! The purpose of the blog, is to tap into our creative writing juices and start sharing our work with the world, and also to share the challenges, struggles and successes we face as Advertising and PR majors. I just tire for my Prof. sha o, its hard enough to manage one blog, not to talk of two. I have no clue what am gonna be posting on that blog; whatever written assignment I do in class, I'll just upload it on there...I cnt fit shout. The wahala now sef is coming up with an interesting title for the blog...any suggestions will be highly welcome!!!

I'm home alone for the next 4weeks...Momsie is on vacay in 9ja.*sigh* I milz my
The silence is a tad bit annoying jo...but I go survive.

Talk to you guys soon,
Miss Enigma!


BSNC said...

imagine spitting like that, you for cut am small

eya pele haven't you taken your flu shot yet.

Name of blog:" we struggle to succed" or better still name it no long

Myne Whitman said...

Don't be too lonely, OK.

I tire for sneezing, coughing and spitting in this country. No shame at all. Abeg get the flu shot oo.

Name your blog advertisments unmasked. LOL.

yankeenaijababe said...

I have a perfect new name for your new blog " Teacher, you want kill me, I vex?"

I would suggest something positive, a Naija movie or something to do with career or creative stories

Seriously am with you on everything said, wearing heels to class to maintain fashion is dumb, when I was in school this past months, I was always the chick in sneakers or ballet flat. Abeg o, school is stressful and then stress me more with be me o.

Hope mum is doing great, I love reading your post about your mummy. She sounds like one of those cool mums. You stay blessed.

Nice Anon said...

You are such a mummy's girl.

When a think of a name;I'll let you know

leggy said...

lol...i love the songs in your playlist and i def agree with everything you this america guys actually spit to find out whose spit goes the longest serious oh!!im like na wa oh.with all the flu in the air?hmmm

title of blog:'you no go kill me oh' or 'olorun maje'

leggy said...

lol...i love the songs in your playlist and i def agree with everything you this america guys actually spit to find out whose spit goes the longest serious oh!!im like na wa oh.with all the flu in the air?hmmm

title of blog:'you no go kill me oh' or 'olorun maje'

Sir Scribbles II said...

lol tell dem oh, I hate wen someone just lits a cig near me nd blows me their cancerous fumes. I agree wiv d spitting nd everything mehn, on point! I can't even attempt running 2 blogs, my head go just blow. Home alone u say....Ideas lol

Rose said...

I guess the smoking thing, you just neatly step aside. I don't like parents smoking in front of their children either.. That may be the birth of a life long habit.

You can name the blog "School Killi me I die"
Sounds great..I bet your Professor would like that..Hehhe :D

chayoma said...

Oh my word...
that spitting thing just digusts me to the core...ewwww

Pelee....the flu is some nasty bug i tell u.

jhazmyn said...

I feel you on the things ur not a fan off, esp the spitting..EWWWW, so gross

Try not to miss mom so much and as for the new blog, u never can tell u know, it might turn out to be more fun than u care dr

Sugarking said...

lol @ spitting contests. you need to see the pissing ones too. Mad people!