Friday, May 10, 2013

Who's The Mole?

Hi Blogsville,

Longtime no speak...I think we can skip the part where I apologize for my absence and tell you I've been busy yadi yadi yada.

I'm alive and well, and you are too - honestly, that's all that matters and is enough for us to be thankful for!

The #Scandal tweets are killing me right now! Can't wait to watch it tomorrow and see what everyone is going crazy about. Shonda Rhimes is gonna have people suing her for emotional distress, and heart failures and all sorts of other things from watching the show. Love it!

The weather in NY is just annoying right now, I mean two days of rain, cold today, slightly warm tomorrow...I can't keep up! I just want stable weather :( is that too much to ask for?

Had a stressful day at work's been a pretty busy week in general and then my computer was sha just not cooperating with me. I just jejely packed my bag and came home - honestly I think I also just didn't want to be there. Been feeling uninspired and unexcited by the work lately...praying for direction and guidance.

Got off work and wished I had something to do. Something fun. You know like dance class, gym (I've never worked out in my life and I'm reminded of how out of shape I am when I try running up two flights of stairs and can't breathe), just anything to help take my mind off my frustration with work. Something exciting to look forward to. So when I got home I decided to take a walk and somehow walked into Modell's (sports store) and bought my first real pair of sneakers and a bathing suit. Is this what quarter-life crisis is like? Or am I just bored and itching for some form of change or excitement now that spring is here?

BlackBerry is the absolute worst! The worst! Why am I still using it? Well, because I don't know what to do with all the people I have on BBM. All the other messenger apps are not the same. This is torture and imprisonment by BB makers. Using BBM to hold people to ransom. *sigh*

Last week someone reached out to me to contribute a write-up to a series on their site. I was shocked at the offer, but happy and nervous. Didn't know what to write about till the night before. The write up got published yesterday and I've gotten really good thankful and humbled :)

Memorial weekend is coming and after shouting to My Oga that I don't want this Memorial weekend to meet us in this NY, by hook or by crook I just want to be out of far we have no plans lol. *sigh* I just want a change of scenery so bad! Still thinking of where we can go that's affordable even if its near NY. Open to suggestions o...quick getaway or roadtrip let me know pls.

Aiight folks I think my rambling randoms makes up a likkle bit for my lol

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead! Be present!

Hugs & Kisses,


LohiO said...

Aww pele with work boo! Virginia is not too far from NYC. I hear its a good getaway vacay spot.

Yomi Adegoke said...

Stumbled across your blog randomly and its really interesting!