Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Back... (8 Things Meme)

Hey Blogsville...

How r u guys doing?! Missed y'all alot. I'm officially done for the semester, and am so grateful to God for the way things na to wait for result, but am feelin' gud 'bout it.

So from now till August no school for me...just work, so una go see me well well for here. Guess wat guys, I met a blogger today @ school, we actually had a class together this semester and only jst found out today that we both blog!!! But out of respect for her, I won't say her name but y'all know her...and I luv her blog. I promised Jhazmyn that I'd do the 8 meme thing last week but thanks to finals I cldn't...but am keeping word now, so here it goes...

8 Things I look forward to
- The day I'll graduate (a year from now)
- Having a solid n' well grounded relationship with my God.
- Seeing 'My Luv...' again, I miss him everyday (LDRs r tuff!)
- Getting my License this summer
- Buying my 1st car all on my own
- Getting my own apartment (not anytime soon tho', still enjoyin momsies' cookin')
- My Life
- To the day when instead of communicating via webcams, phones n' ymessenger, I'll be waking
up next to My Luv...

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- I wrote my media relations research paper
- I spoke to My Luv...
- I studied for my Intro to Advertising final
- Spent time gisting with my Mom
- I ate rice n' stew wiv (running out of things to say o)
- Listened to Gospel Jamz on 102FM
- Watched Desperate Housewives small sha...
- I think I commented on some blogs.

8 Things I wish to do
- Learn to swim
- Go on a vacation with...u know, to one of the islands (Hawaii, Fiji, Panama etc)
- Own my own business/company (dnt knw wat yet)
- Learn to play tennis...(my Dad n' Sis play)
- Learn to cook dishes other than 9ja basics
- Stop procrastinating

8 Shows I watch
- Brothers n' Sisters (U gotta luv The Walkers)
- Grey's Anatomy
- Dancing with the Stars
- Castle
- Cupid
- One Tree Hill
- The Game
- Oprah

So there u have it...this meme thing is hard to do sha o, ahn ahn. Enjoy guys!

PS: Am not taggin' anyone bcos I think everyone has done theirs already...but if u haven't, feel free to.

Miss Enigma


Adaeze said...

fuuurst fuuurst fuuurst. Man ya'll got me hooked on this first thing too and I swore I was never going to start it, lol.

Adaeze said...

gotta luv the walkers! So ur luv is far away ?

Tigeress said...

Welcome back! :)

UnderCover07 said...

@ Adaeze:Lol...u're first o; and yeah he is 9ja n' am here in yankee :(. And I love the Walkers!

@Tigeress: Thanx dearie...happie to be back.

chayoma said...

See i am also looking forward to this graduation thingy, have two more years to go ...mscheeww...
The Game and Grey's....AWESOME!!
i probably will be doing my very own 8 things

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

hey girl, thanks for stopping at my blog, love yours,
hmm believe it or not i haven't done d 8 meme yet, maybe i will.

i really need to learn how to swim too
have fun during d break.

Anonymous said...

Hello, 1st time hear. For some strange reasons, whilst reading, I thought I could hear a voice read out your stuff to me. Quite strange, but the good bit was that the reader was a very bubbly person with a lot of laughter and fun to be I shall be back ...since the vibes are good.

Well done on completing your semester. God bless

jhazmyn said...

So happy for you on your completion, i join you in feeling good bout your results

What is it with bloggers and long distance relationships sef...una plenty, feel ya on looking forward to waking up beside him.

Amen to having a solid and well grounded relationship with God

Ooo, so i'm not the only one that can't swim...teeheehee!!! good to know i'm not the only one

Anonymous said...

Err.. r u back.. or passing thru.. being quite a while!!!

UnderCover07 said...

@ Chayoma:No worries we'll soon be dne; and woohoo to The Game and Grey's.

@ Optimistic_alyzzz: Pls do ur own 8 meme

@ babajidesalu:Voice readin' to u ke?lol...thanks 4 d compliment, means a lot. Pls stop by again o!

@Jhazmyn: Lol..we shd form an assocatn. of ppl in LDRs. And Amen to my relatnshp wiv God! Thanks dear.

@DB: Ahn ahn DB, it's only been lyk a week plus (I think) yea am back...I see u missed me! :)

Thanks guys!!!