Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wig Virgin!!!

Hey Blogsville...

How y'all doing? I've been so mushy, down and not my hyper self my last two posts, but am baaaackk! Thanks for ur comments guys (including the silent readers), dat ex of mine can just like to dey vex person. Anyways, I've freed the dude o, he replied to the letter and believe you me, the dude still doesn't get it, but as for me...I don try. You can take a horse to the river, but you can't force it to drink...when he's ready he'll understand but this chic is done!

As am typing this post, the super (supervisor) of my building is polishing the floor boards above me, and the person below me is blasting music that is making the walls vibrate...picture that!

So couple of weeks ago, I had this chest pain that felt like I had swallowed something that was stuck in my chest and putting pressure on my left side...and this wasn't the first time. Mom said go to ER, but I had a research paper that was due so I skipped. Finally went to see d Doc today...after doing an EKG, and checking other vitals, Doc (female) asks if there's any family history of diabetes and high cholestrol in the fam. Diabetes in my extended fam, but not immediate. She analyzes the EKG readings, and then orders more tests (2D Echo. which is like an x-ray of my heart, stress tests) and blood work to be done before she sees me again in two weeks. Abeg make una pray for me o, I was taking it lightly b4 but am a tad-bit concerned now (but am not losing sleep), God dey.

On a lighter note, I was supposed to get my weave done today only to get to the salon and the yeye woman no come work! Meanwhile, when I was scheduling for today she no talk say she no go dey work, her mouth sharp pass anything. Walked out of the salon pissed and tryna decide what da hell I was gonna do with my hair. Tired of blow drying and flat-ironing, wanted to do one of Rihanna's numerous looks even though the lady said she cldn't cos the tracks were gonna show. So since hair-day was cancelled, I decided to galivant...and next thing I knew I was looking at wigs!!! Yes o my people...wigs!!! Never tried one on b4. As I was scouting for one to try, one spanish dude who works in the store began to interrogate me o!

Dude: Have u ever tried one b4?

Me: Nope.

Dude: How old are you?

Me: (Pls go away, I wnt to try one on!) old do u think?

Dude: 24

Me: How old are you?

Dude: 23

Me: 22 (

After the convo, I was too shy to try any wig, so I left and went to the next hair store. After buying the wig-cap, your girl was on a roll! I tried like 5 0r 6 different ones. I was like a kid in a candy store :-) Making faces in the mirror, and imagininghow handy the wigs cld be when role-playing (wink wink)...dnt blame me, blame the names the maufacturers give to the damn I finally decided to get TILA...yes u heard ryt, the name of my wig is TILA (maybe it was named after Tila Tequila the reality show chic from Mtv). My Tila is a short bob wiv an edge and banging bangs. She can transform from official girl to sexy mouth watering appetizer behind closed (pun intended).

Please excuse my naughty thots...haven't had me some in a while...and I won't be getting any anytime soon, once again LDRs a b****! Luv u

After picking up Tila, I came home and settled down to my boiled yam with vegetable and palm-oil for some correct 9ja flava, and washed it down with Goya malt...yum yum!

Been familiarizing myself with Scribbles blog...and my sides hurt from laughing so hard, the guy is funny and his mom is a character all by blog dude!

Aiight that's enuff gist for one post! Below is a pic of my TILA!

Talk to you guys soon,

Miss Enigma!


Nice Anon said...

Your weave sorry wig looks nice
Sometimes they never get it. He will get it soon enough I reckon

BSNC said...

it really looks nice o. Amen it is well.

Naked soul said...

thats a gorgeous wig..... most people always get hideous ones.... urs looks good

leggy said...

first time here...y u come cover ur eyes now?lol..nice wig.

juiceegal said...

Tila looks nice on u..........y u dey cover ur face
Dnt mind me,about the chest pain dnt worry its probably nothin ok

jhazmyn said...

Like Tila, seems like you guys were made for each other

As for the pain and the test results, just keep believing the best, wud be prayin 4ya too

ochuko said...

Don't worry bout the chest pain, it'll leave soon. Plus why you cover face? LOL. Wots d diff btw weave and wig? Plus is it me or TILA has a purple flavor?

Tigeress said...

I havent read ur blog- but thats a very nice wig. Been looking for something like that but longer. It's hard to find a good one.

will come back and read later.

a.k.aBaGucci said...

Nice.. Even I have to admit that it is! Darn!!!

justdoyin said...

looks really nice, the wig...n don't worry, u'll be fine; just blv God's report...

@ Ochuko; the wig is like a cap which u can put on n take off as u wish...but the weave is usually sewn or glued onto the hair of the wearer so can only be taken off when the user tires of it...gerrit?

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

oh love the wig, just got my hair fixed into dat exact style

love sir scribbles too d dude is hilarious
hope u are okay oh, dnt worry all will be well.

Omo Oba said...

aw! i like it!!! shy what? wigs are now for the young and youngyons. I got mine too about 4wks ago now and still rocking it. I wish u the best on the workup. take care.

UnderCover07 said...

@Nice Anon: Well for his own good, hope he does.

@BSNC: It is well my sister

@Naked Soul: boss said d same thing, dat most ppls own luks lyk costume wigs.

@Leggy: Welcome to my world...pls visit again o!

@juiceegal: Erm tryna maintain my anonymous status

@Jhazmyn:lol, she was made for me o. Thanks!

@Ochuko: I edited the color to match my top n' nails, hence the purple

@Tigeress: Thanks...biko cme back n' read.

@DB: *blushes*lol, thanks!

justdoyin: I'm gonna kip bliving, and thanks 4 explaining :)

@Optimistic: Scribbs is hilaxx, am sure ur hair luks gr8!

@Omo Oba: Lol am luving it o, and thanks!

RocNaija said...

Hmmm.. So Roc doesn't get the relevance between your age and owning a wig..

Tila looks as described.. vivacious..

And is that a Swatch you're wearing?

Adaeze said...

looking cute!
Keep us updated on the health issues! Its probably nothing so u do well by not losing ur sleep, it will be ok.

sweetness said...

but its a pretty wig
tila huh?
hws ur ex?

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

I love your hair, Looks beautiful hun.fine babe

Fashinga said...

Hey Hun...
About your health, dont worry about it... You're gonna be fine..Keep your mind away from negative thoughts ok??

I'm not really into wigs 'cos most of them are really obvious.. If i have to wear a wig, i wear it with a cap or something that hides!! But your's is really gorgeous....

Later Sweetie!!

UnderCover07 said...

@Roc:Lol...d dude was tryna chat me up. It's a CallawayGolf watch. U like?lol.

@Adaeze: Thanks, will kip u guys posted.

@sweetness: Thanks...the ex is still not doing gud, but he'll get there.

@LNQ: *blushes* thanks dear!

@Fashinga: I'm gonna stay positive, and thanks!!!